Thursday, December 23, 2010

Sexy Evil Genius

Good Afternoon Ladies & Gentlemen,

Still just doing a lot of research and packing… and yesterday was my roommate’s birthday, and Utah was destroyed by Boise State, so we had a few drinks… but because it was a school night, we were responsible. At work, we had a fantastic potluck for Christmas. My office can cook. I brought beverages. Didn’t want to show them up or anything, you know? It’s the gentleman in me. Other than that, not a whole lot going on. Leaving for Utah in the morning & I can’t wait to see the family and friends. Apparently my niece Kairi has been REALLY excited since she heard that I was visiting. She’s so damn cute. I can’t wait to show her (and Vinny) the beach, the bridges, the fish at the Aquarium, the city from Coit Tower, and all of the other sights of San Francisco when they come to visit. You know, since I didn’t get to show them Lake Tahoe in the year-plus that I was here. Oh well… I think she’ll like the City better anyway… she sees trees and mountains ALL the time.

The other night, I watched “Vanilla Sky” starring Tom Cruise, Penelope Cruz, Kurt Russell, Jason Lee & Cameron Diaz… and directed by Cameron Crowe (“Almost Famous”). When this movie came out, a LOT of people told me it sucked… and because I’ve never really been a huge Tom Cruise fan, I passed. Double passed in fact. It actually wasn’t half bad though. Okay, let me spill the story premise here. There’s this rich womanizer (Cruise) who has a kinda crazy stalker f**k buddy (Diaz) and a best buddy (Lee). Well, one day he’s throwing a party… and he meets this hot artist chick (Cruz) who he almost instantly falls for… and they share an incredible evening together (just talking and whatever, you know, like romances are supposed to start, right?). Anyway, the next morning, his stalker f**k buddy is waiting for him by his car, says she wants to talk, and long story short, she drives them off a bridge, killing herself & messing his face up pretty bad. He also starts to develop a serious problem where he can’t distinguish between real life & dreams (we’ve all been there, right?). He’s trying to has his life back together… but he can’t figure out exactly what’s going on… and apparently everybody is telling him that he killed somebody… and a psychiatrist (Russell) is helping him to unravel the mystery. Like I said, it’s actually wasn’t half bad. I’d recommend it if you get bored one evening… but it’s not a must see or anything, just a lot better than I expected… and I wanted to see how it ended. You know you watch some of these psychological thrillers and you couldn’t give two sh*ts how it ends… well, I wanted to see this one through. Here’s some news…

Online Flirting – Billy Shakespeare once asked, "Shall I compare thee to a Summer's day?". Now, women of the world have replied: "No, just tell me I have beautiful lips." A new survey of online flirting by dating website has found that the best Internet chat-up line for men to use is: "You have beautiful lips." "We have found the Holy Grail of flirting," said Badoo Director of Marketing Lloyd Price. The site, which boasts 87 million registered users worldwide, analyzed the success rates of opening lines from nearly 200,000 online flirtations in 11 languages over the course of one month to come up with a "Compliment Success Index." Site users were invited to use one of 12 different chat-up lines. Each complimented an aspect of a woman's body or appearance. Researchers measured the success rate of each line in two ways: first, their success at prompting any response at all; second, their success at launching a longer conversation -- one going back and forth at least four times. Complimenting a woman's lips was the most successful overall, but other lines worked best in particular countries. American, French, Italian or Brazilian women were more responsive to "You dress beautifully." Brits preferred praise for their legs, Spaniards responded to compliments about their hair, while Germans and Canadians preferred skin praise. Dutch and Portuguese women liked: "You have beautiful ears." Jo Hemmings, a British behavioral psychologist said women responded best to compliments about their lips because it's a bold approach that seems more personal. "What many women want is for men to take the initiative and not be wishy-washy," Hemmings said in a statement accompanying the survey. "A lot of men on dating sites send a sort of generic message and women recognize something that hasn't been customized for them." David Givens, American author of the book, "Love Signals: A Practical Field Guide to the Body Language of Courtship" said the results made sense because women focus a lot of attention on their lips. "From adolescence onwards, they cosmetically adorn their lips, applying lipstick and colors. They have been doing so since ancient Egypt." So there you go gentlemen… don’t be afraid to really compliment a woman. Let them know that you’ve fantasized about what their lips must taste like since the first moment you saw them… or that their legs remind you of the work of Michelangelo… or that you’d like to run your fingers through the waves of alabaster flowing from their scalp… but then again, maybe all it takes is a simple “You… have an amazing heinie. I want to be friends with it.” You know… for being a complete moron, Ron Burgundy certainly had a way with the ladies… and now you know why… and it’s not just his huge erection. “Don’t act like you’re not impressed.”

