Monday, March 29, 2010

The Man Who Glares at G.O.A.T.S.

Good Afternoon Ladies & Gentlemen,

This weekend was a lot of fun…despite basically just being me. I watched a few movies, watched some great college basketball games, did some cleaning around the apartment, did some laundry, went to Reno, got Gretchen an oil change & a tire rotation, play some basketball, worked out a few times, cooked a few meals, went for a hike down at the lake, just enjoyed the beautiful weekend by relaxing and taking in some rays (though not sunbathing, still a little chilly for all that). How about those basketball games though? The Final Four has a few staples like Duke & Michigan State…but then West Virginia who last made it this far back when Jerry West (aka The Logo) was playing for the Mountaineers over 50 years ago (his son’s on the team now) and Butler’s there for the first time…and playing for a home crowd there in Indianapolis. Should make for an interesting Easter weekend. Good times. Here are some pictures from my hike…and I think I found a pretty sweet picnic place for anybody who’s in the mood for a picnic when they come visit…
This is seriously...the cleanest water I can imagine
Oh yeah, that's my picnic spot...
Sand Harbor
If only there was a way to get higher...
Another nice picnic spot...
King's Beach
Yes, happy birthday Jenny...wherever you are

Friday night, I watched “The Men Who Stare at Goats” starring George Clooney, Jeff Bridges, Kevin Spacey & Ewan McGregor. I saw the previews for this a while ago…and I thought that it looked pretty stupid…but I gave it a shot. Why? Because if George Clooney, Jeff Bridges, Kevin Spacey AND Ewan McGregor all agreed to be in it, how bad could it possibly be? It would have to be a perfect storm of like “Batman & Robin”, “King Kong”, “Superman Returns” & “Down With Love” all happening at the same time, right? The story is about a reporter (McGregor) who stumbles upon an unbelievable story about psychic spies that could read minds, see into the future & kill using telekinesis. Well, after his girlfriend leaves him, he decides that he’s going to “man up” and go to Iraq for some bad-ass investigative journalism. While there, he stumbles upon a man who was mentioned in the crazy story (Clooney) and then the adventure goes from there, involving kidnapping & overall general craziness. It’s not a great movie…but a lot better than I expected. There were even other great actors in this movie like Stephen Lang (“Avatar”) and Robert Patrick (“T2: Judgment Day”) but it has its moments…and that’s about it. Just kind of a kooky little story that may have been sorta based on a true story in a few ways.

Saturday night involved a similar story called “The Informant!” starring Matt Damon and directed by Steve Soderbergh (“Ocean’s 11” trilogy). It’s the story of a man who blows the whistle on his company for price fixing…and works with the FBI (Scott Bakula & Joel McHale) to build a case against them. However, it all gets a little crazy when things start going to his head…and he blows things out of proportion…and is just a little kooky. Now, I’m not going to spoil the ending…but I kinda knew where the movie was going to go about ten minutes into it because…I hate to say it, but some of the character’s thought patterns & inner monologue is a LOT like mine sometimes. Can he handle the pressure of being an informant? Can he bring down Big Corn? Only one way to find out. On that note, it’s kind of funny at some parts…and borderline ridiculous at others…but it’s just strange and “a little off” enough to make it interesting. Do I say go out and rent it today? Of course not…unless you’re really really bored or something. It’s an okay movie. Not great, not horrible. Now “Zombieland” that’s a movie you should go rent for some laughs.

Well, that about does it for my weekend. I’m really getting excited about my road trip coming up soon. Both for the beautiful destinations that I’ll be visiting and the beautiful people that I’ll be visiting. I hope you all know that I really miss you guys & gals…and I’ll be planning on tearin’ it up when I’m in town, so be prepared. Sigh… supposed to snow the next couple nights…but hopefully it’ll hold off until I go pick my roommate up at the airport tonight. I hope he got enough sunshine in Florida this past week. Anyway, have a great day everybody!!!

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