Sunday, August 8, 2010

Lassen Volcanic National Park

Good Morning Ladies & Gentlemen,
Yesterday, I decided to do one of my random roadtrips... and drove about three hours north to Lassen Volcanic National Park. Why? Because when you have a name including a form of the word "volcano" you automatically peak my interest. From what I understood, it was like Yellowstone, with the mud pots, steam vents from geothermal activity, boiling lakes, and all that... only smaller. It was all that and so much more. Behold...
Lake Almanor
I got to the Visitors Center around noon and asked a guide what I simply could not miss. He recommended that I check out the Devastated Area first, which was where a 1915 eruption had devastated the landscape a bit... and I could check it out. Along the way though, it was a gorgeous windy mountain road drive...
Lake Helen
Emerald Lake
Dormant Volcano in the Devastated Area
These rocks were launched over 3 miles in the explosion
After that was a spot I had driven by that sounded nice called Kings Creek. Then I noticed there was a path to Kings Creek Falls... and you know how I like waterfalls.
Yes, that is snow... and there's more to come
Next was the one thing I was told that I simply COULD NOT MISS... and that's Bumpass Hell. Now, I know what you're thinking (if you're like me) and no, it's not a cruel fate for a homophobe, but rather it's a lot like Colter's Hell in Yellowstone... only it was discovered by a man named Bumpass. Anyway, great trail to some great volcanic activity... and snow. Oh yes, ladies & gentlemen, there was still snow in August here.
One thing about Gretchen...
If there's snow to be found, she'll find it
This was the trail...
Welcome... to Bumpass Hell
Now THAT'S a hot tub
This is what happens when cool, crisp snow runoff...
meets hot, mineral-rich geothermal explosions
I know you like it when I talk nerdy to you...
Last stop before the drive back was the Sulphur Works. Just a few more mudpots on the way home...
Bubbling Mud Pots
Stopped in Quincy for some dinner (hadn't really eaten anything all day believe it or not) and made it home just in time for sunset and some rainbows from a two-minute drizzle (though my camera was activing up, so no rainbow pics). Anyway, that was my Saturday. Today I do laundry & clean up the apartment. Hopefully the new roommate pitches in. Have a great day everybody!!!

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Peter Werner said...

You seriously did that entire trip in *one day*, including two hikes, and side trips to Lake Almanor and Quincy, *and* got back to the Bay Area by sunset??? You have to be the most efficient road traveler I've ever heard of, or an insanely fast driver.

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