Slow Down! – Do women even know the powers that they have over us? Apparently so. We've all heard stories about people trying to sneak into the carpool lane with a "passenger" that can be made from cardboard or inflatable plastic… but the cops in the Czech Republic have been taking notes, it seems. Much like how you would distract your shoe-eating pooch with a "look over here!", police are posting cardboard cutouts of female officers to get drivers to slow down (or crash). Now, are drivers slowing down because they think there are cops in the road? Or is it because these "cops" happen to be wearing miniskirts? No, really: The Cutout Cops are wearing miniskirts. Who knew cops had such fun uniforms? Hey, if it works… you know I’m down with a lady cop… but I wonder if you’d get in trouble for taking one home. Do they have cameras or locators on the cutouts? Interesting approach…

Sexy Evil Genius - Katee Sackhoff ("Battlestar Galactica") is set to star in the dark indie comedy "Sexy Evil Genius" reports Heat Vision Blog. Sackhoff plays a woman who brings all of her ex-boyfriends together in a downtown Los Angeles bar. Over the course of the night she gets her revenge on some, rekindles romance with others, and solidifies her reputation as a Sexy Evil Genius. Sound like a stupid plot to you too? Good. That’s not why I’m mentioning it. I’m mentioning it… so that I can post a picture of two of Katee Sackhoff… and it has a pretty intriguing title… so purely for cover factor. Shawn Piller is directing from a script by Scott Lew. Lew is a quadriplegic, wheelchair-bound writer afflicted Lou Gehrig's disease and writes with an infrared dot that points to letters on a computer screen (now how do you feel?). Sackhoff will serve as a co-producer. Best of luck with this premise…

Neve Campbell Update – Recently single Neve Campbell is in negotiations to star in the Roland Joffe-directed drama "Singularity" says The Hollywood Reporter. The story takes place in 1778 and 2015 and involves intertwining souls, past lives and a ring. No, YOU sound like “The Fountain”! Josh Hartnett (“Pearl Harbor”) is playing two characters: an archeologist in 2015 who falls into a coma and a British captain in colonial India. Campbell will play Hartnett’s wife and fellow archeologist in 2015 who gets stuck in a sunken ship while trying to retrieve a ring (because she’s a moron). Shooting kicks off in Australia and India in January. Sound like a cheesy romantic flick? Yeah… probably… so here’s why I mentioned it…

