Sunday, January 25, 2009

No Super Bowl This Week

Good Afternoon Ladies & Gentlemen,

Today's just gonna be a quick on because...I'm gonna get over this cold today. I'm down to the lovely, runny nose and groggy head phase...which usually means just one miserable day left. After doing some laundry and ironing today, I just thought that I'd share a little story with you. Okay, so remember how I said that I might be having an inaugural Movie Night in my apartment in the next few days? Well, here's the whole story. One of the managers in my also a neighbor of mine (like same floor, just next door) so one day at work, she mentions to me that she has some of my mail, just misplaced because our apartment numbers are consecutive.

$teve: "Oh that's okay, I'll swing by and get it some time."

Boss Lady K: "By the way, who is Dr. Mookie Love?"

$teve: "What?" My mind kind of does a little scurry as I try to figure out how the hell she knows about this blog...and my secret identity. Did I mention it at work? No, impossible. Has she been checking my internet history? Possibly, in fact, very damn possible...but she's not MY boss. Then it hit me. "Oh, did you get my Netflix mail?" Please see attached address label on my Netflix...

Boss Lady K: "Yeah, I saw it was your name...and then this Dr. Mookie Love...and then the address, so I just had to ask. Who is this Dr. Love?"

$teve: "Well (I look both ways to make sure nobody's eavesdropping in plain sight, then lean in) I shouldn't be telling you this...but how do I put this? (Barry White / Batman voice) I am Dr. Mookie Love." She starts laughing at my kookiness. Close call. "Yeah, he's kind of a...secret identity of mine for a few years now...and when I was signing up for Netflix it asked for a Company name or something...and I thought, yeah Dr. Love's my business, so I put it on there...and have gotten a little giggle ever since when I look at it."

Boss Lady K: "Wow, never would've guessed that. So how is Netflix?" This is where I go on talking about how convenient it is since there's not a Blockbuster within 15 minutes and how it goes great with my projector TV & surround sound...then I mention that "Saw V" is coming soon...and she just about crapped her pants. "OH MY GOSH!!! I SOOOO WANT TO SEE SAW FIVE!!!"

$teve: "Well, I'll let you know when it comes in and we can have a little Movie Night. Bring friends or whatever if you want, I've got a fully stocked bar and plenty of popcorn already." And thus, the seed of the first Movie Night was Dr. Mookie Love.

Anyway, hope that everybody's having a great weekend and having lots of fun during this off-week from football before Super Bowl XLIII one week from today between...(still unbelievable sigh) the Arizona Cardinals and the Pittsburgh Steelers. I really don't care who wins. Both teams are great stories...that I'm not gonna bore you with. Have a great day everybody!!!


mberenis said...

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$teve said...

Thanks. I'll ugh...get right on that. Let me know when the Eagles make it. :)

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