Sunday, March 25, 2012

LISTEN!!! Do You Smell Something?

Good Afternoon Ladies & Gentlemen,
It's been a busy busy few weeks... as made obvious by my lack of communication via this blog. Let's see... well, work is... working... lots & lots... and we now have a new system to deal with... and we'll slowly but surely implimenting it... and of course I'm the head on it so... yeah, gonna get paid lots of overtime & may be able to go on vacation... I don't know, eventually? Perhaps if they decide to hire somebody to help out next year but that'd probably be the earliest for that farfetched scenario. Oh well... on to the rest of my life...
St Patrick's Day was pretty amazing. I met up with Batgirl, Izzy & some of their friends and we did some bar hopping around the Financial District. I started at House of Shields, then we went over to Elephant & Castle... and then we kinda set up camp at Cafe Prague for a few hours where we not only had the bar pretty much to ourself... but the managers kept bringing us out food & giving us free beverages in giant glasses... and yeah, the music was from an iPod so we pretty much shut that place down... and then somebody started ordering shots of whiskey... and that's pretty much all I remember from the night... yeah, there were a few of these beers before hand...
I woke up the next morning in my bed... and Izzy was there... so apparently they did a good job of getting me home... despite being covered in bruises & scratches (some I have literally no idea where they could've come from) but yeah... good times. Maybe you can help... where would one get this kind of injury? A boot? It was located on my ribs under my shoulder blade...
Again, during the week it was basically more work... and when I would get home, I was pretty much sick because of work (coworkers have the cold going around constantly) so I played a few new video games like "Assassin's Creed Brotherhood", "Batman: Arkham City" and one of my all time favorites redone for PS3... "TECMO SUPER BOWL!!!" That's right, the classic from 1991 with Randall Cunningham as the QB of the Eagles, sorry Philadelphia squad because the NFL is no longer a part of the franchise. It's pretty cool... but yeah, more nostalgia appeal than gameplay. Oh... and Brotherhood is awesome (can't wait for AC3 which will be set during the American Revolution) and Arkham City I'm only a few missions in but still the usual Batman awesomeness.
Friday night, I met up with a few coworkers including Bubbles & we went to Pandora Karaoke in the Tenderloin (corner of Crack & Cocaine). It was a great time with some coworkers that I never get to hang out with... especially outside of work. Not trying to brag... but they were incredibly impressed with my vocal skills... and it covered everything from Snoop Dogg to Bee Gees to Coolio to Spice Girls. It also doubles as a nice sushi bar... and plenty of drinks were had... but not whiskey shots... so I made it through just fine. We even made our way to a place called Swig where they have bacon wrapped hot dogs sold by street vendors... delicious.
Saturday it basically rained all day so I met up with Izzy for the evening & we had dinner at her place and watched "The Ghost & the Darkness" and "Ghostbusters." We know how to have a good time.
So yeah... that's pretty much caught you up on my life. Not a whole lot of major news... but yeah, I've kinda got a girlfriend... for the first time in... many years.

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