Friday, May 13, 2016

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Good Afternoon Ladies & Gentlemen,
This past weekend was Mother’s Day, a happiest of times for all the mothers out there! We met up with Izzy’s mom and Izzy cooked her an amazing dinner of chimichirri seasoned steak, roasted Brussel sprouts, gorgonzola gnocchi, and an amazing salad… and for dessert, the currently streaming “Bloodsport” starring Jean Claude Van Damme! Here are some pictures…

This past week has been a lot of packing & moving smaller things around between the houses & storage unit… but Izzy & I were also able to attend the SF Homebrewers Guild’s Monthly Meeting at Barebottle Brewing. We had a special guest speaker, author & homebrew experimenter extraordinaire Mr. Drew Beechum who came and shared his wisdom. He’s a fellow podcaster (Experimental Brewing podcast) with his co-author / homebrew legend Denny Coon and they specialize in brewing experiments on a large scale to really bring home the truth & science of homebrewing… kinda like a “Mythbusters” but with booze. Sounds pretty sweet, right? We purchased a book of theirs called “Homebrew All-Stars” in which they interviewed some of the legends of homebrewing for tips, recipes, backgrounds, etc. Should be a great read!!! Thank you for coming to our meeting, Mr. Beechum!
We also announced the winner of the Muir Woods IPA competition that we entered. We didn’t win but we got some great feedback. It was really just a great, fun meeting… and here are some pictures of Barebottle Brewing again & the festivities…

Other than that, like I said… it’s mostly moving stuff… so pretty boring… except for the fact that I’m SUPER excited to move in with my longtime ladyfriend Izzy, share my life with her (and her pets), and also just be done with roommates. I’ve had some good roommates… but yeah, time to stop with that BS. Plus I love Izzy’s neighborhood, her home, and most of all her heart & soul… so it’s going to be EPIC!!! I can’t wait… but moving just sucks… period… but I’m also used to it so… here we go!!!
Time Travel Month continues on the Everything I Learned From Movies Podcast with 2003’s “Timeline” starring Paul Walker, Gerard Butler & Billy Connelly where an archeological team is sent back through time (using a hall of mirrors & bright lights) to save their professor… and try not change history along the way. If you haven’t seen this movie, it’s currently streaming on Netflix so give it a glance & let us know what you think… you may get a shout-out on a future podcast! Our review & jokes will likely make more sense too… and if you’re not interested in watching the movie, listen to us & hear all the best parts in about 20 minutes (and another 20 minutes of great stuff). We look forward to hearing from you… but in the meantime, have a great day everybody!!!

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