Monday, May 23, 2016

Movin' & Groovin'

Good Afternoon Ladies & Gentlemen,

Yes, even more moving stuff… so not much really interesting to anybody out there… but some other things happened this week.

Tuesday night, Izzy & I started our training to become beer judges through the BJCP (Beer Judge Certification Program) thanks to our teacher, legendary homebrewer & fellow SFHG member Keith Kost and our gracious host & fellow SFHG board member Kevin Inglin at Ferment.Drink.Repeat (opening soon). This introductory class essentially went over the criteria of the scoresheet, the process of judging, and delved into the first few beer styles (essentially lagers & lighter beers… like Pabst Blue Ribbon was one of the tests). During the three hour class, we sampled different types… and basically I learned that I have a LOT to learn, especially in preparation for the blind taste tests and written exam coming up in July. Wish us luck!

Unfortunately that’s really about it this week besides all the other stuff with moving… forwarding addresses, packing up possessions, paperwork, lease forms, roommate BS, all that mess… and you don’t want to hear anything about that. Let’s be honest. If you do… let us know on the podcast because…

Time Travel Month continues on the Everything I Learned from Movies Podcast with our latest installment featuring “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III”. Yes, this is the 1993 movie in which the four legendary heroes go back in time to feudal Japan in order to save their reporter friend April O’Neill. As you may suspect, this movie is absolutely flawless! It’s acting, story, logic, all without reproach. Better than even that… it’s currently streaming on Netflix, so you can check it out, remember it for the first time (bad time travel joke) and let us know what you think. In the meantime, have a great weekend everybody!!!

Monday, May 16, 2016

Eating Seeds is a Pastime Activity

Good Afternoon Ladies & Gentlemen,
The move continues… but we’re making some GREAT progress! However, we of course find time for fun things between working hard…
Friday night was a Friday the 13th Movie Night at Palace of Fine Arts hosted by the Innovation Hangar where we watched a pair of classic horror movies from 1932, the German movie “Vampyr” & the American movie “The Most Dangerous Game”. Both movies were pretty fantastic, especially for being well over 80 years old. I highly recommend checking them out. “Vampyr” has subtitles… but is worth it… and you’ll see some great visuals (though the acting is oddly, unintentionally hilarious at times) and you’ll see some things used in Coppola’s “Dracula” 60 years later… and “The Most Dangerous Game” is basically a cut down version of JCVD’s “Hard Target” but set in the 1930’s. Definitely check both of them out if you’re into the good black & white classics. Here are some pictures of the Palace of Fine Arts area though…

Sunday afternoon, our friend Kristin had a Birthday Karaoke Jam & Picnic… at Ben’s family home (sister lives there now) and it was ONE BLOCK from where Izzy& I will be living. How convenient of a “stumble home” distance is that? Well, we had a great barbecue with plenty of great food, great beer & great people… and then it was time to sing our hearts out… here are some pictures…

Aside from that, just busy moving stuff… oh… and the latest episode of our podcast, Everything I Learned From Movies is still in the thralls of Time Travel Month with our latest episode on 1992’s sci-fi action movie “Freejack” starring Emilio Estevez as a race car driver who pulled into the future as an organ donor… but escapes & is pursued by the future’s greatest bounty hunter… Mick Jagger. Throw in Rene Russo, Sir Anthony Hopkins & a hot pink tank… and you’ve got adventure! Check it out & then check our podcast out to share your opinions & let us know what you think. Two more great movies after this for Time Travel Month! Send us in your suggestions! Until then, have a great day everybody!!!

Friday, May 13, 2016

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Good Afternoon Ladies & Gentlemen,
This past weekend was Mother’s Day, a happiest of times for all the mothers out there! We met up with Izzy’s mom and Izzy cooked her an amazing dinner of chimichirri seasoned steak, roasted Brussel sprouts, gorgonzola gnocchi, and an amazing salad… and for dessert, the currently streaming “Bloodsport” starring Jean Claude Van Damme! Here are some pictures…

