Saturday, November 29, 2008

Weekend With the Wee Ones

Good Evening Ladies & Gentlemen,

Okay, so a few days ago, I had my wonderful Thanksgiving dinner at my new apartment here in Denver with my mom, stepdad, niece Kairi and nephew Vinny. Well, it has been a lot of fun...despite kids being a real pain in the ass...especially when they're not yours. However, they're cute enough to compensate for it. Guys with girlfriends know what I'm talking about. Anyway, we've just been checking out the city when we can. Did you know that it takes AT LEAST two hours to get ready to go anywhere with two people over fifty and two people under two? Well, now you know. Friday morning, my mom & I went looking for a nice couch to complete my apartment...and we found it at Sofa Mart on Furniture Row. A nice salesman named Daniel was happy to hook us up with a luxury model that fits my style...and the picture will be coming shortly in this blog, so keep an eye out for it.

After that, we hit up Taco John's on the way back for lunch and then took a few hours to load the kids up and wake up my stepdad...and decided to walk to the Aquarium. Now, I know that it was over a mile walk from my apartment to there...but my mom said it would be fine (because she wasn't carrying a child with her). So we did it...and it got cold...especially on the way back. Anyway, as you may recall from my last visit, the Aquarium also has a nice seafood restaurant next to giant pools of fish that the kids can we ate there and had a good time. Here's some pictures...
Photo evidence that the first person to
use a shotglass at my apartment...
is my two-year old niece
"I Wanna See $tevie's Denver"
Denver Aquarium
Vinny gets Fishslapped
I love Fish Tacos...ladies

Then we walked back...and just before getting to my apartment, they were having a German Christmas Festival right at 16th & Arapahoe, so we stopped and checked out all the nice ornaments, decorations, and bavarian foods at our discretion. It was nice...and I may have to swing by there later for a beer and a braut.
This Father Christmas scared the kids...but he was a nice guy

Today, we basically spent the whole day cleaning (by we, I mean my mom & I) but my couch was delivered as well...and eventually she, Kairi and I went for a walk down the 16th Street Mall for some Arby's and riding the bus. Kairi likes just about everything about "$tevie's Denver" from his bed to his couch to his food to his view to his "elligators" (elevators) to the buses. She really likes to see the view at night. Vinny thinks it's pretty cool all around too. Good times with those kids. Too bad we have to part ways again tomorrow...but they're making my apartment into a it's about time. Here are some more pictures.
The new couch...even more comfortable than it looks
New couch and the family...
...and the View
Making pumpkin chocolate chip cookies

Well, that'll do it for today I guess. Tomorrow we drive back to Slick City, then I begin my voyage with Filly across the country to New Orleans because I am an incredible human being. That's my story...and I'm sticking to it. Oh well, I didn't really want to work anyway...just get paid for it. Anyway, have a great day everybody!!!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Those Pictures I Promised

Good Evening Ladies & Gentlemen,

It's been a busy little day...but I've found some time to post now that the kids are taking a nap. Please find attached the promised pictures from our Turkey Day celebration yesterday...and look forward to similar pictures of our adventures today at the Denver Aquarium...tomorrow...because I've gotta spread it out. Here you go...
The stars of our show, my two-year old niece Kairi (Ky-Ree)
My ten-month old nephew Vinny
Kairi LOVED my tube full of fake fish & bubbles & changing lights
Not to brag...but all the girls like it...
We went to the 16th Street Mall for dinner
Kairi likes to swing
She also likes to play with Sharpies and turn
herself into the world's cutest Hitler baby
The next morning, Vinny represents
Cute gap-toothed smiles
$teve's bed is a Jungle Gym for ALL ages
Mirrors all around...
Cutest Fishface EVER!!!
The family playing "Macaraaacas"
Vinny's first experience with the creepy RoboPanda
"Take that you creepy sum'bich!!!"
"How can I help, grandma?"
This guy's going to be an outside linebacker someday
After reading this book, you can't trust my cooking anymore
Thomas Nathaniel Turkey - He's Dynomite
"I stuffed him myself"
Carrots, green beans, mashed potaters & stuffing
$teve's Special Love Gravy
Some dip to go with the veggie tray
Kairi playing with olives
Thanksgiving dinner on my coffee table
We took care of some furniture needs earlier today
Now Vinny likes my fish tube too
But he's still trying to figure out who this guy is...

Also, in case you cared, you might not hear from me for a few days...because I'm helping my friend Filly move to New Orleans. Why? Community service hours. Okay, it's really just because I'm a sucker and the only person that'll do it. How good of a friend am I? Well, instead of working and earning enough money to pay off my own moving debts, I'm going to ride back to Slick City with my the back seat of a truck shared with TWO children and their respective car seats...for 8-10 hours depending on the driver's bladder. Then I'm probably going to end up helping pack her truck though I'm told it'll be done on Sunday. We shall see. Then I'm going to spend TWO full days sharing a moving truck drive across some 1500 miles with her and her THREE cats, possibly spending a few hours at a hotel in Dallas if we decide to do that. Did I mention that cats bug me? Then I'm going to spend a day in New Orleans (probably sleeping and) helping her look for apartments...then IF she finds one, help her unload her truck in a few hours before catching a flight (last minute price by the way) back home the next day...through Charlotte of all places...and be about a week behind in my work...all so that my friend can start her new exciting adventure in the Big Easy. What do I get out of the deal besides a sore ass from sitting in vehicles? Well, good Karma is BOUND to come my way...and I plan on visiting during Mardi Gras in February or whenever and having a place to stay...and it had better be free of cat hair. Just kiddin' Filly...but then again...

Anyway, so if you don't hear from me for a few days, you'll know why...and congratulations again to Filly & Lilie (still sounds like a Lilith Fair band) on their new adventures on opposite ends of the country. Just remember who your friends are when I need some California coast or some Soul Food. Have a great weekend everybody!!! More cute pictures tomorrow.

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