Monday, August 29, 2011

Hobo Stops Begging, Demands Change

Good Afternoon Ladies & Gentlemen,

Continuing on the week, let’s see… when I last rambled, I had just had an unexpected goodbye from the family… oh and then almost on queue after that, my brother called to tell me that his car got towed because he parked in a yellow zone to go check out a store for some Gundam figurines. Oh wait, did I not mention that part? I must’ve left that out. $439 later (of course not his) he got his car back… and I got to hear about it for the next few days because he can’t read signs. Tuesday night though, once he calmed down, wasn’t that bad. We ordered a pizza, played some video games, and watched “Paul” starring Nick Frost & Simon Pegg as two ComicCon geeks who go on a road trip to alien hot spots… and stumble upon a real life alien (voiced by Seth Rogen) and hijinx ensue. That’s really all you need to know about the movie other than it’s absolutely hilarious… so go check it out.

Wednesday was work again… and then afterwards, I met up with my brother & C-Rock downtown to go see a pre-screening of “Contagion” (which looks like “Outbreak” but with Matt Damon instead of Dustin Hoffman). First though, they walked from my apartment to my work… which is about 4.5 miles. Why? Well, my brother was scared to drive apparently now because of the towing, okay I can see why you wouldn’t want to… but why not take the bus? His excuse: He didn’t have two dollars. Really? Then why are coming to meet me downtown? Oh yes, so that I can pay for everything, I forgot. Fine, just don’t b**ch to me about the blisters on your feet… oh wait, of course that’s going to happen… for a few days. It’s a good thing that I love that big b**ch. Anyway, we met up, went to the theatre… and there was a line around the block, so we (they) decided to just go back to the apartment & have fun there. First though, we stopped by Del Taco to grab something cheap to eat. Well… you get what you pay for… as I found out the next morning…

Basically a few hours later, my stomach was not doing so hot… and it led to my backside not doing so hot… and then basically most of the evening, I was up in my bathroom (and occasionally the shower just to cover both bases). Not a great night at all… and I couldn’t even blame drinking this time, but a 1 lb. Macho Chicken Burrito. So I had to call in sick the next day… but I’ll say one thing for my brother, at least he was willing to stop by the store & pick me up some Gatorade & bread before his 16 hour drive back to Slick City (with a scenic route wrong turn around Sacramento to South Lake Tahoe). So yeah… that was a fun day… and my throat still burns a bit. Friday was catching up at work and then catching up on sleep.

Saturday, I did some hiking around the Presidio (about 3 miles worth), got some Chinese food on Clement (3 miles roundtrip walk also), then went to the Richard Cheese & Lounge Against the Machine concert at Bimbo’s 365 Club on Columbus. Wasn’t sure if I was going to make it, but got a last minute bonus at work on Friday, so I thought I’d make an evening of it… even if by myself. Took the bus, met a few people waiting in line, chatted it up, sat at a table, and was later joined by three British gentlemen about my age (Griff, Devin & Mike). We got a few drinks, and they were on a trip across the U.S. with stops in New York, Miami, New Orleans, St Louis, Chicago, San Francisco & then heading to LA the next morning… so we naturally chatted about their adventures… and we talked about New Orleans the most since it was their favorite stop & my expertise in visiting the area. The show was phenomenal, we had a great time, and then afterwards, we went to the International Sports Bar across the street, had a few more drinks, wished each other well in our journeys, & parted ways. Pretty good evening for what was otherwise going to be staying at home. Got back… and Nurse was there, so we watched a bit of “30 Rock” before she passed out on the couch & I snuck upstairs to my bed.

Sunday, I woke up, took the bus & then a ferry… and went to Angel Island. Not nearly as popular as Alcatraz, but this 720 acre island is now a national park & was the “Ellis Island of the West” so for many Asian immigrants, this was their gateway to America. It was also a historically strategic fort location for several civilizations throughout the years as well… and before that, home to the Miwok people. There’s some great hiking trails, but this time, I just took the tram tour. Also, just an FYI, their nachos at the café were pretty damn good. They had con queso sauce, ranch, jalapenos, tomatoes, etc… but surprisingly good for no meat. A little steep at ten bucks, but I ended up splitting it with two other people I met there so it worked out well. Anyway, here are some pictures…

Sunday night was basketball… and we started out great. By which I mean, they were giving me the ball on offense… and I scored 11 of our first 14 points, was shutting them down on defense (probably 5 blocks at that point & a dozen or so for the game), and we had a lead. Then, they started popping the threes again. I would come up to pick & roll (as we decided in the timeout a minute earlier) and they would tell me to get out of the way. Nobody else on the floor was moving… and I was the only player inside the three point line. So they would pop the threes… and I’d be trying to outrebound at least three guys. It just wasn’t working… as usual. I was still holding it down on defense… until they took me out with about 7 minutes to play. Why? I guess they had given up. We really need to get a strategy down… but nobody sticks to anything we decide. It’s frustrating… but somehow, I’m still having fun because I enjoy playing… and yeah, I end up working harder to try to give them a fighting chance… but hey, obviously I’m not too butt sore about it. I’d just like to win once in a while, you know?

After the game, I decided to watch a movie that… I probably couldn’t really watch with the roommates. Luckily the apartment was empty… so I took a shower, changed into something more comfortable, got some strawberries & a refreshing beverage and watched… “Hobo With a Shotgun” starring Rutger Hauer. What? Did you think it was going to be something a little sexier? Chil’ please! I watch all the sexy shows WITH the roommates. Have you seen “Nip/Tuck”? Anyway, back to last night. So yes, Hobo with a Shotgun is the latest of the trailers from the epic “Grindhouse” to be made into a real feature length movie (“Machete” being the largest grossing thus far). As you might expect, it’s primarily a plot loosely based in reality & is more for paying homage to the grindhouse genre movies with all of their filthy language, grotesque violence and over-the-top acting… but it can still be well-done (as far as setting tone, etc) and just purely entertaining on a primal level. This movie was that. As you might guess from the title, the story is about a Hobo (played by the legendary blue-eyed Rutger Hauer) who comes to make a fresh start in a town… and there’s a lot of drugs, violence & random killing spectacles… so stands up for himself, gets scarred, befriends a prostitute, buys a shotgun… and starts to clean house. I highly recommend this movie if that’s your thing… it really is a LOT better than it sounds… but yeah, still pretty bad.

After that, Pixie & Nurse came home as I was looking for the next selection… so I went with a movie that had been on my queue for a while, but never got around to watching it. The movie was “Misery” starring Kathy Bates & James Caan (KAAAAAHN!!!) and I had never seen it before. WHAT? That’s right, never. I had seen a few parodies of it over the years on various shows & movies… but never the original. For those who don’t know, it’s the story of a famous author (Caan) who is at his mountain retreat to finish up his latest book. He’s driving back to New York, but gets caught in a blizzard and slides his Mustang off the road. He’s saved by a woman (Bates) who claims to be his biggest fan… and she is… to the creepiest Nth degree. He’s bedridden… and she takes care of him… but when she reads his latest book… and finds that he’s planning on killing off her favorite character Misery… that’s when it goes from creepy to nuckin’ futz. It’s a great suspenseful creepy flick… and I highly recommend that you check it out… preferably with female roommates so that you get to hear the screams & watch them freak out. That’s almost as entertaining as the movie was.

Anyway, that’ll do it for today. It was a pretty good week for the most part… and Labor Day weekend is coming up so I’d better get my plans ready. Carmen mentioned doing a cookout a few weeks ago… but haven’t heard much on it since. It still will be nice to have three days off. Have a great day everybody!!!

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