Saturday, April 13, 2013

Miss You Already Mama

Good afternoon ladies & gentlemen,

Sorry, its been a few weeks since I posted... but hey, that's how I roll nowadays apparently. Busy bee style. My mom, aunt & cousin visited last weekend so I've got a few nice pictures of Fishermens Wharf, the Wax Museum, the worlds greatest Taco Bell, the Walt Disney Museum & other places... but that's another day.

Today, I give you more optimism about future events that I'll share with you thanks to this Blogger app. First up, Monday I'm going to a Warriors game against my beloved Spurs. Dizzy & her cousin will be going with me. It's gonna be awesome... and Dizzy got me a jersey... It's Tim Duncan but says Big Fundamental on the back. Ultra classy.

Friday is a birthday date with Dizzy, her cousin & her aunts on the Wine Train of Napa. It's been a while since I got toasted ultra classy style... so that'll be fun.

There's also the Cherry Blossom festival next weekend & Sunday night is the annual Meals on Wheels benefit I help with. Good times.

The following week, you know, of my actual birthday... There's the Larry & Carla benefit event so that'll be shazztastic!!! That's on my birthday eve. Then who knows... but I'll be 32 years old & on a fabulous adventure.

Also, Jackie D is coming to visit around Memorial Day... so yeah, I'll get all that updated shortly. In the meantime, have a great weekend everybody!!!

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