Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Taco Tuesday Redux

Good Afternoon Ladies & Gentlemen,

Well, the living room & bedroom are pretty much taken care of now… and damn if they don’t look amazing. Here are some pictures of my new living arrangement now that it’s somewhat presentable…

Later this week will be roommate interviews for ladies looking to move into Carmen’s room. Why just ladies? Funny fact: Not my decision there. Since the other three roommates share a bathroom, my roommate… we’ll call her Tracy, doesn’t want to share the bathroom with a guy. I’m not going to complain at all. If that’s your thing, that’s your thing. Apparently guys are stinky creatures who don’t necessarily leave the toilet seat down… but we’re also pretty handy to have around to squish spiders, lift objects over 20 pounds, provide a new point of view & not bad eye candy so… alright then. I have no problem with only interviewing the ladies. The other roommates need to be there though… because I’m incredibly easy going… and after the standard “Where do you work? What are your hobbies? What are you looking for in a roommate situation?” then it can quickly turn into “How do you feel about tall, gainfully employed, disease-free men?” “Can you touch your elbows behind your back?” “Describe to me EXACTLY… how freaky… is TOO freaky.” “Tell me your top five sexual positions… and why?” “It said on your email that you were a gymnast… yeah, I don’t see it. You’re going to have to show me” and that would just get awkward REAL quick. So yeah… they should probably be there to take over the questions while I take notes or doodle or something. Should be interesting.

Last night, Jackie D & I met up with one of Bubbles’ roommates and went to our first Taco Tuesday, which is apparently a simple event held at Nick’s Crispy Tacos (or Blue Light) where it’s $2 tacos & $3 beers, which sounds awesome. Totally down. Well, we got there… and it was standing room only with a line weaving throughout the establishment, which was an interesting mix of taco stand, bar, restaurant & club… but I was just looking to get my grub & my drink on. We stood in line for about 45 minutes and pretty much got separated from Bubbles’ roommate, so it was really just the two of us having a few beers & enjoying tacos (not half bad). It was while we were discussing the event… that I had a revelation. Earlier in the evening, I was fixing up the living room, when I noticed that in our foyer closet… there were SIX vacuums… no joking… but also there… were six sombreros. So I said “Next time… we’ll just have to have Taco Tuesday at our place.” Jackie D’s eyes lit up like the 4th of July… and so next week, we’ll probably be having a Taco Tuesday at Casa de Love… complete with sombreros… and probably play Robert Rodriguez movies in the background on the wall… and use the money from selling off the excess vacuums towards tequila or something. I’ll keep you posted.

After Taco Tuesday at Nick’s Crispy Tacos, we went back to the apartment and watched “Good Hair” starring Chris Rock, which is a documentary about the African-American hair trade & the Bonner Brothers Hair Show. Now, I know what you’re thinking… and why would a white boy who barely runs a comb through his luscious mane want to see this show? Well, it was Jackie D’s suggestion to Netflix it… but I had heard about this about a year ago & wanted to check it out… because like many markets aimed at the African-American culture (tobacco, jewelry, cars, etc) I knew that the profit margins for the hair trade were INCREDIBLE but the people getting rich off it… are Caucasian & Asian. Being a marketing man, I understand it… but wasn’t really in the know as to WHY it was that way. This brought some of that to light… and of course, it’s Chris Rock so there is plenty of levity throughout. I’d say give it a gander if you’d like.

