Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Happy Pioneer Day 2012

Good Afternoon Ladies & Gentlemen,
Busy few weeks yet again… and quite frankly, I'm getting fed up with f**king computers. Why? Well, this will be the second time I've typed this up because... well, my computer decided to just delete everything one moment in time. No, I didn't even hit a stray key or anything... it just bloop, nerp, gone. Happened. Screen refresh or something? Who knows? Who the f**k cares? Also, my work computer systems are giving me the sh*t fitz... and the laptop is always mildly frustrating. I guess the newer they update things, the less user friendly they really become... because my old laptop & I understood each other, it just got old (and riddled with God knows what as far as viruses & sh*tware) so yeah... all in all, I'm pretty much fed up with these things... but I digress. How else could I possibly share things with my family & friends all over the world without them, right?
Let’s see… Last weekend, Dizzy & I went to San Jose for a day trip. We started off at the Winchester Mystery House. You may recall that I went with my brother nearly two years back & got a dusk tour, but this was Dizzy's first time & we got a day tour... and it's completely different. The story goes that Sarah Winchester married into the Winchester Rifle money... and then tragedy struck as her child & husband died in fairly quick succession (no, not a black widow thing, just sh*t luck). Anyway, she believed that the house was haunted by the souls of those killed by the Winchester rifles... and so she conducted séances to see how to appease the spirits... and apparently they told her to build crazy sh*t in her giant mansion. If you've seen any of the pictures it's actually quite ridiculous... but I had seen this place before & I have my own opinions. What are they you ask? Well... I think she was just a lonely eccentric spinster with a LOOOOOOOOT of MOOOOONNNEEEEEEEY and absolutely no architectural sense. "Build me a staircase here." "Ma'am, with all due respect there's no room or even an upstairs floor for those to go to, it doesn't make sense." "I'm sorry, are you saying that I need to hire a new architect?" "No ma'am. All right boys, let's get this staircase in!" Seriously, in those days, who's going to tell her that's f**king stupid? Nobody! Especially if they want to be employed in California ever again. It's like people who sell clothes that look f**king retarded... if it's what the customer wants, give them the best of what you've got! Anyway, I recommend checking it out.
After that, we ate some Arby's then headed out to Shoreline Amphitheatre for Steve Miller Band & Pat Benetar... and they rocked the house despite being well into their golden years. I had seen Steve Miller Band last July in Tahoe but Pat Benetar was quite good as well. Dizzy & I had a wonderful time rockin' out!!!

Last Sunday was my brother's birthday... and he's getting old as sh*t. That's really all I have to say about that... but we also played a little "Red Dead Redemption" online... which is basically the new way of playing Cowboys from 1000 miles apart. For those who have never played, Red Dead Redemption is from the makers of Grand Theft Auto... but set in the Old West around the Great Depression (1920's?) but it's a lot of the old west, Mexican revolution, yet still fun as you blaze your own path through the story & such. I enjoy it... so if you like the GTA series, I say give it a shot if you haven't already, it's been out a few years. I just wait until the games are cheap.

That being said, I did get a good deal on the new EA Sports college football title "NCAA Football 2013" which is a LOT better than any other version on the PS3 I've ever played. I've tried out... I think just about all of them since 2005 or so when the system came out, but this one seems like they've finally worked out all the kinks and are actually using the systems abilities more rather than recycling old sh*t again & again. It kind of takes the best of past version regarding gameplay, dynasty mode (manager & play as a school for up to 30 years including recruiting & school management), Road to Glory (where you basically create a player and play him through high school & college up until draft day to see if you can create a first round draft pick or something) and a new mode called the Heisman Challenge, where you play as a past winner of the Heisman trophy like Barry Sanders or Jim Plunkett... and you can place them on any team... and you try to win the Heisman trophy with that player. For example, I could choose Tony Dorsett to play for the University of Utah... and go against today's college football teams. It's an interesting mode and yeah, kind of an extension of the Road to Glory or a create your own character modes, but kind of cool to play as some of the best like Barry Sanders. I'm still messing mostly with the Dynasty mode as it's only been a few weeks but the gameplay is a LOT smoother than past years. Also, I like how they've tweaked the secondary to be a lot more difficult, even on easy settings, but even I'll admit it gets frustrating when a safety or linebacker will all of a sudden get superhuman speed & agility to run 40 yards instantly & sky 15 feet in the air to bat a pass... or just straight pick you off. That can irk you... but still, good challenge & you're not just lobbing bombs all game. I highly recommend it for college football gamers. Best I've played yet.
During the week, I basically just worked & occasionally played games in the late evenings... but Thursday night at midnight, I went with Dizzy, my roommate Batgirl & a few of her friends to go see the midnight premiere of "The Dark Knight Rises" which of course in the finale in the Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy. I don't want to give anything away as I'm sure there's a few of you out there that haven't seen it yet... but let me just say, it's AMAZING!!! I really liked it... and sure, there are things that you can knit pick about and all that like any movie (especially based on comic books) but it was basically PHENOMENAL in my opinion... and probably the best movie I've seen in a long, long time. Latest competition is "The Dark Knight" honestly... maybe "Inglorious Basterds" but yeah, I'd say even better than that. I say go check it out... like as soon as you comfortably can.
This weekend, Dizzy & I went to the California State Fair in Sacramento... and first & foremost, it was f**king HOT!!! Like I think it reached 108 degrees hot... but we had a lot of fun... as these pictures will attest to... but I think I'll save those until next time... sorry. Just not a lot of time to post today... but here's a hint... YOLO!!! E'ryday e'ryday...
Anyway, that should do it. Would've had these out sooner but... yeah, computers. You know how it goes. Have a great day everybody!!! Happy Pioneer Day 2012!!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Surprise Visit from the Kiddies

