Saturday, May 19, 2012

I'll Have Another

Good Afternoon Ladies & Gentlemen,
Another busy couple of weeks in the books… but a lot of fun mixed in as well. During the week it was mostly work with a bit of TV in the late evenings. I also had a drink with Bubbles one night to catch up on the latest gossip & happenings in her life at the Tonga Room. Pretty nice little place with a tiki hut vibe where you can get a Scorpion Bowl or Mai Tai. Oh… and things are good in her life, since I knew you were wondering. As for me, things are pretty fantastic too.
Last Friday night, Dizzy came over for a Game Night that my roommate Nurse was holding for her friends… so we played Cranium (our team dominated), had a few drinks for Quattro de Mayo, and basically just had a good time. Only one glass of red wine was spilled… which isn’t a bad party at all. Good peeps & good fun.
Saturday morning, Dizzy treated me to bacon waffles (absolutely amazing!!!) and then we went to a Kentucky Derby party held by a neighbor we’ll call Quacklin (she’s a Ducks fan). We dressed up in our usual race track finest, played some bean bag toss, had a few drinks, barbecued some chicken & garlic bread, and enjoyed the “greatest two minutes in sports” in the middle. By the way, leading up to the race, I thought it was hilarious that there was a horse named “I’ll Have Another” on a race on Cinco de Mayo… and that’s the horse that ended up winning. It makes total sense, right?
That evening, Dizzy, Batgirl & a few of their friends & I met up in the Mission for some Cinco de Mayo celebrations. We started out at Fritz, which was a Belgian fries place very similar to my breakfast spot near my last apartment in Slick City. They have a few dozen varieties of dipping sauces ranging from bacon mayo to spice pomegranate ketchup to chipotle and everything in between. Great spot for some starches before you get into your drinking for the night. However, for a twist, the committee decided to walk over to the Castro and hit a few bars there instead of the Mission where we drove to. No matter, it was a beautiful night with a “super moon” and good peeps, so we enjoyed the walk, had a few drinks, went to a few bars in the Castro including the Mix & Last Call… and then we were off by just before 2 AM call. It was a pretty good night.
During most of the week, I had a bit of a cold… so that kinda sucked balls… and I don’t know, I kinda blame work. Why? Am I allergic to work? Maybe… but more realistically, there’s always somebody sick there & it just kind of goes around… especially if I’m in my poorly ventilated closet at the end of the hall… but whatever, I’m a man, I’ll deal with it thusly. What doesn’t kill me can only make my voice sexier (when not full of phlegm).
Thursday night, I had a date night with Dizzy & we went to see… THE AVENGERS!!! For those of you who don’t know about it, what the hell is wrong with you? Of course, you know about the Avengers! It’s the last 4-5 Marvel comic book movies (Iron Man 1&2, Incredible Hulk, Thor, Captain America, etc) all squeezed into one… and directed by nerd demi-god Joss Whedon (“Buffy the Vampire Slayer”, “Firefly” & “Dr Horrible’s Sing Along Blog”) and basically what you get… is actually one of the greatest, most fun & entertaining movies that I’ve been to in a loooong time. Really. Not just nerdy response either… like great character development, comedy mixed in with drama, intrigue, special effects, and given that some of the plot material is kinda stretching the bounds of the imagination a little thin… much respect to all the filmmakers involved for really pulling it off nicely. Enjoy the BILLIONS in revenues because of it. Seriously, go see it now. I plan on seeing it again. J-Mo has yet to see it & we were going to a few days ago but… yeah, sickness.

This week, I saw "The Muppets" starring Jason Segel & Amy Adams. It's a muppets movie... but it's still pretty hilarious & I highly recommend it. Plot is basically the gang need to raise $10 million in a week or so to save muppet studios from being turned into a oil drill sight by a rich Texan named Tex Richman (Chris Cooper, maniacal laugh) but it's good, check it out.

I also watched "Columbiana" starring Zoe Saldana in a Luc Besson-esque action movie about a child whose family is killed by an elusive cartel head... but she's able to escape (using some hard core parkour) and her uncle raises her to be a world-class assassin... and then she needs to avenge her family. It's okay for an action flick... and Zoe's easy on the eyes. Give it a shot.

So yeah... that's really it in a nutshell for the past few weeks. Other stuff with work going on but... yeah, just more busyness & mild irritation but whatever... it's not too bad, just takes up a lot of time & I can't use any of my well-earned vacation. Nice, right? Anyway, having good times with Dizzy, the Wingmans come in less than two weeks, I'm good. Oh... and we have a new dog. What? Did I not mention that before? Stay tuned until next time... when I have more time to elaborate... Have a great weekend!

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