Monday, May 30, 2011

Me-Muir-ial Day

Good Afternoon Ladies & Gentlemen,

Well, this morning, I woke up with nothing really planned... so I decided to finally go on an adventure that I had been wanting to do for a while... and go check out the area just north of the City across the Golden Gate Bridge.

First up was Muir Woods, so that I could see some Redwood trees and picturesque ocean views along the way. It didn't disappoint. The weather was a little gloomy in the morning, as it usually is rigth at the ocean, but it was still pretty amazing. Here's what I saw...

What's your wingspan?

FYI - Mine is equivalent to a brown pelican

"This is where I was born... and this is when I died..."

Brownie points if you can name that movie!!!

Next stop was Muir Beach Overlook... but not the beach. I wasn't going to go tanning or swimming or anything... at least not on purpose.

After that, I made the trek out to Point Reyes to see the famous lighthouse & Drake's Bay. The lighthouse was a LOT smaller than I thought, but the little walk to it wasn't bad at all. The walk back up the stairs was a little tougher... but luckily, I've been working out, so this equivalent of a 30-story building was no problem.

Orca... or Thresher Shark?

Which has killed more humans?

The same one that's grossed more money for Sea World

Sigh... the climb back up... at least it's not raining

Then I found a Czechloslavakian restaurant in Inverness called Vladamir's & had some rabbit... but I'm thinking the schnitzel next time. The rabbit didn't have a whole lot of meat to it. Luckily I chased it down with an authentic Pilsner (authentic because the original Pilsner... was made in Pilzn, Czechloslavakia... hence the, just FYI) and was on my way.

While on the way home, I was filling up on gas (only about a third of a tank for the whole trip but was low to begin) and a lady came up to me, asked me how tall I was, super nice, but then she told me how she was on her way to the airport to pick her friend up from New York... and she was wondering if I could spot her some gas money. She even offered me half-off her "award-winning videography work" but I gave her $10 cash that I had... and she asked if she could give me a hug. Was I going to say no? So we hugged... and she thanked me a few dozen times... and was off. Did she really need the money? Was she playing me? Who knows? I don't even really care. At least she was appreciative & knew how to throw in a compliment. So yeah... that was basically my day to this point.

See ya tomorrow. Hope you're all having a fantastic weekend!!!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Carnaval 2011

Good Afternoon Ladies & Gentlemen,

The past few days have been pretty uneventful... or at least that you might care about. I've started my membership at the local YMCA on Saturday... so I plan on working out as much as I can tolerate... which hopefully will increase with practice. I'm optimistic because I've been yearning for stuff to do that's affordable & healthy... but during the week, I'm usually just so drained coming home from work... but I'll get over it. My cyborg friend Marsha turned 27 this week. I still call her The Matrix... but I'm the only one that seems to think that joke is funny... so maybe I'll stop... in public anyway. I saw a few movies this week... but I think I'll save that for the next entry or something...

Because this time, it's all about my Latin heritage. Some of you may be asking, "$teve? Latin heritage? Como?" and you might be right... at least from a genetic standpoint. See... the closest I get to a Latin ancestry... would be the bit of Ottawa in my veins... but that's really just the North American continent... and God knows I can't speak a non-vulgar word of Spanish other than "Dos cerveza por favor." However, just because I don't have ancestry... doesn't mean that I don't have heritage. Some of my dad's best friends when I was a kid were Guatamalan. My first friend as a child was Mexican (and also named $teve). I make the world's greatest chicken enchiladas. I restored & owned a red Camaro... and named her Carmen (until a lady of Mexican ancestry fubar'd her). But most importantly... I have burned myself with the Latin Fire... as the first sweet young thang that I made Love to... well... was half-Mexican, half-Southern, all woman. So you see... I have some heritage... and regardless of your opinions on that matter, I still have to represent for my people & I like to get to know all kinds of cultures... and how do I expect to do that without going out & checking it out? I can't simply make Love to their women. Cultural experiences aren't transmitted that way... well, at least not all of them. We all like French kissing, Eskimo kissing, Reverse Cowgirls, and some of us... even that crazy German stuff. Okay... so back to my point... CARNAVAL!!!

Carnaval in San Francisco is (allegedly) the largest parade & festival for multi-cultural demonstrations on the West Coast... and I know that because the guys with the sound system told me so this morning while we were waiting for the parade to start. Then... the parade began...

We may not be doing so hot this year...


Even the Bookmobile was bouncing like

it was in a Dr Dre video...

Big shout out to Jackie D & all my Trinidadian princesses!!!

Wanna impress me? Samba on stilts!!!

And of course we can't forget the oft-forgotten countries...

like the Pirates of the Caribbean...

SambAsia... which I know isn't a country... yet

Now, this is the African cultural group...

and please tell me why I think it's really funny...

Hint: Most of them look South African...

What's with the bird?

And there was a big Godzilla lookin' lizard?

And this giant butterfly?

(P.S. My dream is to go to WonderCon next year as the Monarch)

Ah yes, they're representing the Galapagos Islands!!!

And last, but certainly not least...

those smurfin' Smurfs!!!

I also really digged walking around the Mission. See, I think I mentioned this when I was there with Bubbles a few weeks back helping her pick up furniture, but the other times when I've been there have been at night... so I didn't get to enjoy their wonderful murals that are on so many of the buildings. Observe!

So there you have it... hope you enjoyed Carnaval!!! May have missed it last year... but I'm sure I'll see it again next year. Have a great Memorial weekend everybody!!!

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