This past week has been a lot of packing & moving smaller things around between the houses & storage unit… but Izzy & I were also able to attend the SF Homebrewers Guild’s Monthly Meeting at Barebottle Brewing. We had a special guest speaker, author & homebrew experimenter extraordinaire Mr. Drew Beechum who came and shared his wisdom. He’s a fellow podcaster (Experimental Brewing podcast) with his co-author / homebrew legend Denny Coon and they specialize in brewing experiments on a large scale to really bring home the truth & science of homebrewing… kinda like a “Mythbusters” but with booze. Sounds pretty sweet, right? We purchased a book of theirs called “Homebrew All-Stars” in which they interviewed some of the legends of homebrewing for tips, recipes, backgrounds, etc. Should be a great read!!! Thank you for coming to our meeting, Mr. Beechum!
We also announced the winner of the Muir Woods IPA competition that we entered. We didn’t win but we got some great feedback. It was really just a great, fun meeting… and here are some pictures of Barebottle Brewing again & the festivities…

Other than that, like I said… it’s mostly moving stuff… so pretty boring… except for the fact that I’m SUPER excited to move in with my longtime ladyfriend Izzy, share my life with her (and her pets), and also just be done with roommates. I’ve had some good roommates… but yeah, time to stop with that BS. Plus I love Izzy’s neighborhood, her home, and most of all her heart & soul… so it’s going to be EPIC!!! I can’t wait… but moving just sucks… period… but I’m also used to it so… here we go!!!
Time Travel Month continues on the Everything I Learned From Movies Podcast with 2003’s “Timeline” starring Paul Walker, Gerard Butler & Billy Connelly where an archeological team is sent back through time (using a hall of mirrors & bright lights) to save their professor… and try not change history along the way. If you haven’t seen this movie, it’s currently streaming on Netflix so give it a glance & let us know what you think… you may get a shout-out on a future podcast! Our review & jokes will likely make more sense too… and if you’re not interested in watching the movie, listen to us & hear all the best parts in about 20 minutes (and another 20 minutes of great stuff). We look forward to hearing from you… but in the meantime, have a great day everybody!!!

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Portuguese Picnic

Good Afternoon Ladies & Gentlemen,
Sunday, Izzy & I took a trip to the Sacramento area to meet up with her family at the Portuguese Holy Ghost Festa Picnic in Lincoln, California. Izzy’s family has some strong Portuguese ancestry… and apparently this was the 93rd such meeting of Portuguese & Portuguese enthusiasts in the Lincoln area… so there were a few booths to buy some sweet stuff, a carnival eerily similar to the Alameda County Fair was set up, and there was a GREAT lunch picnic featuring Supas (basically bread in broth with some meat… but it’s super f**king good) provided by the local chapter. There was even a parade!!! Here are some pictures…

This last week has been a little busy with running around… but I was able to squeeze in a movie night with the roommates (one of the last?) when we watched “Spectre”, the latest James Bond installment starring Daniel Craig, Christopher Waltz, Monica Bellucci, Lea Seydoux & Dave Bautista. In this episode, James is hunting down the people responsible for killing the woman he loved (3 movies ago) and have been coordinating shenanigans all over the globe… but then he finds out that MI-6 is being shut down & replaced with a kind of worldwide spy network with questionable credentials… and the criminal organization is even bigger than he imagined… and may or may not be headed by a figure from his past (Waltz). Overall though, James Bond seems to do about 20 minutes of James Bond-ish stuff over the course of almost three hours runtime. I don’t know… the action scenes are pretty cool… I liked the opening sequence in Mexico City for the continuous shot portion… but then it basically ends with him falling to his certain death. Oh wait, I mean he lands on a well-placed couch as a building tumbles around him. The car chase scenes are pretty sweet… the fight scene on the train was pretty brutal… Rome is beautiful… Christophe Waltz is menacing… Dave Bautista is silent… Monica Bellucci is in the movie for about three minutes… Lea Seydoux is gorgeous… it’s just an overall, completely forgettable movie that I feel like I’ve seen before… many times. I don’t know… if you like Bond, maybe check it out. If not, you probably watched it when it was a Mission: Impossible movie the first time. It’s okay at best…
I also got a quick tour of Barebottle Brewing while dropping off a beer for competition (more to come on that) but here are a few pics of this place before it opens...

We also kegged our Honey Porter that we started on Learning to Homebrew Day... reviewed on an upcoming podcast...