Monday night, we also watched “Mortal Kombat” which we hadn’t seen in years… but for some reason, we just thought it would be a good idea. You’ve all probably seen it, based on the 90’s video games, pretty horrible acting & dialogue, but hey, you were a kid, so you’ve seen it a few times. Really the only reason that I bring it up… is because, as reported here before, they’re apparently going to reboot it and it’s going to be aimed at adults this time (so hard-R rating). They had the teaser video a few months ago starring Michael Jai White (“Spawn” & “Black Dynamite”) & Jeri Ryan (“Star Trek Voyager”) and they’ve signed them on to do the movie now. Michael Jai White is set to play Major Jackson 'Jax' Briggs while Darren Shahlavi ("300") will play Kano in the upcoming live-action digital new media series "Mortal Kombat" from Warner Premiere. Kevin Tancharoen, who directed and produced the unofficial "Mortal Kombat: Rebirth" fan short which scored over 10 million views worldwide, will "bring the same directing style to this live-action digital new media series". The press release also confirmed tweets from actress Jeri Ryan that she's set to play Lieutenant Sonya Blade. Both Ryan and White starred in the 'Rebirth' short film. Shooting on the project is currently underway in Vancouver. Each episode will provide never-before-revealed insights into characters featured in the upcoming videogame set to hit store shelves starting April 19th. Oh yes, there’s a video game tie-in of course… it’s Mortal Kombat. Anyway, here’s some more news…

Book of Kisses - Ever wondered about the political uses of a kiss, the kiss's changing status or legendary movie kisses? No? Well, do you find yourself needing to say the word in Albanian, Icelandic or even, perchance, Maori? Fear not. "A Compendium of Kisses," the guide to everything oscular -- that's "of or pertaining to kissing" for the unenlightened -- tells all about one of the world's most universal gestures, whether simple greeting or sublime. "When I came to look at the kiss, the romantic side is such a small part of it," said British novelist and actress Lana Citron, who compiled the book. "I love how when you're born, the first thing is, you're kissed, you're welcomed into the world. It's this little gesture that follows you throughout life, through all the most important parts of your life." Citron's interest in kisses began with a short story she wrote a decade ago about a lonely woman who collected kisses in jars -- such as one for the lover who spurned her, one that was full of yearning -- and labeled them. That led to her invitation to do an installation of kisses in jars, all labeled, as part of an art exhibition. The response of viewers sent her to the internet, searching out books on kisses and deciding to write her own when nothing seemed just right. "It was almost like opening a Pandora's chest and just being overwhelmed by all the different ways a kiss is expressed, the meanings attached to it and the things it symbolizes," she said. "I fell in love with it, I really did. I was submerged in the world of kisses for a year and came out of it with a book." Her compendium mingles brief kiss anecdotes with kiss factoids and scraps of poetry to cover evolutionary kisses, bonding kisses, artful kisses, screen kisses, bike shed kisses or first kisses, passionate kisses, Kama Sutra kisses (giggidy!), animal kisses and even The Death Kiss, to name just a few. She also traces the evolution of kissing through history, from its use in Christian religious ceremonies -- "greet ye one another with a kiss" -- to its social role as a greeting on many levels, including between kings and the vassals they ruled. "Then the kiss suddenly becomes eroticized, also compounded by advances made in dentistry. Once it becomes eroticized, it also becomes highly contentious socially," she said. While she finds it difficult to pick one favorite fact about kisses, Citron does acknowledge being fascinated about the use of kisses in politics and history, from its involvement in accusations about witchcraft down to the present day. "Superficially, you have sex scandals, kiss and tell scandals, which many politicians fall prey to," she said. Though most of the book is written in a tongue-in-cheek style, Citron becomes practical when asked for kissing advice. "Basic hygiene, I think, is the only thing I'd say." Sounds like an interesting little book, right? I’m sure that you can order it online somewhere. You know how I feel about reading… and the subject matter would probably just piss me off a bit… but then again, I do have a sincere love for trivial knowledge… and I’m sure there are plenty of pictures.

