Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Bacon Day II: Pork Harder

Good Afternoon Ladies & Gentlemen,
Yes, there was another Bacon Day... as this one was in honor of Sir Francis Bacon, philosopher & pioneer of the institution of the scientific method into everyday society. He was briefly mentioned... until the real star of the show arrived. No... no no... not me this time... but rather the guest of honor... Bacon.
I'd like to take a moment to thank Dizzy for helping me to prepare most of the food (really I just fried sh*t & bought the pig ass to fry) and all of our guests for bringing their goodies as well. Please enjoy... Le Bacon de la Boosh!


Bacon Bomb weave...
filled with italian sausage, cheese & bacon bits...

Wrapped like a baby Jesus... Babe Jesus?

Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno poppers

Most of the assorted goodies...
poppers, double bacon pizzas, brownies, cupcakes,
cheesecakes, bacon wrapped sausages, and of course...
THE BOMB (not pictured, probably not ready yet)

So yes... it was a great evening with friends as we caught up since... well, pretty much the last Bacon day. Anyway, just thought I'd share those pics with you... real entry coming soon. Have a great day everybody!!!

P.S. Guess who already did his taxes & is going to see the Niners in New Orleans in two weeks.

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