Friday, July 8, 2011

George Clinton & P-Funk 2: Funk Harder

Good Afternoon Ladies & Gentlemen,

Well, in a few hours in my 2nd concert since February bearing witness to the funk legend George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic at Yoshi's Jazz Club on Fillmore. It should be fantastic... and I got the tickets for half off at the festival the other day. Yippee!!! What's even better though? IT'S FRIDAY, B**CHES!!! BE MERRY!!! Honestly, this week has just been a whole lot of work... followed by taking out my frustrations at the gym... and repeat for about four days. I did, of course, find a little time for movie watching with the roommates. Oh... and the new roommate... I'm thinking her name will be... Bee Master. Why? Because I said so... and yes, it's ridiculous. I don't care. It's my blog. Deal with it.

The first up is one I actually watched a while ago... but just forgot to mention it. It's the mid-90's cult flick "Hackers" starring Angelina Jolie, Johnny Lee Miller & Matthew Lillard. It's a bit of a dated & campy movie... but still kind of fun in its own way. There's this guy (Miller) who is apparently the greatest computer hacker ever... so good that he was banned as a child from ever being near a computer until his 18th birthday because he shut down the system or something. Anyway, he grows up, goes off to NYC to go to college... and he gets pulled into this cool underground of hackers... where he meets the hot chick (Jolie) who wants nothing to do with him... and it goes from there, they get framed, chased by the government, bad one liners, blah blah blah, you know the drill. Give it a gander if you've wondered if Angelina could pull off being a b**ch with short pixie hair. Spoiler alert: She can.

Next up was "How Do You Know?" starring Paul Rudd, Reese Witherspoon, Owen Wilson & Jack Nicholson and directed by James L. Brooks ("As Good As It Gets"). It's a modern day love story about a retiring softball player (Witherspoon) who is dating a douchy (but rich) professional baseball pitcher (Wilson). There's also a guy (Rudd) who is suddenly under investgation by the SEC & he doesn't know why... but his father (Nicholson) the president of the company might know why. Well, one day they meet, they chat, they have a good time, and life gets in the way... and its a romantic comedy from there out. A pretty good one... but yeah, you kind of just have to go with it for the most part. I may sound cynical... but that's just my experience. Perhaps I'll find somebody down the road who makes me feel something more for rom-coms... but right now, I'm content with just making fun of them & still a hopeless romantic in real life. Like... completely hopeless maybe. Check it out.

Then there was "Knight & Day" starring Tom Cruise & Cameron Diaz. Now, I had absolutely no intention of EVER watching this movie. None. Then... a fairly reliable source when it comes to movies suggested it to me... and it wasn't too bad actually. The story is about an allegedly rogue secret agent named Roy (Cruise) who meets up with this girl (Diaz) at an airport... and suddenly she's involved in an international manhunt & the only person that can save her... is Roy. The only thing is... he's a little crazy... and the situations that he gets in are a little crazy... and everybody's trying to kill him. Anyway, I actually highly recommend this for a little action-comedy. The humor was pretty good... and I really liked some of the transitions (like the haze when she's under the influence of a calming agent) and the dynamic of how he's so cool under pressure & she freaks out most of the time. I'm also almost certain there were a lot of movie magic with milk crates to get Tom Cruise up to Cameron Diaz height on a few shots but... hey, that's Hollywood. Check it out if that's your thing.

Lastly, I'm going to mention the 2004 version of "Dawn of the Dead" starring Ving Rhames & directed by Zach Snyder ("300" & "Watchmen"). I feel like I had seen parts of this movie before... but never the whole thing... and I have to tell you, it's pretty awesome for a zombie movie. The story is like all zombie movies. The dead come back suddenly & long for brains. Millions dead. Few survivors. This one is set at a mall in Milwaukee... and it's your usual gallery of survivors like a cop, a pregnant chick, a nurse, a salesman, some security guards, a hick, a rich prick, a hot chick that shows her tits, some old people, the list goes on. However, the way that it's told... and the danger that they face... is pretty well done. Sure, there are obviously a few things thrown in to spice things up... like a dumb b**ch risking everybody to save her f**king dog... and everybody trying to be in charge but having no real ideas... but hey, that's what brings conflict into the movie... and makes it more intense, right? Right. Highest of recommendations for zombie movie lovers. You know who you are... and you've probably already seen this... and the original... so why are you still reading? Ah, you must like my rants. Thanks.

Anyway, that'll do it for tonight. I've got a concert to get ready for & I haven't even had dinner yet. Oh well, I can always drink my dinner. IT'S FRIDAY, B**CHES!!! Have a great weekend!!!

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