Sunday, March 11, 2012

Disneyland with Kids

Good Afternoon Ladies & Gentlemen,

Been catching up since my five days away in beautiful Southern California… and now you get blessed with pictures of my adventures. Thursday at work was busy… but the drive to Anaheim was pretty quick & uneventful. I made the drive in just under six hours, stopping for gas once & basically eating a bag of bbq pork jerky in about an hour. I really don’t eat healthy on vacations. That night, my brother & I had our own room at the hotel so we watched a little TV and caught up on this & that before I called it a night.

Friday was Day One of Disneyland! We woke up, met up with my mom, stepdad, niece Kairi & nephew Vinny… and went through the park. I’ve been to Disneyland a few times in my life… and it’s always pretty fun… but this time was REALLY fun because I got to hang with my niece & nephew… and everything is just so magical through their eyes that you get sucked up into it too. When they went off for their naps, my brother & I would go on the big kid rides but yeah, it was just the usual good times at Disneyland. Here are some pictures…

Saturday & Sunday it warmed up a little bit… but we still managed to have fun, just got exhausted. Saturday we had lunch with the princesses at Ariel’s Grotto (not quite as hot as it sounds… but not bad for G-rated). Basically you have lunch and the Disney princesses go from table to table to take pictures with the kids… and of course, Princess Kairi was so excited that she wasn’t really eating… just staring in amazement at all the princesses. She would whisper “Uncle $teve. There’s Aurora!” “Who?” “Aurora.” “Oh, Sleeping Beauty… very nice… hey, eat your spaghetti sweetie. Wait until she comes over here.” Anyway, good times… and the kids had a LOT of fun. More pictures…

Sunday night after day three in Disneyland, we headed to Newport Coast (from my 29th birthday road trip) and set up shop at the hotel there for the next few days. This time, the kids & I shared a room and we did a few activities at the hotel like tie dye shirts, making play-do, etc but we also went to the beach so that they could play in the water & I took them tide pool searching. Even found a few couple really nice sea shells for them to take home (bigger than I ever found without ‘em, thanks King Triton!!!). Alas, more pictures…

Tuesday, I said my good byes around 2:30 as I wanted to start heading back before rush hour. Heck, I was missing those guys before I made it out of the parking lot… but a playa’s gotta do what a playa’s gotta do. Besides, I’m sure I’ll see them again shortly. Especially since anytime they really want to see their Uncle $teve, they have a PS3 at dad’s AND grandma’s that they can talk to me on. Good times!

Wednesday was a busy catch-up day at work… but in the evening, I met up with Dizzy & Batgirl (see below for her new Lego Batcave by the way) and we watched a few episodes of “Captain Power & the Soldiers of the Future” and then followed it up with the promised “TROLL 2”!!! So… I’ve already built it up with how bad it is… and it’s all that & more… but let me drop the plot for you real quick. A family goes on a little month-long house swap vacation to enjoy the country in the city of Nilbog (Heber, Utah apparently). Oh… and the little boy has visions of his dead grandpa. Did I forget that? Because it’s kind of important. Anyway, strange things start happening… and the ghost of his grandpa tells him about these evil goblins (not trolls) and that they’re all in danger. Then people start disappearing & blah blah blah… ok, so I REALLY don’t want to spoil this movie for you… and I simply INSIST that you go see it for yourself. It’s one of those movies that’s so horrible that it’s actually quite amazing in its mere existence… you know, like “Plan 9 from Outer Space” or “Astro Zombies” or something like that. Watch it with your friends! Then you’ll have amazing inside jokes to tell one another about pissing on hospitality, all the modern conveniences, goblin jiz… and my personal favorite… CORN-GASM!!! Please… just watch the show. You’ll thank me for it.

Anyway, that should do it for today. Hope that you all enjoyed the pictures… and sorry I’ve been a little busy to keep you posted on my adventures… but I’ll get the hang of it eventually… hopefully. Have a great day everybody!!!

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