The newest episode of the Everything I Learned From Movies Podcast is coming up in a few days… with a special Mother’s Day edition involving a badass mother… and time travel. That’s right, ladies & gentlemen… we’re talking about the classic sci-fi slasher flick 1984’s “The Terminator”. I know… I tweeted out that it was going to be “Timeline” but… then a giant cyborg came back through time & reminded me that Mother’s Day was Sunday… so you guys will get a double episode this week… and Izzy & I talk about the concept of time travel… and what movies got it right… and what movie got it wrong. It’s a thrilling conversation. Be sure to check it out & let us know what you think. Until then, have a great weekend everybody!!!

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Makin' Big Moves

Good Afternoon Ladies & Gentlemen,
Sorry it's been so long... I've been really busy... and unfortunately pictures aren't downloading right so... a brief recap, picture-free... my apologies.
Last Wednesday night was the first test taste of our newest Torpedo Clone / India Pale Ale batch… and honestly, it’s pretty damn good. Now, it’s not super hoppy, which is good because then we’ll drink it pretty quickly… but it’s definitely hoppier than our Pale Ale that we’ve made in the past. I’m pretty impressed with ourselves. We'll see how it fares in the SFHG competition.
My Mom also came to town this past week due to my fast approaching birthday… and frankly I think she just misses me. We got to hang out on Friday, basically the usual trip out to the Taco Bell in Pacifica (oddly enough, her favorite spot here in the Bay Area) and then we went to the DeYoung Museum to see a bunch of dresses by Oscar de la Renta… enthralling!!! Here is where pictures would be... but they're dresses... and I'm a Man.
Friday night was my company’s Anniversary Dinner and it was pretty good. Izzy was my +1 and looking super hot as always… we ate prime rib, mock sushi & pork belly… we cut up the rug… and we were back before too late to hang with my mom. I don’t really have any pictures of that… but may have some later.
Saturday was Steve-toberfest!!! Yes, the annual celebration of my glorious birth in which friends & family from around the globe flock to the Bay Area to drink beer, enjoy great food & just have a helluva good time!!! There were about a dozen of the best people in my life that came to hang… and a great time was had by all. I’m always a little impressed with all of the wonderful people that I’ve been able to surround myself with in my truly blessed life. It humbles me… at least for a few moments… but seriously, you’re all amazing and I love & miss all of you. No pictures of this one either… the drinking started early & it involved “Exploding Kittens”.
Sunday, my mom FINALLY got to meet Izzy’s mom… and we hung out with her aunties for dinner… and Sunday was pretty good.
That is… at least until the usual roommate shenanigans started up again over the next few days this past week… and a whole bunch of other negativity that I’m just not going to delve into… but the long & the short of it is… wait for it… IZZY & I ARE FINALLY MOVING IN TOGETHER!!! Essentially, I’ve found the love of my life… we’ve basically been living together for the most part across both homes… it’ll save us a bunch of money… and I’m just f**king sick of roommates, especially when they’re catty little c*nts in their 20’s who have never lived without a parent cleaning up for them & simply cannot take care of themselves. Therefore, over the next month or so… I’m going to be moving after over five years in the latest place… but yeah, I’m done with that sh*t. On to the next one… let’s see what else is out there…
The new episode of the Everything I Learned From Movies podcast has posted… and we WERE going to have our FIRST SPECIAL GUEST… but unfortunately due to a lot of that negative jibber jabber, IT DIDN’T WORK OUT!!! Spoiler alert: the guest was going to be my Mom… and the movie that Izzy & I discuss on this special birthday episode is the 1986 classic from my childhood, “Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend” starring Sean Young, the Greatest American Hero, Edward the Longshanks and… BABY!!! The namesake of my 1969 Pontiac LeMans!!! Be sure to check this episode out, and of course subscribe & follow us on all the social mediums. Until then, have a great day everybody!!!

