Sunday, July 3, 2011

Fillmore Jazz Festival

Good Afternoon Ladies & Gentlemen,

Well, the weekend is going pretty great so far. Saturday was more of a kick back & relax day, a few hours at the gym, cooked a little bit, ran out to Daly City to do some errands & affordable clothes shopping, with a little stop by The Final Final for some pool & beer in the evening... since I basically was alone in my apartments. All of the roommates & friends had their own things going on with birthday parties & trips to see the family for the holidays so... yeah. Good times.

Today though, Sunday, I was going exploring. I had heard so many things about some of the beautiful parks in the parts of the city that I haven't really exlored yet... and noticed that a few of them were right by the Fillmore Jazz Festival. So I thought... with the help of $2 and a Muni pass... that I could go check some of them out. My first stop was Alamo Square, home of the famous "Painted Ladies" Victorian-esque homes that you might see in a few movies set in San Francisco... or Full House.

You know why I like this name, right?

Next was Buena Vista Park, which I believe is just about the highest point in the city... and a lot of the views of the city are obstructed by giant trees (and my camera doesn't focus on distant things well) so it's even better than these pictures give due...

After strolling around there for a few, I decided to hop back on the Muni and head towards Fillmore Street Jazz Festival. There were about a half dozen musical acts playing & plent of food & beer to go around (for a price). As you might expect, you can't really have Jazz without barbecue (perfect for the weekend) and it can't be San Francisco without alternatives (Thai, vegan, etc) and it was a great atmosphere. I really enjoyed walking around Fillmore Street during the day, as the other times that I had been in the area were at night for concerts. BTW, got a ticket for George Clinton this Friday half off at Yoshi's booth. BOOYAH!!! P-Funk y'all!!! Here are some pictures...

I know it says no photos... but I had to share with you...

Towards the end of the festival, here's the view from Fillmore & Broadway overlooking the Marina District & the Bay.

That's pretty much it so far today. Gonna rehydrate from my day or walking all around town in the gorgeous weather (SO many hills) and may head out on the town again tonight... but we shall see. Tomorrow night, I'm thinking fireworks out on Crissy Fields. What do you think? Any other suggestions? Hope that you are all having a great weekend!!!

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