Thursday, December 9, 2010

Interview Tomorrow

Good Afternoon Ladies & Gentlemen,

Tomorrow is a big day. I’m scheduled for an interview with the job opportunity in San Francisco… and then probably after that, I’ll have a pretty major decision to make. Luckily I’ve had a lot of practice in these kinds of things over the past few years, so it should be pretty simple by now. You know, the weighing of the Pros & Cons, logistics, timetables, all that fun stuff… but first, they have to win me over. I’m not in a horrible position at all. I’m content with my current situation. Great job, good roommate, good apartment, etc. and moving is a pain the arse as I’m sure most of you know. Again, I have a lot of crap… and chances are, I won’t be able to find a place to store all that crap for a reasonable price in the greater San Francisco area (maybe Oakland). I guess what I’m saying is… there may be a possible yard sale in the Tahoe area if anybody’s interested… but most of my stuff is back in Utah anyway. Sigh… never would’ve thought that I’d be in situations like this just a few years ago. Oh well, life keeps you entertained, I guess. So yeah, interview tomorrow, Bubbles coming this weekend, after that… who knows. Got a call from my stepsister in Dayton last night & I might be going to visit them next weekend to say hi for the holidays. Apparently my oldest nephew is on the 7th grade basketball team now so I may have to show him a few moves and drills that helped me when I was his age. The week after that, I’m heading back to Utah for Christmas. That’s right, Christmas is two weeks away. Hope you did your shopping… and made a lot of macaroni pictures for the family like I did. “It’s a duck!” “That’s great, $teve. I especially like the use of glitter on the water.” Here’s some news…

Vick Update – So… Michael Vick is among the leaders for Most Valuable Player and probably Comeback Player of the Year since he was arresting for the whole dogfighting ring thing a few years back. However, there is no doubt on one popularity contest. He is the leading vote-getter for the Pro Bowl (football’s All-Star game for those who don’t know). Michael Vick leads Pro Bowl voting just a year and a half after he was released from Leavenworth prison. The Philadelphia Eagles quarterback had 729,838 fan votes, nearly 39,000 more than second-place Peyton Manning, the NFL said Wednesday. Manning topped the balloting two weeks ago (but has thrown a career-high 11 interceptions in the past three games). “I think it’s just a credit to everything I’ve tried to accomplish on and off the field, just working as hard as I can to change things around, be a part of the solution and not the problem,” Vick said. “I changed my life and it just goes to show anybody can do it. It’s an unfortunate situation, the things that happened, I wish I could go back and change it all. I wish I could take it all back. The only thing I can do is move forward.” It’s the latest evidence many fans seem willing to forgive Vick for the vicious dogfighting operation that sent him to prison for 18 months—and embrace his stunning return to NFL stardom. A backup to start the season, Vick has led the Eagles to first place in the NFC East, accounting for 21 touchdowns and throwing just two interceptions. “I appreciate my fans, man,” Vick said. “Couldn’t do it without them. Been very supportive over the last three years. What more can you ask for?” Manning had 691,146 votes, which led the AFC, followed by New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (623,074), Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson (591,598) and Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers (547,340). Online Pro Bowl voting ends Dec. 20. The teams are picked by a vote combination from fans, players and coaches. Vick, a three-time Pro Bowler with the Atlanta Falcons, pleaded guilty to federal dogfighting charges in August 2007. He was released from federal custody and conditionally reinstated by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell in July 2009. But it wasn’t clear how much interest teams would have in the quarterback who once wowed fans with his unique skills, yet frustrated them with his inconsistency when he last played in the league in 2006. The Eagles signed him before last season, when he was the third-string quarterback and had limited playing time as a change of pace. Even after Philadelphia traded away Donovan McNabb, Vick was expected to back up Kevin Kolb. But when Kolb was hurt in the opener, Vick took over and showed a newfound maturity as a passer. Added to his running skills, he’s made the Eagles a contender at 8-4. The Eagles, averaging 28.7 points per game, are the second-highest scoring team in the league, next to only the New England Patriots at 31.6. “It’s a great honor, a great position to be in right now, because I haven’t made the Pro Bowl yet, but it’s a credit to my coaches, a credit to my teammates, (backups) Mike Kafka, Kevin Kolb, guys who just helped me get through this season,” Vick said. “I can’t do it without my team, I can’t do it without my teammates, I can’t do it without the offensive line, (wide receivers) DeSean (Jackson) and Jeremy (Maclin), can’t do it without them. I’m just thankful to have these guys in my life, these coaches in my life.” Sound like he’s learned his lesson? Redemption!!! Preferably with a Super Bowl win this year… but we’ll see.

Panda Update – I just wanted to share these pictures with everybody… because I’m a nerd. A researcher dressed in a panda costume puts a panda cub into a box before its physical examination at the Hetaoping Research and Conservation Center for the Giant Panda in Wolong National Nature Reserve, Sichuan province last week. The 4-month old cub, the first in the centre to be trained for reintroduction into the wild, is monitored by hidden cameras. Researchers performing physical examinations on the cub wear panda costumes to ensure that the cub's environment is devoid of human influence, according to local media. So yeah, here you go… I won't even start on how creepy that all is & how it's probably not doing much with regards to preparing them for the wild but... in the meantime, enjoy!!!

Other than that, I don’t have a whole lot to share in regards to world news. You know me, I’m simple. I guess… I’d better think about interview question responses or something… but this ain’t my first rodeo so as long as I don’t start the interview by putting them on “fake hold” and singing “The Boy from Ipanema” because I think it’s Bubbles on the phone, then I should be okay. Sigh… f**k me that was a bad day… but at least I can laugh about it now. I wonder if the interviewer feels the same way about that day. Probably not. She probably just wrote me off as a moron… and I can understand that response. First impressions are key, ladies & gentlemen. Then again… there is a football game on tonight too. Decisions, decisions. Well, on that note, I’ll bid you all adieu… have a great evening everybody!!! And if you don’t hear from me before then, a fantastic weekend as well…

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