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Now UC Keanu

Good Afternoon Ladies & Gentlemen,
Tuesday night, Izzy & I were invited to a special screening of the new comedy “Keanu” starring Keegan-Michael Key & Jordan Peele… and they even came out to say hi & run a few minutes of stand-up showing their appreciation. It was pretty sweet! The movie is basically about a pair of cousins where one is a stereotypical suburban dad (Key) and the other is a bit of a stoner who just broke up with his girlfriend (Peele), but during the stoner’s sorrow he’s greeted at his front door by… Keanu! Keanu is an adorable kitten… and he falls instantly in love him. But then… somebody breaks into his apartment and steals Keanu… and now the two of them have to go into the seedy underworld of Los Angeles in order to get him back. That’s about all that I’ll reveal other than you’re going to see Will Forte, Anna Faris, Rob Huebel, Method Man, Nia Long, and a bunch of other actors in roles that you wouldn’t really expect… and it’s hilarious!!! This was kind of sold as a “John Wick” parody… and there are some great little slow motion action scenes (featuring an adorable cat in most) but yeah, just an overall great movie that I highly recommend that you check out… and we’ll be talking a little more about it on our next podcast, so tune in for details.

The other night, Izzy & I also watched a movie that neither of us had really heard of… and then we caught a preview for the sequel on another movie… and it’s 2013’s “Now You See Me” starring Jesse Eisenberg, Isla Fisher, Woody Harrelson, Dave Franco, Morgan Freeman, Common, Melanie Laurent, Michael Caine & Mark Ruffalo. Quite the cast, right? HOW had we never heard of this? Let’s see… synopsis… the FBI tracks a team of magicians who rob banks during their performances & rewards their audiences with the money. That’s it. That’s the story. Bank robbing magicians. Anything else would be giving away spoilers I think but… no, honestly that’s really about it. I could specify that Woody’s character is a mentalist, Eisenberg’s is your standard narcissistic douche, Isla is the former assistant turned illusionist & the other Franco is basically a pick-pocket with some Krav Maga training… Morgan Freeman is a man who specializes in exposing magicians as frauds… but yeah, that’s really about it. Rings absolutely no bells… and I’d like to think that it would. Anyway, apparently it did pretty well in theatres so there’s a sequel (starring Harry Potter himself even!) but this movie was actually pretty good. Now… when I say good… I mean that it was entertaining. There’s a LOT of green screen & special effects… but it’s used pretty effectively to create a sense of movement & energy that this movie needed. There’s comedy… there’s some action… there’s all sorts of trick & double crosses & back-turns & plot holes and all that stuff… basically it’s this generation’s “Ocean’s 11” movie. It’s entertaining as all hell… just not going to win any awards. I’d definitely recommend checking it out. We’ll probably check out the sequel too when that comes out later this year (or next year when it’s on DVD).
Sunday night was the annual Meals on Wheels Gala at Fort Mason where Izzy & I volunteered to help with registration. Last year, the event raised over $2.6 million dollars for a great cause… and brings together hundreds of the wealthiest philanthropists from the Bay Area to enjoy some of the best food & greatest charity auctions out there. It was truly amazing… and an especially big thank you to Ivan & Gavin with Barrel Head Brewhouse for hooking us up with some pints of their Kellerbier Amber Lager & a delicious IPA with Nelson & Mosaic hops. Great people, great cause, and I think we may have broken the $3 million barrier this year so that those in need can have hot, fresh meals delivered over the next year.

The latest episode of the Everything I Learned From Movies Podcast is up & running featuring the spy romaction thriller “The Saint” starring Val Kilmer & Elisabeth Shue. Be sure to check it out at and next week… a very special treat… our first guest host superstar!!! What’s the movie? Subscribe to the podcast to find out… Who’s the guest? You’ll just have to follow us on the Social Mediums like Facebook, Twitter & the EILFM website. Until then, have a great day everybody!!!

