Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Listen All Y'all, It's ______

Good Afternoon Ladies & Gentlemen,
Over the last few days, I’ve been going over some different options for utilizing kegs & bringing them into our homebrewing system. Bottles are cool & all… but they’re fairly bulky… bottle conditioning takes about two weeks… and for parties & gatherings, it’s just pretty cool to come walking in with a big keg of homebrew, set up the tap & let everybody try it at their leisure… and you don’t have to chase down bottles… or explain to them every time what they’re drinking. “This isn’t Bud Light?” You’re welcome. We’re in no rush obviously… but in about five months, we are planning on going to my mom’s big family reunion & we figure that’d be a great place to really let a bunch of avid beer enthusiasts try out some of our brews… and a keg may just be easier for transportation & just the driving around with a bunch of empty bottles on the way back. Some of the options are:
·     Keg with a tap – Simple enough, you have a keg or two filled with good stuff, a “cobra” faucet, tap it, CO2 tank hooked up pushes out the liquid gold
·     Picnic Cooler Kegerator – Essentially same setup but you run the liquid gold through a modified picnic cooler with coiled stainless steel tubing under ice to cool it down before drinking. Not a huge fan of this method as I’d just keep the keg in the cooler or something but… it’s an option.
·     True Kegerator – Basically you modify a fridge (or cooler that I’m trying to figure out) that will store the keg in inside, keep it cool, and then you have a tap hooked up on the door or top of the unit to easily dispense your chilled beverage of choice.
There are obviously pros & cons with each device ranging from cost of the setup… to whether you need to constantly ice or plug into an outlet to keep it cool… to ease of transportation… to overall esthetic… but like I said, we’re not in a major rush so we may just start with the kegs & a “cobra” faucet for now… and then advance our setup down the road… but yeah, if you have any suggestions, I’m all ears & quite adventurous with building my own units. I’ve looked at a bunch of websites & forums and have some ideas… but also have three roommates and a Jeep, not my own place with a Ford 350 out front to move it around. We’ll definitely keep you posted though.
Tuesday night, we took in a screening of “Sabotage” starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sam Worthington, Terrence Howard, Olivia Williams & a great ensemble cast really. It’s from director David Ayer (“End of Watch”, “Street Kings” and writer on a bunch of great flicks like “Training Day”). An elite DEA task force led by John ‘Breacher’ Wharton (Schwarzenegger) takes down a Mexican drug cartel stronghold… and secretly stashes away $10 million for their services… but when they go to grab the money, it’s gone… and the rest of the DEA wants answers with them as the prime suspects. After six months, the investigation is called off & the team is reunited to get back to work… but now they’re being killed one-by-one. At first, they suspect it’s retaliation from the cartel… but they soon find out that it very well may be one of them looking to settle a score… or tie up some loose ends. The movie was actually VERY well done. Like most of the movies from David Ayer, it’s very gritty, pretty true to life (okay, about ¾ really good & ¼ Hollywood fluffery) but it’s definitely R-rated for language and extreme gore & intensity. I thoroughly enjoyed it & would recommend it anybody looking for a good, solid guy movie. There’s occasional nudity, adult humor & situations, big guns, plenty of gun butter, even some chicks kicking ass too. Go check it out… but yeah, it’s not your usual fluffy Schwarzenegger popcorn flick… he’s actually acting in this one. You’ve been warned.
Sidebar on Schwarzenegger: Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Arnold. You all know this. He IS the American dream. Came to the U.S. of A. in the 70’s with a $20 bill in his pocket, just worked hard, kept himself fairly clean, and he’s gone from Mr. Olympia… to the biggest movie star in the world & cultural icon… to Guinness of World Records for “Most Perfect Body”… to marrying a Kennedy… to starting a chain of restaurants… to Governor of Cali-for-ni-a… to the failed business that was the chain of restaurants… to scandal when he knocked up his cleaning lady… and now back as STILL one of the biggest action stars in the world, even though he’s technically a senior citizen… all the while, he really hasn’t lost that famous accent. Why? Why the hell should he? I predicted a while back that Arnold would be President by 2016 (back before he decided to act again where his every indiscretion isn’t put under a microscope) but there’s really still time… and frankly, taking a look around… he might have a good shot. Regardless, I’m in constant awe of this guy… and I wish him the best of luck with whatever he does, whether more action movies, directing, politicks, brewing, fashion design, computer studies, whatever. I hope to be HALF the man that he is when I’m twice the age that I am now. Kudos sir!
Thursday night, I met up with Jackie D to get some drinks at Cellarmaker Brewing and try out their unique selections. They have a lot of the great west coast staples like various IPAs, session pale ales, etc… but one of their more unique offerings was their Coffee & Cigarettes Porter which… well, is exactly what it sounds like. Thanks to the combination of various roasted malts & brewing methods… it basically tastes like you spilled your cold coffee into an ashtray & then drank it. Now, it’s not quite as harsh & disagreeable as that would sound… like, there’s no filters stuck in your teeth or anything… but yeah, taste achieved. They had other porters to try as well that I preferred& frankly the even C&C wasn’t that bad, just not my particular taste when it comes to beer. I’d recommend their IPA & their regular porter. Great atmosphere, we watched a little basketball (Stanford lost) & then we headed over to Extreme Pizza to complete our “beer sandwich” in our stomachs of a good solid beer base, pizza & then beer on top (pitcher of Fat Tire).

Also, our hop rhizomes came in the mail...
So we're going to start growing some hops...
but it takes a few years... coming soon...

Well, Jackie D is officially here as a San Francisco resident… and my family is coming to visit on Friday for the weekend, so it’ll be a bundle of fun. We have plans to check out the Zoo & the Exploratorium… but you never know how things will turn out with weather, kids being kids & just deciding to do something else on a whim. We tend to do that from time to time too… but I’ll certainly keep you posted. Until then, have a great weekend everybody!!!

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