Sexual Networking – Ever wonder why Facebook is worth BILLIONS? Besides as the social media implications, this survey may have found out why. Nearly four out of five women and three of five men say they believe texting, Facebook and other social networking tools cause new couples to jump into bed faster, a survey released on Monday showed. But only 38% of women say they have actually slept with a date any sooner because of digital intimacy, according to the 1,200 women and men who participated in the third annual sex survey by Shape and Men's Fitness magazines. Smart phones and laptops are the new toys that lead to the bedroom, it said, with nearly 80% of women and 58% of men saying social media tools leads to sex faster. Texting is the No. 1 way lovers stay in touch, the survey found, with men texting 39% more often than phoning and women 150% more. Even before the magic begins, 70% of women and 63% of men use Google and other online tools to screen potential dates. That’s right. Chances are you’re being cyber-stalked… even before you go on the date. Hmm… do you think they’ve checked out this blog? Anyway, 65% of those polled said they had been asked out by text and 49% through a Facebook message. Once the relationship clicks, 72% of women report scouring a current partner's ex-girlfriends' Facebook pages. Even in the heat of passion, some people just can't get enough of their digital devices, the survey found. When a call or text comes in during sex, 5% of respondents said they glance to see who is calling and 1% say they stop to answer the phone. Crazy… because I assume that’s EXACTLY what voicemail was invented for. And when the spark is extinguished, digital dumping is the new way to break up, with 43% of women and 27% of men reporting getting a text along the lines of "It's not you, it's me." For the heartbroken, the Internet keeps hope alive, with 81% of all respondents saying they won't de-friend an ex on Facebook and 75% admitting to constantly checking a former sweetheart's page. I’m sure that if you’re already reading this though, you probably already had a pretty good idea about this (or you were checking up on your boy Dr Love… who still misses you). It amazes me how digitized things are nowadays. Everything’s online. Call me old-fashioned, but I still like the idea of strolling in a park somewhere, running into somebody, chatting for a bit, sharing a few laughs, asking to meet up later and THEN being rejected like a bad kidney. This new world where rejection comes within a few clicks of a keyboard confuses & therefore angers me. Oh well… evolve, $teve. You’re not always rejected. Even the blind squirrel gets a nut once in a while. Wait, was that dirty?

Hitchcock & Hannibal - Anthony Hopkins has once again entered talks to play legendary filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock in "Alfred Hitchcock and the Making of Psycho" for Montecito Pictures says Heat Vision. Based on Stephen Rebello's book which "Black Swan" scribe John McLaughlin has adapted, the story tracks how Hitchcock, at the height of his game as a director, decided to make a 'lowly' horror movie that no studio wanted to touch initially. The film of course went on to become one of the most famous of all time. Sacha Gervasi, the filmmaker behind acclaimed 2009 documentary "Anvil! The Story of Anvil", entered discussions to write and direct the film this week. Hopkins had been attached to a previous version of the film which Ryan Murphy was tipped to direct while Helen Mirren was to play his wife Alma Reville… but that apparently fell through. I’m sure Sir Anthony can play the HELL out of Hitchcock… and the best part is… he’ll also be unintentionally creepy… kind of like when he played Richard Nixon… which would be perfect for the director of a movie like “Psycho” to be portrayed. Eh… we’ll see if it happens. Here’s something that IS happening that’s even creepier…

Borat as Saddam - Paramount Pictures have announced that they will release Sacha Baron Cohen's new comedy "The Dictator" worldwide on May 11th 2012. Larry Charles, who directed the comedian in hits "Borat" and "Bruno", has come aboard to direct. The film tells the heroic story of a dictator who risked his life to ensure that democracy would never come to the country he so lovingly oppressed. It is inspired by the best selling novel "Zabibah and The King" by Saddam Hussein. Baron Cohen, Scott Rudin, Alec Berg, Jeff Schaffer, and David Mandel are producing. The latter trio join Cohen as screenwriters on the movie. Eh… it could be pretty hilarious. I’ve been surprised before by SBC. Respect. Booyakasha!!!

So that’ll do it for another day of awesomeness… but I’ll be back soon… and may have tales of a new roommate. Or just further news clippings & boring stories about my awesome life or something… you never know, this blog isn’t really that structured. Have a great day everybody!!!

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