Thursday, December 6, 2012

Wocka Wocka Wocka

Good Afternoon Ladies & Gentlemen,
It has been a busy week… and pretty rainy… but yeah, I make it work. I’ve started looking at different venues of getting money in addition to my current job… and there are a few that I’m particularly inspired by… but I’m not going to share them just yet as they’re in the rough stages… but yeah, I’m excited about them. And no, I’m not going back into the gigolo game again. Sorry ladies…
Other opportunities in my profession have come up as possibilities… but it would require moving again (possibly several times) so that’s a big drawback… as I really like where I’m at. The Bay Area has been good to me… and I like to think that I’ve been good to it with my random donations of charity via parking tickets, taxes, DMV, and really any other institution that can get it’s grubby hands on money I didn’t even know that I had set aside for philanthropy. Let’s face it… I just won employee of the quarter too, so… my current employer apparently likes me (or knows how to pander to my ego, or both). However, if the current profession is the pinnacle that I can reach here, then perhaps I need to venture into awkward territory again outside of my comfort zone. It’s not like I’m getting offers from the Caribbean, Belize, the south of France or anything like that. It’s more like places where they are kind of begging people to go… like LA, New Orleans, Washington DC and basically places that I don’t really see holding up when compared to the Bay. Still, it’s the situation where I can be content & stay here… or I can be ambitious & go someplace else… but obviously there’s the pros & cons.
Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Can’t you stay ANYWHERE for more than a year?” Yes… I’ve been here almost two years now… so suck it. You don’t know me. You don’t know my life. I’ll show you ig’nant! Okay, so maybe you do know me… and my life… and maybe I am ig’nant… but still, if you’re not moving forward you’re falling behind… and that’s why I’m focusing on the other things that I can do to get that next step in my free time. Besides, I’ve got a ladyfriend now… and I kinda like her… so that plays a big role too. So growth within my company would 99% require me moving somewhere else… then if I’m lucky, technology will allow me to work from anywhere I choose… but that’s down the line quite a bit… and I think it’d actually be a little bit of a pay cut from what I currently am at… but I could live in a less costly place like Wichita rather than the Presidio. Some beach house in Belize is also an option. There’s also the prospect of moving back to Utah… but yeah, not a necessity. I miss my family, don’t get it twisted… but it’s Utah… and they can come visit me too if they miss me so damn much.
Go back to school? F**k school. That’s my opinion… and my conviction seems to get even stronger with each passing day. Maybe it’s the old man growing inside of me… but I just see it as a waste of money, not necessarily time, but definitely money. I liked the structure of it… but yeah, not sure the “investment” was worth it. Then again, you never know. The concept of progressing through knowledge though, is definitely a great thing. This is where focusing on learning a language or looking into a particular career or learning a new trade would come in. Focus has been the main problem for me for… well, most of my life. I’m not sure if you’ve seen all of the “…” or read any of my rants… but that’s my life. When I can focus on something, I usually do extremely well. Academics, my job, basketball, planning out stuff has usually been pretty good… but coming down to execution is where my focus gets distracted… so I’ll have to work on that. Heck, you’ve seen how often I’m updating this thing now… weekly instead of daily… and I’ll just blame it on all the shinies & other things going on here in the Bay.
Find something I’m passionate about? I like my job. I do it very well (dare I say top 1% of those out there doing it?). Am I passionate about it? I’m passionate about helping my coworkers stay gainfully employed by maximizing revenues, but in the usual big business turn, sometimes they just take what they can get out of me without paying more than they would if I was half-assing & doing enough to just not get fired. Ask my former employer in Tahoe about hiring three people to do my job after I left & still not getting desired results. Then again, if they’d just paid me about 50% more (so less than half what they’re paying now when you throw in benefits) then I might’ve stayed there… but then wouldn’t be privy to Bay livin’ so it all works out for a reason, right? The point is… if I’m passionate about something, it usually works out pretty well… and that can be the key to finding happiness in your career.
So what about this new side venture? First off, it’s perfectly legal. I just want to get that out in the open as I’m openly expressed on this blog some ideas for making money that are high risk-high reward ranging from selling drugs to robbing banks to mercenary work to superhero-for-hire (surprisingly similar to mercenary work) to sex video games to he-whoring and everything in between… but this venture is legit. Here are some other benefits to it:
  • Fairly inexpensive to get into, so startup capital isn’t a real issue
  • As time consuming as I want it to be
  • Appeals to my sense of Creativity, which has been sorely lacking
  • Can include family & friends who would be interested
  • Can basically work from anywhere
  • Tough to turn a serious profit but if done right can bring in some serious coin
  • Uses a multitude of my skills & most of my cunning… no, wait… ALL of my cunning
  • Even if I hit it REALLY big, Fame is merely optional
  • I can still have my current career until I start getting serious dividends
  • I don’t have to worry about going to jail
  • I don’t have to worry about getting stabbed more than usual
  • I probably won’t show up on “Cops” (is that show still on the air or is it reruns?)
  • It’s low in saturated fats… but you know I always add bacon
Anyway, so yeah, I’m kind of excited about it… and once I really get into it, I’ll probably share with you what it is… but for copyright purposes, it’s probably just easier that I don’t. If you’re really interested, you can always drop me a line. Other than that, I don’t really have a whole hell of a lot to tell ya. “Dark Knight Rises” is out on Blu-Ray so… you know I’ve watched it again already. It’s such a great movie… yet such an awkwardly bad movie at times too… I really enjoy it though & that’s what matter. Watched it along with “The Avengers” this week in a recap of summer superhero awesomeness. Maybe I’ll get “Amazing Spiderman” soon to package with them but… I’m in no hurry obviously.
This next week, I’ve been invited to a few more special premiers for upcoming Hollywood awesomeness (see “Lincoln” a few weeks ago). On Monday, Batgirl & I are going to see “The Hobbit” a few days before theatrical release… and then on Thursday, a small group of us are going to dress in our swanky 1940’s attire (really just what I wear at the office everyday) for a premiere showing of “Gangster Squad” which I’ve had my reservations about based on the preview… but it has great potential… and you really can’t beat free… unless you include complimentary cocktails, hors d’ouevres, make-overs & do-ups at a pre-party like they did… so yeah, that should be fun.

Well, I guess that’ll be it. I’d better get to some Christmas shopping since I’ll be in Utah in less than two weeks. I can’t wait to see all y’all there. Have a great day everybody!!!

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