Monday, January 27, 2014

Marathon of Ass Kickin'

Good Afternoon Ladies & Gentlemen,
Here’s just a little catchup on things not directly related to beer in the world…
This past weekend, Dizzy & I had a little bit of a “Kick Ass” marathon (since she hadn’t seen the first) and ending with the recent DVD release “Kick Ass 2” starring Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Chloe Moretz, CMP (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) & Jim Carrey among others. Basically in the original “Kick Ass”, the story is about a teenager who decides to become a superhero & clean up the mean streets of NYC. Along the way, he gets his ass beat a lot… but he befriends a daddy-daughter duo (Big Daddy & Hit Girl), they teach him some of the ropes, they try to take down a crime boss in the end… they win… but Big Daddy is dead and now Kick Ass & Hit Girl are doing the whole high school angst during the day, crime fighters at night thing as the credits roll. Well, in the sequel, other crime fighters inspired by Kick Ass are coming out of the woodworks… and they form a bit of an alliance. The problem is… that the teenage son of the crime boss who died in the original (CMP) has decided to become the first Supervillain named… The Motherf**ker… and use his apparently limitless wealth to form his own legion of  dastardly villains with one goal in mind… to kill Kick Ass & wipe out any influence that he has (namely killing all his superhero buddies). Also, Hit Girl has sworn to her father figure (dad’s best friend) that she wouldn’t fight crime anymore & is trying to become a typical teenage girl… but of course that’s not going to work out well. What happens? THERE WILL BE BLOOD & VENGEANCE!!! As for the movie, if you liked the first one, you’re probably going to like the sequel… it’s not the best storytelling in the world… it’s based off a comic book, so there’s a little bit of disbelief involved… but overall, I really enjoyed the movie. Yes, as star Jim Carrey mentioned during his comments basically saying that he never wants to work in Hollywood again… it’s really violent & involves teenagers… but yeah, it’s a comic book movie. If you can’t separate that from real life, then you have mental health issues. Luckily… there are places in society where you can… oh wait, never mind. I guess we’re all screwed until that gets taken care of. In the meantime though, I recommend it. It’s not going to win any awards… but it’s a violent action-comedy… that gets a little dark at some points, so be prepared. Here’s the news…
Utah Update - A University of Utah student says he paid his tuition bill with 2,000 one-dollar bills as a silent (though obvious publicized) protest against the rising cost of college. Luq Mughal brought a metal case full of greenbacks to the school Tuesday, the deadline for payment. He says he collected the cash from several banks. Mughal tells The Salt Lake Tribune he spends weekends working to pay for his electrical engineering degree (wow… sounds familiar… try doing it during the week as well). The 21-year-old says he gets a discount because his father is a faculty member and acknowledges his situation is far from the worst on campus. Undergraduate in-state tuition rates have more than doubled in Utah over the past 10 years (like everywhere else). Trustees set a 5% tuition hike this year, saying they needed to fund a cost-of-living raise for employees as state funding declines. Look… it’s always been a dream of mine to pay a large bill with a suitcase full of money (probably singles until I reach big baller status) so I like this story for that aspect of it. However, saying that it’s a (silent) statement against the rise of tuition… while at the same time having a discounted tuition… is murky at best. However, I feel your pain (or rather did) and support your decision. Colleges & universities charge more & more every year… because they think they can… and they’re kinda right. There are some benefits to higher learning… but that’s when the cost-benefits analysis comes into play. When the peak is that extra million dollars over your lifetime that you’re going to be making (for Uncle Sam) over your lifetime that’s always advertised… and the low is that college is where you developed your drug habit, impregnated some chick at a party that you legally raped in some states eyes & have crippling debt for the rest of your life while you still can’t find a job… and the alternative is working hard, learning through apprenticeship while doing a day job or at least finding out what it is that you want to do before you commit a sh*t ton of money towards an education… just remember to weigh your options carefully. You hear about all the successes of college dropouts… but it’s because they something more than a piece of paper on their wall… they had a Drive & an Initiative & a Passion for what they do and knew how to get there. College can help you to find yours… but just do a cost-benefit analysis. That’s all I’m saying. Stay in school kids!!! At least while it’s free.
