Tuesday, May 31, 2016

I Ain't a Scared of No Ghosts

Good Afternoon Ladies & Gentlemen,

The moving continues… the weekend was large & hard (phrasing boom!) but we got a LOT done… and we capped it off with an evening of selling my fantastic couch to a lovely Hispanic family, and then watching “Ghostbusters” with Izzy’s coworker Sally in a surprisingly empty living room. By the way, if you haven’t seen “Ghostbusters”, check it out! It’s a legendary movie… and always funny… even on the thousandth time watching it… fact!

Speaking of movies about ghosts, Izzy & I also watched movie from her childhood called “Ghost Story” from 1981 starring some aged actors like Douglas Fairbanks, Fred Astaire & Dan Housman… along with younger actors Craig Wasson & Alice Krige (“Star Trek: First Contact”) and director John Irvin (“Raw Deal”). The movie revolves around a man’s mysterious death… and his brother (Wasson plays both parts) comes back to his hometown in the Northeastern U.S. to settle things with his elderly father, whose part of the Chowder Society… which is basically like those kids from “Are You Afraid of the Dark?” where they share ghost stories… but these guys drink brandy. Well, a few more mysterious deaths… and there are questions… and they find out that they’ve all been haunted by a lovely spectral woman (Krige)… but how can that be? And why? The movie is a little slower than today’s horror flicks… but it’s pretty good. I highly recommend checking it out. There is some suspect acting (especially in the flash back to the 50’s portions) but overall, I would definitely recommend checking it out. Need some more incentive? There’s some flailing penis… and also one of the weirdest sex scenes that you will EVER see. It’s brief (that’s what she said) but well worth checking out for the amazing boobage… and just overall craziness. You’ll love it!!!

Tuesday night, Izzy & I went to our class to be certified as beer judges through BJCP program at Ferment.Drink.Repeat (now doing a soft open, so go check them out) and after the class, we went back to my Jeep Gretchen… and some miserable cunt busted the side window & stole Izzy’s backpack (and a tool kit that hadn’t already had the good tools picked clean by moochers, but that’s not a big thing). Why do people steal? Seriously? Because they need money for crack? The real question is… why don’t we have laws like in the Old West? You steal my horse, I get to watch you hang. Too dramatic? Why? It’s not the first time they’ve done this. Hell, there were two other bashed windows in the same parking lot with about 8 stalls. Are they contributing to society? Of course not! Anyway, just a thought. The important thing is… they’re probably severely disappointed with what was in the back pack (apparently a Gameboy that they probably won’t even recognize as a video game console, a Pokemon game, probably some dirty undies?) and a tool box that only has hex bits for a ratchet… but the ratchet is safely at my home because I’ve been moving & breaking stuff down. Replacing the window is a few hundred bucks that I didn’t want to spend & the backpack replacement was on sale but… basically you’re just costing me money & not making you any. F**king waste of life… but the important thing is that if our paths cross again, then you’ll still be a miserable cunt & now I’ll just despise you instead of pity you. Job well done. Anyway, onto a brighter note…

Time Travel Month CONCLUDES in a few days… and for the grand finale of this first themed month, the Everything I Learned From Movies Podcast features the 1982 classic “Timerider: Adventures of Lyle Swann” starring Fred Ward as a motorcycle champion racing in the Baja 1000… and stumbles upon a time machine that inadvertently sends him back over a century into the Old West surrounded by rapists, thieves & murderers… and it may surprise you who the rapist is in this time traveling classic. It’s a truly crazy movie… but definitely check it out… it’s worth the $2.99 rental on Amazon Prime… and if you REALLY want to be cool… go through our Amazon link when you do so we get a few scheckles, let us know what you think… and you may make it on the podcast. Until then, have a great day everybody!!!

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