Saturday, August 4, 2012

California State Fair 2012

Good Afternoon Ladies & Gentlemen,
Well, I’m not exactly picking up the pace… before I get started… here are the pictures from the California State Fair that I promised you last time…

Okay, now that that’s out of the way… thejse past two weeks have been  REALLY busy at work. Basically I was the only one in the department for most of the time (various reasons) but hey, I’m a G… so it went along without a scathe. Other than that, the Olympics started… but I’ll wait to talk about those until near the end probably… because it’s going on for a few weeks. My bold prediction: I’m pretty sure that the USA is going to get the gold medal in Basketball. I’ve been checking out this team and… I have a feeling they could run the table.
Earlier this week, I watched “Act of Valor” starring Rosalyn Sanchez (“Rush Hour 2”) and real Navy Seals. Basically it’s what you expect from the previews, seal teams going in & taking care of business… but yeah, the action scenes were pretty gritty & intense… and though the dialogue & patriotic themes might have been up there towards the top, possibly even over it… if you’re an action fan, I recommend it. Beautifully shot (though there’s plenty of gore) and not horrible which, I’ll admit, whenever a movie says something like “starring REAL Navy Seals” in the preview & is a lot of quick motion shots, I’m worried that a 90 minute movie is going to be horrible to watch. Not so. Anyway, that’s about all I’ve got on this one. AMERICA!!!

I also watched “Safe House” starring Denzel Washington & Ryan Reynolds. The story is about a rogue American CIA specialist (Washington) who turns himself into the U.S. Embassy in South Africa while being chased by a group of highly trained killers. This is obviously a big find for the intelligence community, so they transfer him to a nearby safe house (title) for safe keeping… but they’re ambushed while interrogating him & a noob (Reynolds) is now in charge of not only transporting a renowned mastermind, but also keep him alive from the people trying to kill him… and maybe keep himself alive… oh and make sure his hot French national girlfriend doesn’t find out what he does for a living (for some reason). The movie is fairly predictable with twists & turns that you kind of expect from the beginning… and yes, you may get the sensation that you’ve seen this movie before… but hey, it’s not horrible. If you like that kind of movie, check it out. If not, there are plenty of other movies to check out Ryan Reynolds or Denzel in.
So yeah, that might just do it for this entry… more coming soon (hopefully) so keep having fun out there without me & I’ll keep posting you on my goings-on. One MAJOR going-on... is that I'm returning to Utah for a weekend in September for my family reunion... and hopefully to see a bunch of my friends. Sushi may be involved for that... and after drinks. I'll keep you posted. Have a great weekend everybody!!!

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