Sunday, April 14, 2013

Snow Wax & the Seven Wharfs

Good Afternoon Ladies & Gentlemen,

Well... as mentioned before... my mom, Aunt Pat & cousin Alicia came to visit last weekend... so it started out with a Thursday afternoon in Union Square for dinner (Cheesecake Factory). Then on Friday, we went to Fishermen's Wharf because it was Alicia's first time out here... so really about the only thing that you haven't seen from that yet is when we went to the Wax Museum. This museum was... well, do you remember the wax museum in Barcelona from a few years ago where I mentioned that a lot of them don't really look like the subjects... but they're basically mannequins in their trademark clothing? This was similar... but still very cool... if not unintentionally creepy (and not just in the hall of terrors. BEHOLD!!!

Why is Einstein all alone?

Ugh... hate this one...


Who put these people on the same display?
Donny & Marie, Jacko, the Olsen Twins...
and Tom Hanks. REALLY?

Steve Irwin: "CROYKEY!!!"

That night we watched a few movies (more on another entry) then on Saturday we drove along the coast to Half Moon Bay for some wandering, Taco Bell on the beach in Pacifica & showed Alicia the Golden Gate Bridge briefly. Sunday, we met up with Bubbles to go to the Asian Art Museum... but there was a line around the block for it... so we decided to go to the Walt Disney Museum instead.

Now, people have tried to describe this museum to me before... and basically just told me it was about the Disney family... not Disney stuff... and they're kind of right, but just a piss poor description. It's really about how Walt rose from basically a regular Midwestern guy... to a cartoonist... and a few more steps before he was Walt f**king Disney!!! From early works of his to sketches for his movies to plans for Disneyland and so on. It was REALLY interesting & I enjoyed it thoroughly... as I'm sure that you would. BEHOLD!!!

Yes... Walt made pinups for our troops in WWII...
Rrrrrr... except that I think only one of them is over 18... maybe...


Anyway, that'll do it for this entry. This coming week should also be busy with activities... so I'll share as soon as I can. Have a great day everybody!!! And remember... if you can't find the humor in everything... at least try to find the irony...

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