Good Deeds Done Hella Expensive – Or you could just be f**king lucky. For example, Montez Jones of Louisville, Kentucky was going about his day as a human billboard, enthusiastically dancing while holding a sign advertising Colbert Ball Tax Service, when he received a huge gift from a passerby. The sign man is dedicated to his job and told WDRB, “I don't care what the weather is, I'm coming to work." Perhaps it’s that devotion that caught the attention of Reverend Kevin Cosby, the President of Simmons College of Kentucky, a small and historically black Bible college. Rev. Cosby was driving by 29-year-old Mr. Jones as he did his job, and stopped to talk to the man. He described Jones as a, "human billboard, gyrating. I mean, totally depersonalized." Jones explained, "A black car just pulled up, and he said, 'Do you know who I am, young man?' I said, 'No sir.'" The stranger than replied, “I am The Devil… and I have a proposition for you.” Okay, no he didn’t. I was just checking to make sure you were reading. The reverend then introduced himself to Montez and offered him a $20,000 full ride scholarship and the opportunity to attend Simmons College. But why extend that offer to Montez Jones? Rev. Cosby said it was to, "Show [Jones] what confidence, hard work, discipline and being around the right environment can do for a person and if he can do it he becomes my example that anyone can be successful." The prospective student’s success could benefit them both, especially with the college anticipating full accreditation from the U.S. Department of Education, within months. Montez said that as a child he dreamed of being a doctor, but his circumstances, "living in the streets," and an arrest ended it. Wait, what was the arrest for? Oh I see, we’re not even going to discuss that part of the story. “With my background, it was over. My dreams were crushed,” said the sign shaker. He’s hopeful and grateful for the sudden opportunity saying, "It's like me being a newborn. Start my life all over again, fresh. Hopefully this might be a good start for me you know what I’m saying. I'm going to take it. I'm going to take it and run with it though. I ain't going to let [Rev. Cosby] down." I really do hope that it’s a great start for him into a new life. I like that he got the scholarship because of his attitude but… I mean… publicity stunt aside… why would a reasonable man just be driving down the street & see a guy waving a sign around and say “Hey, you wanna go to college?” “I don’t even know what I would study… and I haven’t studies since the 3rd grade… which is why I’m spinning this sign.” “Well, what did you want to be in 3rd grade?” “A doctor… and Spiderman.” “Well, school can probably help with one of those.” “Hmm… Nah… I’m good. Thanks though.” That being said… if he’s got the gumption, then I wish Mr. Jones & Rev. Cosby nothing but the best. It’s not going to be easy… but worst-case, at least he knows the President of the College.
Penis Pump Healthcare Scam – Yes, corruption has gone there too. Penis pumps cost the U.S. government's Medicare program $172 million between 2006 and 2011. Why is this possibly a scam? Because that’s about TWICE as much as the consumer would have paid at the RETAIL level (yes, even after doubling plus markup), according to a government watchdog's report released on Monday. The report by the inspector general for the Department of Health and Human Services said Medicare, the government health insurance system for seniors, paid nearly 474,000 claims for vacuum erection systems, or VES, totaling about $172.4 million from 2006 to 2011. Yearly claims for the devices nearly doubled from $20.6 million in 2006 to $38.6 million in 2011. According to the Mayo Clinic, penis pumps are one of a few treatment options for erectile dysfunction. Government waste is a major issue in budget talks in the U.S. capital as lawmakers try to reach agreement on a $1 trillion spending bill. "Medicare payment amounts for VES remain grossly excessive compared with the amounts that non-Medicare payers pay," said the report, dated December 2013. "Medicare currently pays suppliers more than twice as much for VES as the Department of Veterans Affairs and consumers over the Internet pay for these types of devices." If Medicare had adjusted its payments to approximately the price non-Medicare payers pay, the U.S. government would have saved an average of about $14.4 million for each of the six years, the report said. Yup… and that’s JUST for penis pumps… imagine if, God forbid, they should extend those kinds of practices to daily medications and/or vaccinations. "Considering the strain retiring baby boomers will soon be placing on Medicare's budget, shouldn't we be focusing this entitlement program on real, life-saving treatment and equipment to serve the health needs of seniors - instead of subsidizing penis pump purchases?" Ben Domenici of the Heartland Institute think tank said in an email statement. "And to those seniors who really do want one," added Domenech, "just buy it yourself - you don't need to send the bill to your fellow Americans." Well… I’m not entirely sure about that last statement… but do you see where there are MAJOR issues in government… and if something isn’t done, it’s only going to get worse. Do you think the DOUBLE RETAIL prices (so something like 6-8 times cost of production) is just going towards mailing, processing, and all that? Or medications that costs about 10,000 times the cost of production? Hell no. Somebody getting f**king RICH off that… because they have a buddy in the system… who’s also getting f**king RICH. “I scratch your back, you scratch mine. What’re they going to do? Fire us? Please… those sheeple just want to live & get boners… and they want to continue to do so… they’ll pay OUR prices & fill OUR pockets for the privilege.” Now, I know that’s probably not an EXACT transcript from a conversation over a few cognacs… but yeah, that’s what’s happening… and we’re letting it happen. Just my PSA for the day… hidden in a story about penis pumps.
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