Pretty Women – Here’s an interesting movie update. Christian Bale (“American Psycho” & “The Dark Knight”) will star in Chinese filmmaker Zhang Yimou's new project about 13 young prostitutes who help save compatriots from Japanese troops rampaging Nanjing, the latest film exploring a World War II-era atrocity that stirs nationalism in China. Bale, currently co-starring in the boxing drama "The Fighter" will portray an American priest in the movie, which is expected to start filming in Nanjing on January 10th, the Chinese director told reporters Wednesday. The film is an adaptation of a Chinese-language novel by contemporary writer Yan Geling about 13 sex workers in Nanjing who volunteered to replace university students as escorts for invading Japanese soldiers. In the novel, the American priest presides over a Catholic church that shelters a group of prostitutes and young female students during the invasion (holy pimp?). Historians say the massacre, known in the West as the "Rape of Nanking," resulted in the slaughter of at least 150,000 civilians. China puts the number killed at 300,000, making it one of the worst atrocities of the WWII era. Bale was picked because of his versatility and dedication to his roles, Zhang said, noting he was impressed by the research Bale did into the history of the massacre. "I gave him the names of some books that he should read about the Nanjing massacre," the director said. "When I went to see him, I saw those books were lying open on his table, and I was very touched." The $90 million production is slated for global release next December. It's being filmed with a mix of English and Chinese spoken. The book's title translates roughly as "The 13 Women of Nanjing" but the film is going by the working English title of "Nanjing Heroes." In making a movie about Japan's wartime atrocities in Nanjing, Zhang joins several others in exploring a sensitive topic that triggers nationalist sentiments in China. Other recently released films about the Japanese invasion include Lu Chuan's "City of Life and Death" and Florian Gallenberger's "John Rabe." Zhang said he hopes to bring a fresh approach to the topic in telling the story through a woman's perspective. He also hoped to enhance the foreign appeal by casting Bale, a Hollywood star who played Batman in "The Dark Knight." "We've made many, many Nanjing movies ... but they are mostly like we're talking to ourselves. A lot of young people in Western countries might not know about it," Zhang said. "So I think that perhaps by doing it this way... could let maybe 100 or 200 million young audiences watch this film and maybe then they'll know what happened in Nanjing in 1937." Zhang, whose credits include "Raise the Red Lantern" and "To Live," is of the first modern Chinese directors to make his name in the West. His recent releases include "A Simple Noodle Story," an adaptation of the Coen brothers' 1984 movie "Blood Simple," and "Under the Hawthorn Tree," a love story set in China's decade-long ultra-leftist Cultural Revolution. So yeah… I’m sure you’re all lining up to see the movie now. Nothing like a wartime atrocity film… but honestly, here’s one that even getting me more excited… because I’m simple.

Madden Curse Movie - Electronic Arts is developing "Madden Curse," a sports comedy feature that explores an infamous jinx that seems to strike NFL players who appear on the cover of EA's popular "Madden" video game series with career shortening injuries shortly after reports The Wrap. The story will follow a former Madden video game champion who is forced out of retirement just as he finds himself on the corner of the game's cover -- and subject to the curse (Favre?). NFL legend John Madden appeared on the cover of all Madden games until 1999. Since then annual cover boys have included 1999's Garrison Hearst (who then broke his fibula), 2000's Dorsey Levens (knee injury), 2001's Eddie George (general decline), 2002's Dante Culpepper (knee injury), 2003's Marshall Faulk (ankle injury), 2004's Michael Vick (broken leg & the whole dog fighting thing after), 2005's Ray Lewis (torn hamstring), 2006's Donovan McNabb (sports hernia), 2007's Shaun Alexander (broken foot), and 2008's Vince Young (quads & knee injury). 2009's Brett Favre so far seems to have survive unscathed injury-wise until last week, while 2010's dual cover stars Troy Polamalu and Larry Fitzgerald suffered a torn PCL and a rib injury respectively. All I’m saying is that 2011 cover boy Drew Brees had better watch himself against the Falcons this weekend. Pat O'Brien will produce the feature. I’m sure that it’s going to be a sports comedy about the player trying to avoid the curse… and I obviously see The Rock or somebody like that (“Gameplan 2”?) in the starring role… but yeah, it has potential… and I’m sure there’s a surefire Fantasy Football angle that can be played. I wonder if the guys from “The League” would be a part of this movie. Anyway, I’ll keep you posted. It’s a VERY basic idea for a movie right now… but hey, so was “Avatar” before it made billions. “Why don’t we do Dances with Wolves… but starring these giant blue cat things?” “Why giant blue cat things?” “Why not?” “BRILLIANT!!! Let’s take it to James Cameron…”

Anyway, that’ll do it for today. Still have to get all my Christmas shopping done in Reno before I head out in the morning. Again, I can’t wait to see all of you over the Holidays. It’s going to be EPIC!!! And then I get to spend the following few weeks moving… yippee!!! Have a great weekend everybody!!!

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