Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Daily Fuggle

Good Afternoon Ladies & Gentlemen,
Tuesday & Thursday nights, I hung out with Dizzy, her mom & her aunts… Tuesday we had a nice impromptu dinner at the aunt’s house… and then Thursday they came into the city and we had a few brews & dinner at Rogue Ales Public House. Aside from that, not a whole lot to report on… except maybe some NEWS!!!
Reamed by the Man - A New Mexico man has filed a lawsuit claiming police subjected him to repeated anal probes and enemas after a routine traffic stop because they suspected he was hiding drugs. David Eckert, 54, claims violations of his civil rights in the lawsuit, which was filed in U.S. District Court in New Mexico in August but not made public until this week, his lawyers said on Wednesday. "This suit is about stopping officers and doctors from subjecting people in their custody and control to unlawful sadistic medical procedures that violate the most intimate parts of the human body," attorney Shannon Kennedy said (man or woman this Shannon Kennedy?). The legal action stems from Eckert's treatment by police after he was pulled over in January for failing to come to a complete stop while exiting a Wal-Mart parking lot in Deming, New Mexico. Officers suspected that he was hiding drugs in his anus, based on the way he was standing and the fact that a police dog alerted to his driver's seat, and obtained a search warrant "to include but not limited to (plaintiff's) anal cavity," according to the lawsuit. After a medical facility in Deming refused to carry out the procedures, Eckert was taken to Gila Regional Medical Center in nearby Silver City, the lawsuit says, where he was forced to undergo eight searches - including digital penetration of his anus, three enemas, two X-rays and a colonoscopy. So… two… maybe THREE searches wasn’t enough? Ultimately, no drugs were found, according to the complaint, which says that the Gila Regional Medical Center billed Eckert for the services it performed. Yup, that’s the best part in my opinion… he got billed for his own institutional rape… just like anything else involving the police or government. Named in the lawsuit are the city of Deming, its police department, officers involved in the incident and the Gila Regional Medical Center. Representatives for the Deming Police Department and the Gila Regional Medical Center could not be reached for comment on Wednesday. Deming Police Chief Brandon Gigante told local KOB-TV, "We follow the law in every aspect and we follow policies and protocols that we have in place." Don’t worry, I suspect that we’ll all be paying for the police’s mistakes yet again through tax dollars.
Zombies & Other Crazy Stuff - A California man shot dead after breaking into a young family's suburban home over the weekend had ranted about zombies hours before he showed up screaming threats in their backyard and smashed into their house, authorities said on Monday. The Orange County Sheriff's department said that 22-year-old Paul Michael Bracamontes was killed in the affluent community of Yorba Linda by a homeowner who awoke before dawn on Sunday to find him screaming in the backyard. The homeowner, whose wife and infant were inside the house, shot Bracamontes after he broke in through a glass door before police were able to respond to an emergency call, authorities said. "He was making threats to harm the homeowners and said that there were five more people out front that were going to harm them," Lieutenant Jeff Hallock of the Orange County Sheriff's Department said. "We're sure those other people didn't exist." Great police work. Hallock said the man's relatives told authorities that he had been hallucinating at a party on Saturday evening and had made several "inappropriate" comments about zombies to a family member. I’m curious what appropriate comments about zombies would be in this situation. Hallock said, "He indicated that he needed or wanted a gun before leaving the party. The next thing they knew, he was gone and that was the last they heard or saw of him." Hallock would not say how many shots were fired (hopefully at least two full clips with at least two more in case the five other guys existed) but confirmed the gun used was registered to the homeowner, who he said was "very upset" about the incident. Authorities said the homeowner would not be charged because he acted in self defense (at least they got that right). Authorities were looking into whether drugs or alcohol may have been involved… or Bracamontes was just ass crackers crazy. Hallock could not say if Bracamontes had a history of mental illness… but at the same time, think about how many certifiably insane people you know that don’t have a documented history of mental illness simply because nobody cares to fill out the paperwork & pay the fees associated with it. The couple told deputies they did not know Bracamontes. The Los Angeles Times reported that Orange County Superior Court records show that Bracamontes was charged with public intoxication in January 2013, but the case was dismissed in April. Food for thought about mental health awareness… but I don’t think they have their month yet.
Platypus Update - Thanks to a large ancient tooth, an Australian university student has filled in an evolutionary gap with a giant carnivorous platypus that became extinct at least 5 million years ago. That’s right… coming to a SyFy Channel near you… it’s a giant carnivorous prehistoric platypus in… “PLAT-ATTACK!!!” Working title. Before the discovery, fossil records suggested only one species of platypus inhabited the Earth at any one time, with the creatures becoming smaller and the size of their teeth reducing through time. "A new platypus species, even one that is highly incomplete, is a very important aid in developing understanding about these fascinating mammals," palaeontology student Rebecca Pian said in a statement. Pian was working on a collection of fossil deposits from the Riversleigh World Heritage Area in northern Australia when she discovered the species through a highly distinctive oversized tooth. Details will be published this month in the Journal of Vertebrate Palaeontology. Based on the size of the tooth, the extinct species was probably about a metre (39 inches) long, nearly three times the 38 cm length of the modern platypus. Named "Obdurodon tharalkooschild", it was identified in a deposit that has not been dated yet but is likely to be between 5 million and 15 million years old. "Rebecca was the first one to realize there was a monster hiding among the normal fossil platypuses," Professor Mike Archer from the University New South Wales told Reuters. "This was a very dangerous animal. If people had been around at this time, you would want to see signs posted at the pool saying 'Don't swim here: Gigantic monstrous human-eating platypus'." Gotta love those Aussies & their sense of humor… sorry, humour. While the furry mammals with the duck-like bills give a cute and cuddly impression, male platypuses have spurs on their hind legs that inject a ferocious poison. Today the platypus is endemic to eastern Australia, including Tasmania, but Obdurodon tharalkooschild inhabited South America, Antarctica, north and central Australia. The paper that will be published next week was co-written by Pian, Archer and Associate Professor Suzanne Hand of the University of New South Wales. If you thought platypus was Nature’s Clusterf**k before… now just imagine them over three feet long, weighing a few hundred pounds and thirsting for manflesh! That’s some crazy Lord of the Rings sh*t right there!
World Without Ice – This article hyperlink is pretty cool… it’s an overhead map view of what the planet would look like if all the world’s ice at the caps melted and the seas rose 216 feet. Florida & most of Louisiana would be gone… and there’s be a huge bay formerly known as central California bread basket. Other fun things… London, Venice, Amsterdam, Bangladesh, Antartica, homes of over 600 million Chinese, all gone. Australia would also have a nice sea right in the middle of it. Anyway, click on the link & check out some of the pictures… pretty interesting I think.
Anyway, that’ll do it for today’s news updated. Have a great day everybody!!!

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