Monday, April 29, 2013

The Mouse That RAWWWWRED!!!

Good Afternoon Ladies & Gentlemen,


NFL’s version of Christmas came this past week as well… I can’t believe I didn’t even mention it. Obviously it’s far too busy & complex to chat about like the NBA’s Christmas (coming in a few months) but the Eagles did a lot better than I kind of expected. All the expert mock drafters had them doing something stupid like getting yet another quarterback (luckily the Jets took all that heat) with the 4th overall pick & they actually picked somebody that I hoped they would in offensive tackle Lane Johnson from Oklahoma. Big dude, great athlete, let’s hope he stays health. Then they picked up Stanford tight end Zach Ertz to help out with their quick, nimble offense, then an LSU lineman in the 3rd round, and then… they picked up USC quarterback Matt Barkley. Now… for a 4th round draft pick, you really can’t hate on that… but you already have so many at that position. Hopefully he pans out well. Oh… they also picked up a U of U lineman Joe Kruger (brother of former Ravens lineman Paul Kruger) so yeah, they actually did a good draft. Yay!!! Niners did pretty good too. In fact, I’d say that most teams addressed their needs… at least sorta.


The NBA playoffs are kicking up too… Spurs just swept the Lakers… Warriors are on the verge of meeting them in the next round… the Heat are continuing their ways… I’m sure that somebody somewhere is watching the Hawks & Pacers with any kind of genuine intrigue… ugh… SPORTS!!!


Oh… and let’s not forget movies…


First up is “For a Good Time, Call…” which I was recommended a while back by Bubbles who saw it in theatres. Basically the story is about a girl in her twenties who is having trouble finding a job, breaks up with her boyfriend (he dumped her ass), and while looking for a new apartment in Manhattan is set up by her GBF (Justin Long) with a friend of a friend who puked all over her one night after a kegger. Obviously once that happens you can never be friends with that person ever again… if you’re a chick. Anyway, semi-odd couple live passive-aggressively until the goodie-goodie finds out that the other is running a phone sex line out of her room. Well, she needs money, so she offers to help manage it… and then gets sucked into it… and calamity ensues. I assume that the ladies might find it hilarious… and I’ll admit that it had maybe two moments where I thought it was funny… but yeah, nothing too spectacular.


Next is “Wreck It Ralph” starring voice talents like John C Reilly, Sarah Silverman, Jane Lynch & Adam Lakers Carolla in a computer-animated story about the life of video games. Wreck It Ralph is a villain in his game… but he doesn’t want to be a villain anymore. He wants to win a medal & get some respect. So he ventures into another video game, which is a big no-no… and shenanigans ensue. As you would expect from Pixar & Dreamworks and all those movies, they have the formula down, make great kids flicks that adults can also enjoy… so I say go see this one as well. It’s funny, well done & appeals to the kid in all of us. Now if only I could get a few bucks from Dreamworks for that stirring review…


Next up was one that Izzy suggested from 1959 called “The Mouse That Roared” starring Peter Sellers. The small principality of Grand Fenwick is having a financial crisis thanks to Napa Valley taking away their primary export of a certain kind of wine. This plunges the small nation into desperate measures. How will they overcome? By declaring war on the United States. History has shown that once the U.S. wins a war with a country, they then nurse that country back to health (see German, Japan, our financial crisis, etc). So their plan is to send over a small band of incompetent soldiers to declare war… but then in a freak accident, they manage to obtain the ultimate weapon… the legendary Q-Bomb, as well as it’s inventor & lovely daughter. Now what to do? It’s actually a pretty cute little comedy flick from a bygone era. I highly recommend it.

Last up is “This is 40” starring Paul Rudd as director Judd Apatow & the rest of Judd’s family (actress Kelly Mann & his two daughters) basically about a married couple where both adults are reaching that dreaded age of 40. Throw in some money troubles & you’ve got a story line… but there are a lot of great comedy that I enjoyed & some fantastic cameos from the likes of Jason Segal, Albert Brooks, John Lithgow and even… Megan Fox. Yes, she’s still alive & working even after starting her own family. Fun Fact: I’ve been so out of the game that I pulled a “That chick on the ladder looks a lot like Megan Fox…” while watching. Anyway, great little comedy… and because it’s Judd Apatow it’s well over two hours but hey, you just might enjoy it. I’d say check it out… and I’ve got at least 8 more years until I need to worry about this stuff.
As for this next week, business as usual... but I did find out that a few of my roommates are thinking about moving out in the next few months so that should be interesting. We have all been here for almost two full years now so it's probably about time that we've all moved on... but I'm good for the next little while so I'm planning on sticking around. We shall see how it all pans out. Have a great week everybody!!!

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