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Into the Foxy Saint

Good Afternoon Ladies & Gentlemen,
Over the weekend, we also caught a few movies. Saturday, I watched “Foxcatcher” starring Steve Carell, Channing Tatum & Mark Ruffalo while Izzy was at work… as I heard it was a pretty dark movie & she tends to not like those movies… but I was intrigued. This movie is based on the true story of a young Olympic wrestler (Tatum) who is recruited by bazillionairre & wrestling enthusiast Jon DuPont (Carell) around the 1988 Olympic games. Well, the young wrestler is invited to come out to his palatial estate in Valley Forge, live there & train there… and within a short time, the young man wins a gold medal. U-S-A!!! U-S-A!!! Well… Mr. DuPont then wants his legendary older brother to come out to the wrestling compound and be a teacher for the other guys… and the younger brother kind of resents that… and I think it all kind of climaxes towards the end when their respective mental illnesses kind of get the better of them… but I’ll leave that for you. The movie was pretty good… gritty, but good. I would highly recommend checking it out if you’re okay with a little slower paced movie & underplayed performances. I was also intrigued how hard that Tatum & Ruffalo trained for this movie… and reading about it… and it really shows on film too. Pretty good flick! I can see why it was nominated for Best Picture last year.
Saturday night after Izzy came back from work, we watched the 2003 horror clash-up classic “Freddy vs. Jason” starring… well, Robert Englund as Freddy Kreuger… and a behemoth of a man as Jason Voorhees… and a bunch of young cute things to get killed in horrible, gruesome ways. You’ve seen the slasher movie mold before, right? In this episode, it’s been a few years since Freddy Krueger has been able to terrorize the children of Elm Street in their dreams thanks to his diminishing powers & pharmaceuticals or something… so he devises another plan… to unleash the Crystal Lake mass murderer Jason on the local teenagers… and apparently with each death, Freddy gains strength so that he can terrorize… and then, it turns out that Jason may be killing too many people for Freddy’s liking and he’s losing victims… so now they have to battle each other for mass murderer supremacy. Sounds like a good premise, right? Totally… again, throw in the cute young things (and Kelly Rowlands) and same cameos from past entries in the various franchises… and you have a movie. That being said… you don’t grade the slasher movie for the plot… you grade it for the kills… and whether it was enjoyable on a horrible basic level… and this movie delivers. The kills are… ridiculous… but in a director Ronny Yu (“Formula 51”, “Fearless”, “Bride of Chucky”) kind of way that’s perfect… and this horror movie is actually pretty well lit too so that you can see the new-famous protagonists in all their glory. The one-liners are all over from Freddy… and the final battle between the two is pretty legendary. If you’re a fan of the franchises (and haven’t seen this movie for some reason) then check it out! It’s no Alien vs. Predator or Kramer vs. Kramer, but still pretty good…

Sunday night, we watched a movie that we’d been excited about for some time. About 18 months ago, we watched the 1977 movie “Grizzly” which was basically Jaws with a Bear… and learned that they were already well on their way to making a reboot called “Into The Grizzly Maze” starring James Marsden, Thomas Jane, Billy Bob Thornton & Piper Perabo. However… we got really worried a few months later when we hadn’t heard anything about it… and apparently it was released… but nobody had seen it… like anywhere. Well… the story is about a pair of brothers, one who’s the Pacific Northwestern town sheriff (Jane) and the other who’s been out & about the world… but has fallen on hard times and came back (Marsden). There are lots of poachers in the area… and some deaths by bear… so now they “team up” with a local bear hunting legend (Thornton), the sheriff’s deaf wife (Perabo) and an inexplicably well made-up lady cop to go on a two-day hike & get some answers. Spoiler alert: There’s a giant f**king grizzly involved!!! Now, the movie is not horrible. It’s not fantastic, but it’s definitely watchable. The effects are a little stilted at times as it’s a pretty low budget & they were working with a real bear (Bart the Bear of “Semi Pro” fame & many others) but there were also a lot of slow spots that caught me dozing off a little bit… until super loud bear rippings took place. Basically I can see how it didn’t get any play anywhere… but it’s not bad for a straight-to-DVD B-movie and you can get it through Netflix. So yeah… check it out if you’d like. You know the type of movie.
The new episode of the podcast will be coming up soon… and we may soon be working out a way to get it out on a particular day of the week… but for now, it’s kind of fluctuating midweek with our schedules… but we’re trying to keep it consistent for everybody. This next edition, we decided to take the movie that received absolutely ZERO votes in our Facebook & Twitter survey last week… but damn it, we’ve just gotta do it while it’s streaming on Netflix! Of course I’m talking about the spy thriller “The Saint” starring Val Kilmer & the lovely Elisabeth Shue. Izzy & I haven’t seen this movie in many years… so we’re just really curious if it holds up. Check it out beforehand& join us in the discussion on Facebook and/or Twitter… and get a free shout-out on the podcast. Until next time, have a great day everybody!!!

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