Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Legend of the Fall

Good Afternoon Ladies & Gentlemen,

Well, it’s been almost a week… and what a busy week it has been. Let’s see, when last I left you, I was expecting visitors & my prediction of Michael Vick being the MVP of the NFL was a crazy man’s fantasy. Let me catch you up on what has happened since then. First off, unfortunately JL Clyde couldn’t make it out here for the weekend… so Friday I caught up on errands during banker’s hours (vehicle registration, insurance, etc) and then decided that I would spend about an hour at my favorite spot watching the sun set… and catch up with my mom and brother after his stint in jail. Oh… yeah, didn’t give you the details about that one, right? Well, let’s just say that it’s a good thing that I was two states away, they’re not talking to one another (so as usual I’m the mediator), he’s living with my buddy Isaiah for the time being, each time I’ve talked to him since he’s asked me for money (which I don’t have), and he’s pretty much being a douche… but that’s the usual. Anyway, here are some pictures of the sunset during my reflection on my life & current state of things (yes, apparently it’s that time of year again).

That night, I got a text message from Bubbles to go visit in San Francisco… and so the next morning I was there. Why not? I had a feeling it was going to be the last weekend of the fall (and apparently was right because we’re expecting 5-6 FEET of snow this weekend). Besides, I didn’t have any plans really. So we (she, myself & her friend Andy) met up, got some pho (Vietnamese food), a few bottles of wine, watched an episode of “Twin Peaks” which I don’t believe I had ever seen before… but apparently Bubbles said that she thinks of me every time she watches it… probably because she knows how I love cheesy soap opera acting, scene transition & story loopholes. She even tried to convince me that next Halloween we should dress up as Agent Carter (Kyle McLachlan’s character) & Log Lady. After that, we took a walk down to Crissy Fields to watch the sun set… and holy crap, it was just about the most romantic setting ever. Honestly, I couldn’t think of anybody better to share it with either… since you know, I’ve been livin’ la vida solo for a few years now. Anyway, enjoy the pictures…
Here is Andy & Micah

After the sun went down, we all went out to get some sushi in the area known as the Marina (along with a few bottles of warm sake… which is incredibly effective) and then went to a bar called Delaney’s for a few. Needless to say, Bubbles had the guys hanging all over her… but yeah, she was buying ME drinks so… take that bar douches. Witness the Gentleman Doctor. After that, we wanted to dance, dance, dance… and we were wearing all our favorite brands, brands, brands… so we went to Ruby Skye to get our dance on. The thing is… apparently I was the only one that was willing to shake my groove thing… so after about an hour & a few drinks, we headed back kind of early… like midnight, which is odd given some of our epic Vegas nights together.

The next morning, I was up bright & early so I was nominated to walk Brutis & Micah (roommate’s dog) while Bubbles slept in. Apparently she tried to keep up with the big boy drinking wise (since we finally had a DD that wasn’t me) and she forgot that I’m more than twice the body mass that she is. Oh… and I finally got to see her new crib & roommates. Nice place in the Presidio, which is exactly where I would live in San Francisco… because it’s not “city” and the roommates seem cool as hell. After she woke up, we & her roommate Swapna went out to have brunch (of course with mimosas by the pitcher) and had a great time. I had lobster mac & cheese, as well as the world’s driest turkey club sandwich, along with enough champagne with a splash of OJ to… well, apparently put a pair of gorgeous lightweights into a stumbling manner. It’s not every day that a man like myself gets to enjoy a fabulous meal with two beautiful women… and then carry their drunk asses home for nap time. Sigh… don’t judge. I like the fantasy world that I live in.

After that, I took a power nap while the ladies passed the f**k out and then said my goodbyes around sundown (5:30 PM) or rather “when the lights… go doooown… in the city.” I drove back taking the scenic route through the Golden Gate Bridge and was home just before 9 PM. Great weekend. Then again, I always seem to enjoy my time playing with Bubbles (save the day in the ER last July). She knows that I miss hanging out with her… but yeah, we get to meet up every so often and have a lot of fun. She was even going to visit this weekend… except again, we’re expecting 5-6 FEET of precipitation… and I’m pretty sure that Gretchen may have problems, less her Sylvie. Oh well, I’m sure she’ll visit and enjoy this winter wonderland in the near future. Worst-case, we’ll meet up again in Slick City for Christmas drinks.

Let’s see, what happened Monday? Oh yeah, busy busy at work as usual… and the Eagles destroyed the Racists… and Michael Vick is now the leading candidate for MVP (as foretold in the Prophecy) and then I went to bed to try and catch up on sleep missed over the weekend or something.

Tuesday, after work, I was invited on a special tour of the Thunderbird Lodge. Now, I had been so close to the lodge before when I stumbled upon the nude beach one summer stroll… but had I known this place was so amazing, I would’ve visited it much sooner. Basically, it was a lakefront mansion built by a man back in the 1930’s and it is just awesome! There’s a lighthouse, a rustic lodge area, card room overlooking the lake, secret tunnels, a giant fountain (awaiting refurbishment moneys) and is the nation’s only mansion / meeting center preserved on a national park, so any donations are tax deductible (hint hint). There’s also plenty of splendid open areas for receptions, wine socials, dancing, relaxing, and as we did… enjoying a glass of zinfandel at sunset with a wonderful host (the owner) telling us about the colorful history of the Lodge including lions, tigers & ghosts… oh my! Truly an awe-inspiring place. Definitely the kind of place I’m looking to retire to… but yeah, enjoy these pictures of it…
Thunderbird - Powered by two jet engines

After that, I met up with some coworkers for a little team outing at Bowl Incline. I’ve been here almost a full year to the day… and this was the first time that we were able to head out as a team and have a good time because we’ve been so busy (and budget allowed us $10 for two games, shoes & a couple Blue Moon ales). We really needed it too. There was definitely a bit of gruffness coming over the department the past few months with a lot of changes, confusion, challenges, overworked & understaffed… and my guess… probably a little bit to do with the end of summer weather too. Did I mention the 5-6 FEET of snow this weekend? Probably a few times… but it’s kind of important. Anyway, bowling was awesome, we had a great time, I bowled a 153 (followed by 108 when the beers started to kick in & my attention shifted to other things), and it was a great time spent with coworkers. Hopefully the first of many to come!!!

Also, on that note, we took a team photo on Monday… and the first mistake was they wanted me to wear a sweater & a scarf… apparently forgetting that I’m a heterosexual male, so I don’t do scarves. Anyway, I borrowed one… and the pictures turned out pretty well… but apparently I’m not the most photogenic guy in the world… but it REALLY doesn’t help when I apparently work with a bunch of supermodels. Seriously. It’s like an Abercrombie & Fitch ad… where Lurch from the Addams Family kinda stumbled onto the shoot. Oh well, it does make me feel a little sexier knowing that I blended somewhat well in the team photo (just stand out for obvious height reasons).

Anyway, that’s catching you up for the past week or so. Hope you all enjoyed it… and still no New Orleans pictures to share with you… but they’re on their way allegedly. Have a great day everybody!!!

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