Sunday, May 20, 2012

Carla & Larry Show 2012

Good Afternoon Ladies & Gentlemen,

Okay... so my last entry was a few days ago... and I left you with some cliffhangers. First off, I have a new roommate. This is roommate #4... and yes, it's another girl. Her name is Aria... and I can't quite make out her nationality... but she's REALLY cute. She has a problem with leaving messes around the house & is noisy from time to time since she moved in last week... but she's also REALLY affectionate and is constantly "puttin' it up on me" as the club kids would say... and seems to ALWAYS be naked. Like... exhibitionism squared. Anyway, here's a picture... let me know what you think...

Friday night after work, I met up with Dizzy for dinner... with her mom and two of her aunts. Yes... I was meeting the first parent. It's official now. Dizzy cooked some wonderful chicken enchiladas... and we talked over a few Turbodogs & some wine... and embarassing stories were had... and apparently I passed the test with flying colors. There was never any doubt but it's always good when it's officially certified.

Saturday, I helped with the Carla & Larry Show. What is that? Well, Carlita is a friend of mine that I met at the Meals on Wheels fundraiser last year that you might recall... and she with a friend Larry orchestrate a fundraiser for their friend Sharky who was hit by a motorcyclist while crossing a crosswalk a few years back & has been unable to work and recover quickly because he doesn't have health insurance and... let's face it, that system doesn't work. So... once a year they coordinate this live telethon over U-Stream at Cafe Prague (my favorite bar in SF) that has live entertainment with bands, comedians, dancing, great music, beer deals, food and raffled prizes from donations from radio stations & other institutions... as well as a live auction... all to help raise money for Sharky.

My role in this fundraiser, being a rookie, was "executive assistant to Ms. Carla" which basically meant I was a "go-fer" but also helped coordinate some of the events once the party had started. I've already volunteered my services for next year to help with a few smoother transitioning & signals & planning... because that's just how I am... a casual perfectionist. Anyway, here are some pictures from the event & all the craziness... but if you'd like... the podcast should be up at the website soon... so feel free to check it out... and  you may see some surprising technical difficulties that we're hoping to work out next year... enjoy...

Also... my role was a pretty big donator as well. I dropped $100 in raffle tickets ($5 each) and spent $300 at the live auction... but out of that, I donated $400 to a worthwhile cause, got season 7 of "Weeds" (never seen it, but $35 on best buy) on blu ray, season 3 of "Nurse Jackie" (also never seen it, but $20), Martin Scorsese's film about George Harrison with soundtrack ($30), plenty of free fine beer ($30), and a SF Giants prize package that included two club level lower bowl tickets to the Dodgers rivalry game next month (currently offered at over $200 each on StubHub WITHOUT club access), an autographed baseball by pitcher Madison Bumgarner (ebay has one for $50) and a limited edition Tim Lincecum home jersey with gold numbers ($189 retail). Yup... and this was also on top of meeting a lot of great people including the owners of my favorite bar & their family, hot girls everywhere including a very cute comedian (who actually wasn't that funny on stage but is in person) even getting hit on by a quite attractive (and intoxicated) Czech woman, a great British chap who has two yachts... because one isn't enough, and getting to enjoy all of the entertainment of the bands, comedians & party goers... oh... and I also got a ride all over SF with a super stretch limo for over an hour dropping people off (Presidio was last stop). Yeah... it was a great night. Y'all should come out for it next year. It's a great warmup for Bay to Breakers which is going on as I type... but yeah, woke up a little late for it.

Anyway, that's my weekend thus far... this week, I'm going to an art show (with plenty of nudity), working a bunch as usual, then it's Memorial Day weekend along with the 75th anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge in my neighborhood... and then immediately after that... is the visit of the Wingmans & that EPIC journey soon to come. Good times. Have a great day everybody!!!

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