Sunday, March 1, 2009

How to Lose Aliens & Friend People

Good Afternoon Ladies & Gentlemen,

Today I woke up bright and early to do some work things (numbers for the 1st of the month...and luckily I live nearby) then headed over to see T-Skittle & D-Skittle before heading to Boulder to pick up my new table...which has been sitting there since JL Clyde visited three weeks ago because nobody I know around here had a truck (and I'd been out of town) until I remembered that they did. So yeah, I'm a little slow. So what? Anyway, D-Skittle & I drove out there, picked it up, and he helped me bring the packed pieces up to my apartment...then I went grocery shopping, then spent about an hour-and-a-half putting it together with a hex wrench...and voila...

I now have a computer desk...and it folds out to double its size if I ever need a dinner table...and there are four stools just like the ones in the picture. It's nice to have a computer desk again (last one didn't make the trip because it was falling apart...and junk to begin with). Other than that, not much else is going on.

I watched "How to Lose Friends & Alienate People" last night...and it was surprisingly good. I don't know why I wasn't expecting much from a movie that starred Shaun of the Dead, Mary Jane Parker, the Dude, Scully, and the superhot Megan Fox (plus a few frames of Brian Austin Green)...but it was pretty good. It's about a journalist for a small London magazine (Simon Pegg) who gets the call from a magazine mogul (Jeff Bridges) to work at his magazine in New York. While there, he learns the ropes from a coworker (Kirsten Dunst) and basically makes a goal to have sex with the next big Hollywood starlet (Megan Fox) but her publicist (Gillian Anderson) keeps him at a distance...because he's a nobody (and kind of a prick honestly). Anyway, the story goes on from there...and there's a lot of really funny I'd say it's worth a look-see. Not sold? Well, there's scenes in the movie were A) Megan Fox plays Mother a movie that honestly, I would actually go see, I kid you not; B) She walks through a pool in a sheer dress; C) Megan Fox says "You're gonna be my bitch!"

Also, it seems to me...that she's basically playing herself...and there's actually one scene where he asks her what it's like being the celebrity now...and it seems like she's kind of talking into the camera and saying, "It's weird. It all happens so fast...and it seems like it has nothing to do with me" and it just kind of seems like Marilyn Monroe and her quick rise to fame and how the media just couldn't get enough of her and we all know how that story ends. I'd hate to see anything like that happen to Miss Fox or any of those other young men & women out there (Lindsay, Britney, etc.) but unfortunately it seems like that's part of the Hollywood machine. People are more respected here for their image than for their work or skills. That's why guys like Kevin Spacey work in London 95% of the time...but then will show up to once a decade to shave his head and play Lex Luther to get a big paycheck. Not a bad gig that way...but when you're young, people want to take advantage of you...and it's kind of sad. Anyway, that moment quickly passed because then she leaned over to Simon Pegg and said, "I wish I had some coke. It always makes me soooo horny" and of course he goes running off to find anybody would do in the situation. Anyway, check it out. It's a little deeper than you think...but still funny...and Scully & the Dude are in it. SUPPORT SCULLY!!!

Anyway, that's about it. Just a quick one today because...well, I'm lazy on Sundays. It's why I don't go to church...well, one of the reasons. Something always smells like smoke when I walk into a church. I'm not sure why. Have a great day everybody!!! Happy March!!!

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