Good Afternoon Ladies & Gentlemen,

Well... yeah... the usual... but at least with this one, I've got some GREAT pictures for all yall. See... when we last spoke, my brother was turning douchy apparently an was NOT going to let my mom bring my niece & nephew with her. Why? Because he wanted money... or he probably gave some other reason but that's all bullspit, he was basically holding the kids for a bit of a ransom. Well, last I heard, my mom wasn't caving in... so whatever, we'd have fun without them. Last Saturday, she & my stepdad woke up early (like 4 AM) and started driving across the barren desert world of Nevada to my place. Around 7 PM, I got a call from my brother... and basically a few minutes into it he said something along the lines of "Oh yeah, my kids should probably be there soon." "Wait, what? They're coming?" "Yup, I decided to let Mom take 'em to see ya." A few minutes later, they all showed up & we hugged & kissed & laughed maniacally.

That Sunday, we went to Fairyland in Oakland... and without my brother there to ruin the mood & be a douche, it was absolutely fantastic. Here are pictures...

We went to Sugah Hill's for some Oakland southern cooking... and it was pretty good once the food got there... but they were in transition of places so there was one guy there... and it took over an HOUR to get the food. I'm not sure if they had to restart all the grills and stuff or what... but yeah. That was that.

That Monday, we went to the California Academy of Science... and we saw baby ostriches, fish, dinosaur bones, etc... and then we went to the greatest Taco Bell in the world... on the beach in Pacifica. More pictures...

That Tuesday, Dizzy joined us & we went to Muir Woods. Well... they went to Muir Woods but because there was no parking, I dropped them off, then Dizzy & I went to Muir Beach... and then we met up & all went to the beach. Good times...

Then came the 4th of July, where we went to the San Francisco Zoo. Why? Because it's a zoo... and there were advertisements for free admission on this first Wednesday of the Month... as there always is. Well, bait & switch later, they have a sign at the ticket desk saying "Psyche, b**ches! You gotta pay because there's no f**king way that you're going to disappoint your kids since we got you this far. Suck our f**king dicks, all the way to the balls! Sincerely, Management" Okay, that might not be an exact quote... but regards, that was the message. Anyway, zoo was okay, here are pictures...

That night, we went up to Inspiration Point and saw some amazing fireworks...

So yeah, it was an amazing trip... and I've really missed those little buggers... and my mama... and even my stepdad a bit... but definitely the first three. Sigh... really wish I could spend more time with the family & friends... but yeah, I don't even have time for this blog & it's at home with me when I'm there. Anyway... work is the balls... but yeah, doin' it doin' it & doin' it well as always.

Saturday was a FANTASTIC southern barbecue at my buddy J-Mo's house down the street... so we enjoyed ribs, fried chicken, fried pickles, fried green tomatoes, various meats, mac & cheese, cornbread, all prepared from scratch & delicious. I also met a bunch of new people & his new roommate... so yeah, good times.

Let's see, aside from that... I'm gonna be a nerd this next week and go to Steve Miller Band & Pat Benetar this Saturday & then the midnight showing of "Dark Knight Rises" on Thursday... cuz I'm a f**king G!!! Let it be known. Anyway, more to come on this amazingly wonderful exciting life. Have a great night everybody!!!

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