Wednesday, December 18, 2013

"Just... One More Thing..."

Good Afternoon Ladies & Gentlemen,
Only a few more days/hours until my voyage back to the Frozen Land of Utah (FLU) but I’m obviously looking forward to it. I mean… as you may know, Christmas is just about my favorite holiday because it’s about families getting together, usually making lots of delicious treats, and exchanging gifts is cool for the kiddies. I’ve got some really good ones for my niece & nephew… and most everybody else will just be drinking some of my homebrews. Am I being “that guy” whose against commercialism during the Holidays? Sorta… but it’s really just why get them a bunch of crap that they’re not going to use… when I can give them something that I want them to literally turn into crap (and/or urine)? It just makes sense… and they’ll enjoy it. Then again, if my homebrews end up destroyed during the journey… then I’m kinda screwed and everybody’s getting doodles of dinosaurs or macaroni & paper plate tambourines. If it worked in 2nd grade, why not now?
So this past weekend, I finally watched “The Breakfast Club” starring Judd Nelson, Molly Ringwald, Emilio Estevez, Anthony Michael Hall & Ally Sheedy. I had never seen this movie before… but I’ve seen plenty of parodies over the years, most recognizably “NOT Another Teen Movie” which… is basically my kind of teen movie. For those of you who haven’t seen this movie, there are these five high school kids who spend a Saturday in detention for unknown reasons. They’re the standard horror flick mix of The Nerd, The Rich Girl, The Jock, The Weird Chick & The “Criminal” (A-hole). Over the course of the afternoon, they talk… divulge their life stories… smoke a lot of weed… swear a sh*t ton… vandalize (at one point the Jock breaks a window by screaming after doing a bunch of cartwheels high off his ass… or he may have rag bonered it, I dare not rewind to find out) and so on. I’ve heard this movie is a generational epic masterpiece… but then again, I’ve heard similar things about “Dirty Dancing” and “Napoleon Dynamite.” Basically… your sister probably loved it. Why? Not entirely sure. Maybe she personified with the weird chick. Maybe they liked odd ways of applying lipstick. Maybe she likes the a-hole type guy. I’m sure they’re all getting ridiculous amounts of muff from this movie. In fact, check on your sister. She may be getting banged by Judd Nelson this very moment. As for my opinion, I didn’t care for it. I personalized more with the Janitor than any of the kids. Is that to say I’m old? Maybe… but then again, I never really had the “NOBODY UNDERSTANDS ME!” phase when I was in high school. Everybody seemed to understand me. I like to keep things simple & logical… at least on the inside.
Next up was “Europa Report” starring Sharlto Copley & Michal Nyqvist. Set in the fairly near future, an international crew of astronauts is sent on an epic mission to Europa, one of the many moons of Jupiter in the search of life on other planets. This 22-month mission (each way) is privately funded and based on some findings that there was water (or some liquid) under the frozen icy exterior… so there’s potentially microscopic organisms… or perhaps, something more… more DANGEROUS!!! Things get really interesting when the communications link is lost 6 months into their journey there. This movie is told kind of in a jumbled way of interviews with members of home base, found footage, interviews with the crew, etc… and it’s actually a pretty interesting movie… though there are a lot of points that are kind of predictable and what-have-you. I’d recommend it though. It’s very similar to that movie “Sunshine” that came out a few years ago from director Danny Boyle… but with a bit more of a horror twist to it. It’s on Netflix, check it out.

Next up was “Robot & Frank” starring Frank Langella, Susan Sarandon, James Marsden & Liv Tyler. Also set in the fairly near future, Frank (Langella) is a former cat burglar… but he’s losing his mind a little bit in his older years. So his kids (Marsden & Tyler) get him a healthcare robot to help out around the house. At first, he’s obviously opposed to having a damn talking tin can there to pester him, but over time… he begins to form a bit of a kinship with the robot… and then when he realizes that he can convince the robot to help him pull off heists, then the cat burglar is back up to his old tricks… but with him being a little old & forgetful, will the law catch up to him? Throw in an attractive librarian of a certain age (Sarandon) that he has the hots for… and boom, you’ve got a movie. I REALLY liked this movie. Basically it starts out as a piece about how to care for the elderly in the future since we’re all apparently going to live to be well into our hundreds unless there’s a major catastrophe… and how robots as healthcare workers can be a controversial solution to certain things when the technology is ready. It also touches on how one of the best things to help a person suffering from some mental setbacks is to keep their minds occupied & stimulated… but at the same time, if what stimulates them is larceny then there may be an issue there. Aside from that background, it’s a pretty funny & entertaining little flick that I highly recommend. Frank Langella does a nice job as the “everyday grandpa” type since he’s obviously most famous for being the only actor to successfully portray the Holy Quartet of Evil (Dracula, Satan, Skeletor & Nixon), it’s a nice change of pace for a very underrated actor. Also, it's been a LONG time since I mentioned updates on "Sexbots". This particular movies doesn't dive into that subject but... just a thought that I had.
Well, that’ll do it for tonight. Just a quick movie updated really before I’m off for a few weeks. I hope that you all have a wonderful Christmas time with your family, even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, but sure just to let your Loved ones know that you Love them. Happy Holidays y’all!!!

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