Sunday, February 28, 2010

Disguised As Mild-Mannered Clark Kent

Good Afternoon Ladies & Gentlemen,
Friday night, it was snowing quite a bit when I drove home from when the time came to start heading to the Sugar Bowl to see the Film Festival, I decided against it. However, around 7:30 it stopped, cleared up & was a beautiful evening. Darn. Well Saturday was beautiful the whole day through. So I made it up there to watch a few movies. Also, the drive up there...was absolutely gorgeous. Overlooking Donner Lake, on a clear full moon lit night, you can see the twinkling lights of Truckee in the distance...and yeah, it was gorgeous. Unfortunately, I didn't have a camera...but that's why I went back after the gym this morning. Here are some foggy daytime pictures...and where you see the fog, that's where Donner Lake would be...but hey, I'm sure I'll make my way up there again soon. Hopefully with company next time...
Can you find the back country snowboarder?
Anyway, the first movie was "Last Son" about the origin of the Superman character by Cleveland born & bred buddies Jerry Siegel & Joe Schuster. It went into the details of how they came up with the character using their Depression-era Cleveland surroundings & life stories to come up with the origin story, physical traits, even the names of characters. It was actually really good. Even if you're not a comic book geek, it's interesting. The part that got me...was they sold the rights to the character to Action Comics (remember the famous first issue?) for $130. That's it. Then they were in court for the next 60 years trying to get it back...but hey, that's how it goes. That's up there with Manhattan Island being bought for a few sacks of beans.
Next was "Open Space" which was a documentary about snowboarding legend and local Mike Basich and his story & passion for snowboarding. He also built a pretty fantastic house up here in Truckee too. He and the director Dalton were there to answer questions and stuff too. The main theme and feeling from the movie is just that Mike has this enormous passion for what he does...and it hasn't made him a billionaire or anything...but he has his family, his husky Summit, and he snowboards everyday and lives in his dream home because of the hard work that he's put into it & he just loves every moment of his life. It's truly an amazing thing...and I hope that we all have a chance to even sample it in our lives.
Honestly, that's really about it to report this weekend. I had a few thoughts and whatnot along the way...but I'd hate to bore you with my ramblings about how lucky I am to be here in Tahoe, doing a job that I really enjoy, with family & friends all around the world who keep me company from afar, and just an overall positive outlook on life. I really am blessed...and sometimes when I'm here by myself, I kinda forget that. Maybe it's the whole human condition of wanting more than you have...but I really am blessed...and if I can even share a little bit of this with y'all, then my job is done. I wish you could all feel what I feel and better. Have a great day everybody!!!

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