Thursday, October 21, 2010

Chihuahua - More Than Just an Ugly Dog

Good Afternoon Ladies & Gentlemen,

It’s official. I’ve entered the 21st century with my communication format. After being one of only a few of my friends who have used and/or know what a rotary telephone is, and waiting well into my 23rd year for a cell phone, I now have a fancy new 4G phone (whatever that means, 4th generation?) Droid Incredible… and I have absolutely no idea how to use it. Some of the stuff is pretty self-explanatory… but my brother’s been going off all week about all the things that his does… but when I ask him how to set mine up, apparently ours are different… and he has no idea. No worries. I may just swing by the Verizon store tonight (like I did last night for over an hour just to get set up) and we’ll get some of the basic cool stuff down. It does call, text, etc like my old one so I’m not out of the loop. It even plays videos… and can access the internet… and oddly enough, the coolest thing I’ve found… is the Star Maps app. I know, I’m a nerd. Anyway, so that’s what I’ve been up to recently… and watching football, baseball & season two of “Dollhouse” with a few hikes before the weather gets too bad. The nights are cold & lonely but what else is new. Anyway, here’s the news…

Chihuahua Police Chief – I assume you’ve all been watching the news and hearing about the CRAZY sh*t going on in Mexico between the government, the drug cartels, and anybody else down there apparently. Well, here’s a story that I thought I’d share with ya. A 20-year-old smokin’ hot Latina criminology student has been named the chief of police in one of the most dangerous municipalities in Mexico's violence-wracked northern state of Chihuahua. Marisol Valles Garcia, the only person to accept the post, took charge of public security for Guadalupe Distrito Bravo on Monday, according to radio station network Notisistema. The district has a population of 9,148 residents, according to newspaper La Jornada, and comes with at least one police car, Notisistema reported. The state of Chihuahua has borne the brunt of spiraling drug-related violence that has left around 28,000 dead throughout Mexico in the last four years. Guadalupe's former mayor was assassinated in June, and local police have been kidnapped and murdered. At least eight people were slain in the last week alone in Guadalupe, reported. The tiny but energetic Valles Garcia says she wants her 13 officers to practice a special brand of community policing. She plans to hire more women (she currently has three) and assign each to a neighborhood to talk with families, promote civic values and detect potential crimes before they happen. "My people are out there going door to door, looking for criminals, and (in homes) where there are none, trying to teach values to the families," she said before she was presented to the public on Wednesday. Is that not some of the craziest sh*t you’ve ever heard? A girl (borderline woman) fresh out of community college is the only person willing to step up and be the chief of police in one of the most hellish communities on Earth. Do you think she did it because they’ll make a movie about it? Mmm… Eva Mendes would be nice in the lead… but then again, she ain’t twenty any more. It’d have to be some chick off Glee or something. Anyway, just thought I would share that with you. Start writing your scripts now… and hopefully this story has a happy ending. Who will costar in this epic tale?

Cage Update - Oscar-winning actor Nicolas Cage said Thursday that nations must work together in the battle against organized crime. Cage, a United Nations goodwill ambassador for global justice (who knew?), said the threat posed by criminal networks is too big for communities or states to confront on their own so that countries must cooperate with one another. "Organized crime is a deadly infection that preys on human beings," Cage told delegates in a steely demeanor with a hint of badass at a conference aimed at boosting support for a U.N. convention to curb organized crime. "It sows fear and violence in cities, towns and villages around the world." Cage warned that regions weakened by conflict, lawlessness and extreme poverty are especially susceptible to traffickers of illegal drugs, weapons and even humans. "It feeds off instability, and also makes instability worse," he said. Cage described being a U.N. goodwill ambassador as his "most challenging and meaningful role" yet and divulged that he even once considered leaving the movie business to devote more time to helping others. "At some point I wanted to stop being an actor and start taking action," he said. But then he went into mind-blowing debt and instead is doing terrible movies to pay the mortgage. It happens to all of us. Cage was visibly touched when talking about child victims he met in Uganda and Kenya and a 15-year old Somali boy serving a 10-year prison sentence for piracy (not of DVDs). These encounters were "heart-wrenching" and "deeply humbled" him, he said. Cage highlighted the role of NGO's, judges, prosecutors, doctors, religious leaders and others in helping victims of organized crime, saying he now understood "who the world's real heroes are." Yury Fedotov, head of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, praised Cage as a "humanitarian" who promoted a "victim-centered approach" to tackling organized crime. Way to keep the good fight, Ambassador Cage. We really do need to find a way to stop this craziness. It does sound like something out of a bad movie… not Dinocroc vs. Supergator bad… but you know, pretty bad. Speaking of humanitarians…

Wesley Snipes as MLK? – Hold up, it might not quite be what you think. Passenger 57 himself Wesley Snipes IS getting involved in the 1960's-set true story thriller biopic "Code Name Zorro" though, reports Deadline. The film centers on the final moments in the life of William Sullivan, the man who headed up the Zorro project - a super-covert program initiated by J. Edgar Hoover to destroy Martin Luther King's credibility (oh yeah). From wiretapping to fraud, the group set up numerous illegal schemes and Sullivan intended to air all of the dirty laundry about the project to a journalist. Sullivan was killed in a "hunting accident" shortly thereafter (with Cheney?). Justin Stamm penned the script and Snipes has received endorsement from Martin Luther King Jr.'s son, Martin Luther King III. Snipes will produce, be involved in selecting cast and director, and will likely play a role though which one is presently undetermined… so probably not the doctor himself… though when you’re producer, you do have certain privileges. An incredibly interesting time in American history… and certainly not one of its finest moments… but may be good in bringing some things to light.

Anyway, just a little update. Now I have to get to back to figuring out how to use my damn phone. Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated. Have a great day everybody!!!

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