Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Road Trip 2010 - Monterey

Good Afternoon Ladies & Gentlemen,

Day 3 – Monterey – 111 miles

The next morning was a little windy & rainy…so I headed south towards Monterey. My mom & stepdad visit there just about every year for their wedding anniversary, yet I had never seen it. I’ve heard nothing but great things though…and it surely didn’t disappoint, even with a little “horrible” weather by local standards. Again, I got to the hotel a little early…but no worries because I went straight to the Fisherman’s Wharf two blocks from the hotel. Like the elephant seals earlier in the week, I wanted to see some whales. I had scheduled on my itinerary to do it the next day…but you never know how the weather’s going to be. So I wandered around…and saw there was a boat ready to go like…five minutes ago. “Did the boat already go out?” “You’re just in time, buddy.” “Oh, well I was going to grab something to eat real quick first…is there another one in like a half hour?” “This will probably be the only one today. Looks like the weather’s going to turn. Tell you what though, you can have a few of those muffins over there if you want. Free with your whale watching tour.” “Sold!!!” So I took to the seas…
Monterey Marriott
Their logo is an otter with a shuriken
Seals tanning...
"Thar she blows!!!"
"Hey, I think I know this guy..."

Four humpback whales and about a dozen dolphins later, we headed back to the mainland. I wandered along Cannery Row towards the Monterey Aquarium…because even after whales, dolphins & a salmon sandwich, I still hadn’t gotten my nautical fix. You know me. I like aquariums…especially with seafood restaurants in them. I’ve heard that this one was pretty cool. Let’s see if that’s true…
Monterey Aquarium
Humpback Whale
and a bloodthirsty Killer Whale
Who doesn't want to touch a Warty Sea Cucumber?
Sea Dragons, not seaweeds
Jellyfish are awesome
If you have to ask why...

After the aquarium, I decided to just keep walking along the coast into Pacific Grove. Why? This is why…
Dr. Love at Lover Point Park
Borg's Motel - Wireless Connection is Futile

If you haven’t noticed already, there was a LOT of walking involved in this trip, which is awesome. I like to just stroll around when I can…and I visited a lot of national parks. Then again, there was also a LOT of driving on this trip…but few stretches were as magnificent as the famous 17 Mile Drive around the Pebble Beach area. Observe…
The Lone Cypress

That evening, I decided to wander around town and find a bite to bite and a drink to drink. In my wandering, I noticed that there were a LOT of English pubs. Like half the restaurants in the area. The one that I went to was on Alvarado Street and called the Mucky Duck. The food was pretty good, the beer was great at the end of the day, and they even had some live entertainment (a guy playing electric piano). Then it started to rain, so I chillaxed at the hotel.

Day 4 – Monterey – 105 miles

The next day was extremely windy and a little rainy…but what was I going to do? I was on vacation. I’m no going to let a few 60 MPH flurries of wind ruin my vacation. So the first stop was Carmel Mission…or as I prefer, the official name of Mission San Carlos Borromeo de Carmelo. It’s just funner to say. Try it. Now see it…

After getting my God’s house on, I went to Point Lobos State Reserve just a few miles down the road…and despite fierce winds, stinging sea sprays & bitter cold, I trudged on. Why? Because I know you expect to see some beautiful pictures of giant waves crashing on the Pacific coastline…and I’m gonna deliver dammit. Enjoy…

So after a few hours in the rain & wind, I thought that I would drive down to Big Sur…to see what all the fuss was about and check out the Point Sur Lighthouse at least. Well, I drove down there…and it was closed. On a Wednesday afternoon. Why? Because of high winds. Dammit.
As close as I could get to the Lighthouse

After that, I decided to go get some lunch at English Ales Brewery, which was recommended to me by a coworker that we’ll call Shoop. I was surprised to find that…it was basically just a little bar right in a strip mall…but I had me a salmon & shrimp sandwich and a few ales…and times were good. Nothing warms the soul on a cold windy day like beer (except maybe a lap dance). After that, I decided to go back to the hotel and relax and wait for the skies to clear up. It ended up taking a while. Eventually though, just before sunset, the skies seemed to part…so I took myself across town to Pacific Grove again to watch the sunset

Well, I think that’ll do it for another entry. I can see why my mom & stepdad like Monterey so much. Heck, I was there during some of its worst weather…and I still thought it was amazing, enchanting & wish I had somebody to share it with in person…but hey, that’s why I have all you ladies out there (and maybe a few dudes like Doc & Heff who might read this). Tune in next time, when I head down south towards the City of Angels to rendezvous with Lilie…but along the way, I’m gonna stop by an American Castle. It’ll be worth it (since there’s no fee for you to enjoy my ramblings). Have a great day everybody!!!

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Brielle Franklin said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun. We have been looking at Monterey vacation rentals for our next trip. Thanks so much for getting us excited for our trip through your post.

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