Monday, March 15, 2010

Tahoe Weekend With Mama

Good Afternoon Ladies & Gentlemen,

As you might have suspected, the weekend with my mother was splendid. She told me it was the first time in over a year that she was able to relax so I’m glad that she was able to visit. Friday morning, I went to Reno airport, picked her up, and we enjoyed the ultimate American breakfast of In-n-Out Burger (they even opened early, just for us). After that, it was kind of gloomy so we headed back to Truckee. I took her to see my office & meet my bosses but then it started to snow. That’s right, the evening of the 1st Annual Prohibition Pub Crawl…and it’s snowing. Not just snowing either, but snowing about 6-8 inches…and windy. So we decided to just have our own little pub crawl in my apartment. Well, first we walked to the Fifty Fifty Brewery two blocks from my apartment and had some wonderful food & okay Hot Toddies (it was snowing outside…and we walked). Then we went home and she wanted to see a movie. When the sun went down, we saw a few movies this weekend…and she picked…but not your typical movies that you’d watch with your mom. What movies? How about Step Brothers, Inglorious Basterds & Knocked Up? Oh yeah…and she loved them all. That’s my mama. Anyway, here are some pictures…

Saturday was a beautiful sunny day…and the snow quickly melted off the roads (and the plows helped) so we drove around to Squaw Valley & Tahoe City. We checked out a few shops and…I don’t want to alarm you…but I bought some books. (GASP!!!) Yes…and not just books with pictures of naked ladies either. In fact, these books…were mostly words…and had nothing to do with zombies or dinosaurs or anything that would make Penthouse Forum. I know. It’s weird to me too. So what did I get? Well, one is a graduation present for JL Clyde when I visit in May, so I can’t tell you…but it is awesome. Another was a Lonely Planet guide to Barcelona…and as expected, I hit most of the cool spots, but in case I make it over there again, now I can hit the rest. There was also a children’s book (so yeah, some pictures) but it has twice the words of a standard children’s book. Why? Because it’s in English…and German. So I can teach Kairi & Vinny some German when they come to visit and they’ll be calling Grandma “Prinzessin” in no time.

The last one was a book of excerpts from the Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest of 1983 & 1984. For those who are not aware of this contest, it’s where thousands (possibly millions now) of aspiring authors attempt to write the worst opening sentence to a novel (that may or may not exist). It’s named after the Victorian novelist Edward Bulwer-Lytton was is famous for starting his 1830 novel “Paul Clifford“ with “It was a Dark & Stormy Night…” (and you thought it was just Snoopy) but oddly enough, he was the 2nd most popular novelist of his time (behind Charles Dickens). Go ahead and Google him, you may know some of his stories…or at least some excerpts like “The Pen is mightier than the sword” and “the almighty dollar” and he even wrote “The Last Days of Pompeii” among others. As for the book, it’s quite ridiculous…and I enjoy it.

Where was I? Oh yes, Tahoe City. We also ate at Blue Agave and wandered about aimlessly. Here are some pictures…

Saturday night, we went to downtown Truckee to find a bar to get our drink on. The Bar of America was completely packed…so we wandered down the street to Pianeta and had some patron margaritas and warm bread…and we were good. Sunday was another beautiful day, so I drove her over to Donner Lake and we walked around downtown Truckee so that she could do some window shopping. We also ate at Coffee And which is a great little place with reasonable prices (and a great bleu bacon burger) so we were entertained until sundown…and then she wanted to relax by the fireplace and watch movies. More pictures…
In case you don't mom LOVES cocks
"See mom? I told you..."
Drain Stopper + Rooster = Cock Blocker!!!

Monday, I went to work for a half-day then we spent the afternoon in Reno. We started with lunch (again at In-n-Out, probably a good thing there’s not one in Truckee and/or SLC) then gambled a bit at the Nugget in Victorian Square. After that, we had a few hours to burn…so my mom wanted to get her eyebrows waxed at a place by the casino. Then she started trying to convince me that I should too…and get some highlights. At first, I was quite resistant. I have never really given a damn about my hair. I mean… I wash it daily and all that… but I’ve never dyed, fried, curled, permed, or really anything to my hair other than comb it. I don’t even use hairspray or that gel stuff or anything. I just let it grow…and cut it once in a while…like it’s a lawn or something. After a few minutes of nagging, I decided that we’d give it a shot…and worst-case, it would grow out in a month and we would never speak of it again. End result: I really can’t tell much. The eyebrows are still big, powerful & thick…and the hair is obviously lighter but not a whole lot. It just looks like I’ve seen some sun in the past six months. Of course I still look sexy…like a mix of Brad Pitt & Will Smith (squinty eyes, great smile, facial features chiseled by the Gods themselves, big ears) so yeah, we’ll see how it goes. Oh, you want pictures of that? Well, maybe someday…but until then, here’s some of Reno…
She absolutely LOVES 'em

After that, I dropped her off at the airport, headed home & tried to catch up on some emails since I had basically taken four days off…which apparently I can never do again because it’s so busy without me there to do all the work. Okay, not that bad…but I was told that it was quite hectic and had plenty of work waiting for me. So yeah, that was the weekend. Fun, huh? I thought so. Hope you enjoyed it too. Have a great day everybody!!!

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