Monday, May 11, 2015


Good Afternoon Ladies & Gentlemen,
Saturday morning, Izzy & I went to the Farallones Museum on Crissy Field for their Crab Extravaganza… which honestly is intended for children ages 4 to 8 years… but we got to learn about crabs, including their anatomy… play with some real live shore crabs and sand crabs… and also do some crab trapping off the pier. What’s not to love? Here are some pictures…

The rest of Saturday, Izzy had been feeling under the weather, so we spent the rest of the day watching award winning movies… but that’ll be another entry.
Sunday was Mother’s Day, so we started it off with calls to our mothers letting them know how much we loved them & missed them… and yeah, what else can I say? I miss my mama… and I love her. You all know this. Moving on…
After waking up & eating breakfast, we started brewing our Beet Pale Ale. Yes, we tried something similar on short notice a few months ago… and that turned out pretty well & went quickly… but you really couldn’t tell that beets were involved really in taste or color… mostly because I think it was basically the juice from two pounds worth of beets… but this time, we’re upping the ante. In the boil, we basically chopped up about two pounds of beets… and just threw them into the boil to get as much of the color & sugars as possible. We’re also going to put about FIVE pounds in the secondary when the time comes… but more on that on about two weeks. In the meantime, here are pretty beer wort pictures to hold you over…

Also, check out our greens...

Another thing that I’ve been really getting into is podcasts. It started about two years ago now when Izzy got me hooked on Adam Carolla’s podcast… and then eventually going out to a bunch of others in his network as well as Channel Awesome, NPR, Podcast One and a few others that Izzy recommended as she’s been in the podcast game for a few years. It’s really taken off the past few weeks when she also convinced me to have an iPod shuffle so that I can listen to more while I work, ride the bus, all that other stuff. They’re a lot of fun to listen to when done correctly… and usually run the gamut from insanely entertaining to at least pretty interesting… and it seems pretty easy to find out what’s genuinely intriguing to a listener… and what might not be working for most.
So… we’re thinking about doing a Podcast ourselves… and we’re trying to come up with a good format that we can keep up pretty regularly. My guess is that, like this blog, it’ll be along the lines of a weekly update… possibly twice a week as we get things going & get the technology working right… but we have a few ideas for formats… and I think we can actually switch it up as things go along… but curious what you all find interesting. There’s always the Interview Format where we basically just have conversations with our friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, local dignitaries, successful entrepreneurs, unsuccessful entrepreneurs, business personalities, and interesting people in general. Always interesting to see how people get to where they are now. We also have skits that we can occasionally do… but not sure how readily we can do that with both working full-time and all that stuff… but that’s VERY intriguing.
Basically this blog may be coming into an audio format to save you time reading… and translate the format into your earholes at your convenience. Movie reviews, beer adventures, interviews, random weird ass dreams, eccentric breakdowns of random cultural turning points, news updates on pandas, Megan Fox, the Apocalypse and more… and I’m kind of excited about it… I’ll keep you posted obviously because… as much as I like talking to myself, it’s usually a little better to get some feedback from somebody other than the voices in my head. Also, you’ll never know what you can do unless you just f**king DO IT!!!
Anyway, it was a great weekend… but I’ll do a separate entry for the movies that we watched… so until then, have a great day everybody!!!

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