Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Day at the Races

Good Afternoon Ladies & Gentlemen,

This weekend was a lot of fun. Saturday, I watched some great Final Four action, then went to Escape from New York Pizza, which at night turns to King Kong Bar. Now… allegedly they were having a reclaimed art show with ukulele performances… and they had reclaimed art & plenty of artsy folk, so when Dizzy & I met up we enjoyed a few beers & some conversation. However, the musical act was… I don’t want to be mean but… it was a girl playing three chords through a horribly tuned amp & so… luckily we had been there a few hours and had beers & pizza already… so we kindly excused ourselves, headed to Dizzy’s and watched “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” for a few hours. Always a fine choice.

Sunday, I hitched a ride with my roommate Pixie & a few of her friends… and we met up with Dizzy a few more at Golden Gate Fields for a good old fashioned day at the horse races. We also dressed to the nines in suits, dresses & big fancy hats. What’s that? You want proof? Well here’s the Troof…

Now, I had never gambled on the ponies before… so I wasn’t exactly sure what terms like Trifecta, Quintella, Place, Show, and all the others meant… but luckily they had information abound & the people that took your money were pretty good about explaining it too. How good were they? Well, I won a few bets and it more than paid for my admission, parking, about six beers, three sodas, two hot dogs & a round of beers for the party so… yeah, it really helped that it was dollar days but it still worked out pretty good… and of course we had a good time chatting it up & discussing our gambling methods from going with the best odds to going with the best names to going with the Gut. My approach… not gonna lie… it was mostly names. Favorite one yesterday: My Little Morgan.

Afterwards, the carful of us drove back to Daly City… but the bridge took a while… and two of us had to pee really bad by the time we got through (did I mention the six beers & three sodas?) so we pulled off the first exit & went to the Greyhound station. Fun fact: They have a security guy for the bathrooms at the bus station… and even if you’re dressed in a f**king suit, he will direct you to public restrooms that he KNOWS are closed on a Sunday. F**k him… so we tried another business that was open on a Sunday (about 1 in ten are in the Financial District) and they denied us… so we did the appropriate thing… and urinated in a dark corner in broad daylight… dressed to the nines. Why? Because the system is f**king broken… and I probably would’ve caused quite the scene if anybody tried to stop me at that point. They probably would’ve had to keep their distance for a while for fear of super soakage. Anyway, why do I share that story? Public service announcement… get it together downtown San Francisco.

After that, we continued out to Daly City to our destination… the In-N-Out Burger and Krispy Kreme that share a parking lot… yes, still dressed to the nines. We dined, enjoyed the sunset, then drove home to a night of Sunday evening television (season premier of Game of Thrones & season finales of Shameless & House of Lies among them). Twas a great time. I highly recommend the races if you get the chance… especially on dollar days. I think it’s most Sundays, check it out!

Monday night, I watched the men’s college basketball championship… and as expected, Kentucky won. I’m sure my buddy P-Knight is lovin’ it wherever he’s at in Florida somewhere (UK alum). The game was pretty good… but it was pretty clear from the start that the Wildcats were going to dominate… even though I don’t think one person on their team is old enough to buy alcohol… but hey, it’s one & done university. Congratulations on winning it all so that you can go pro next year & make some real money (none of that booster stuff).

Tuesday night was the women’s championship between Notre Dame & Baylor who was going for the first ever 40-0 season in college basketball (helps when you have a 6’8” center who ominates). What’s that? You didn’t know about Baylor’s historic run? Why do you think that is? Do you think they had even half the ratings that the men’s championship got? Did you fill out a bracket for the women’s tournament? Fun fact: All four #1 seeds made it to the women’s final four. Can you tell me where the women’s final four was this year? I’ll give you a hint, I used to live there. What am I trying to say? I’m just sayin’… congratulation to Baylor on closing out the perfect season… even if very few people watched. It was actually a pretty good game.

So yeah… that’s pretty much it from the past few days. C-Real is coming to visit for the weekend & we’re going to tear up Sonoma County and I’ll show her how the West Coast lives… cuz you & I know it’s the Best Coast. From Oakland to Sactown, the Bay Area & back down… Have a great day everybody!!!

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