Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Suit Up!!!

Good Afternoon Ladies & Gentlemen,

Saturday was a beautiful sunshiny day… so I got out & enjoyed it as well as cleaned up, did dishes, laundry, vacuuming, trash, etc so that the apartment wouldn’t be a mess for the party on
Sunday. Honestly… I love my roommates… but when I’m the clean one… that kind of frightens me a bit. They’re usually pretty good though… just not this weekend apparently. Lots of clothes & dishes & food left out everywhere… and four pairs of shoes in the living room. None of them my size or fashion either. Still, I made it look decent.

Saturday I also watched a heartwarming tale called “Contagion” starring Matt Damon, Gwyneth Paltrow, Laurence Fishburne, Jude Law, Kate Winslet, Elliott Gould, Bryan Cranston, Sanaa
Lathan & half of Hollywood apparently. Oh & it was directed by Steve Soderbergh (“Ocean’s Eleven” franchise). Basically the movie is about what happens when an epidemic is introduced into the population… and the sh*t is scary… because it’s absolutely true. I’m warning you up front if you decide to
watch it, you may never want to touch anything ever again without dousing yourself in sanitizer. Basically the movie starts with a woman (Paltrow) flying back from Hong Kong to her home in Minnesota with a cold of some sort. You know, not feeling well, cough, mucous, fun stuff. The next morning… she goes into a seizure… and dies at the hospital. The doctors have no idea what happened. Her husband (Damon) is surprisingly chill about it when the news is broken (I’d have lost my sh*t). Well, the next day, his son has a cold… and he dies suddenly too.
Yet the husband is not sick… but now he’s got to protect his daughter who may or may not be immune… but is all he has left. By the way, this is NOT the only case… as the disease spreads quickly while the CDC & WHO try to find the source or a way to treat it. Within days there is widespread panic, possible vaccinations that prove somewhat fruitless, anarchy, speculation, sanctions, all kind of sh*t. Within the months, the entire world is kind of collapsing as they try to find a cure. Can they do it in time to save BILLIONS? So yeah, not a real heartwarming tale… but a good film in many ways. I’d say give it a shot if you’re into kind of creepy real movies… and of course, because it’s a disaster movie… there’s a good portion of it in San Francisco. Just saying…

Sunday, my Super Bowl Party was… well, it was a lot of fun even though the only person that showed up was Dizzy. Still though… she brought some brownie cookies… which went INCREDIBLY well with my Dirty Arnold Palmers, which is basically sweet tea vodka & Arizona tea Arnold Palmer mix lite because I’m lazy… but it makes a very smooth palatable beverage that’s about 15-20% alcohol the way I was mixing it. Good times. Leading up to the Super Bowl we saw some of the pre-game programming like the stories on former Saint special teamer Steve Gleason & all the stories about Tom Brady & Elisha Manning… fun fact: Eli’s first name is Elisha. It really is. I wish I were making it up… but I’m not. It’s on a plague at his former high school in New Orleans. Anyway, we also stumbled upon the Lingerie Football League’s championship game… at Orleans Arena in Las Vegas… and I have to tell you that sh*t’s pretty brutal… and arousing for some purely primal reasons.

Also found was the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet… and that sh*t was ridiculously cute & pointless. We also watched a few episodes of “How I Met Your Mother” which by the way, I’m probably going to watch all six seasons or whatever now because it’s THAT hilarious. God bless NPH.

Anyway, the game was a good close one though the Patriots seemed to find so many ways to lose it… and the commercials were pretty good as you might expect… and hell, even Madonna’s show
with LMFAO, Nicki Minaj, Cee Lo & the “scandalous” MIA wasn’t that bad… though awkward at times. Did you see Art Garfunkel bouncing on the rope with his junk? I hope he was wearing a cup. The Giants ended up winning… so whatever… and basically means that despite the Eagles horrible season… they were really only one game away from doing the exact same thing. One win over the Giants, they would’ve had the tiebreaker, gotten the division title & probably done their own cake walk to the Super Bowl. That’s why they play the game. Oh well, next year… and now I just have to hear about how “great” a quarterback Elisha is for the next year or so.

After the game, we hung out for a bit watching “Family Guy” & “American Dad” and the like before calling it an evening (work & school in the morning). Good times… even though nobody really showed up except Dizzy. It’s all good. We’re probably going to go to a friend’s funk concert Friday night. You know I love the funk.

Monday night, I decided to order some Ho’s (Chinese food) and flip through the channels with Pixie… and we found a Pixar flick called “Megamind” starring the voice talents of Will Ferrell, Brad
Pitt, Jonah Hill, David Cross & Tina Fey. The story is about an evil blue-skinned alien genius named Megamind (Ferrell) who was jettisoned to Earth as a baby… and grew up like a “normal” boy… but in the shadow of one superhero named Metro Man (Pitt), who protects Metro City from his evil plans… and always
wins at everything. Well one time… Megamind wins… and kills Metro Man… and so now what? Does Megamind rule with an iron fist & enslave the human race? More like… now he has no goal, no nemesis, everything is easy… so he does the only logical thing… make a new superhero Titan out of a cameraman (Hill) for somebody to test himself against… but things go horribly wrong when the new superhero… turns out to be a supervillain. Now Megamind must protect Metro City… and of course the girl of his dreams (Fey) from Titan. Okay, as usual with Pixar, it’s a great flick for all ages. My roommate & I thoroughly enjoyed
it… and I highly recommend that you check it out. Funny that nobody else I know has mentioned seeing it… but yeah, be that person. Go check it out.

After that, we watched “Friends with Benefits” starring Justin Timberlake & Mila Kunis. An up & coming online marketing executive from LA (Timberlake) is recruited by a superhot “head
hunter” from NYC (Kunis) and they fast become friends… and then friends with benefits… and then it goes from there. Seriously, do you really need more explanation than that? Insert pointless drama, personal intimacy issues, blah blah blah… and no, it’s not the same movie as “No Strings Attached” released
around the same time… that one has Ashton Kutcher & Natalie Portman. Completely different. Anyway, that being said, for a chick flick… it was actually pretty good. I laughed a few times… and let’s face it, Mila Kunis is very easy on the eyes. The part that got me… was when JT’s dad (played by Richard Jenkins) who suffers from Alzheimer’s went into a teary speech about
seizing the moments you have… because you never know when you’re going to lose them or how many you have left to enjoy. That sh*t really stuck with me, both for his pretty fantastic performance & the message behind it. You know… my mind is a fleeting object from time to time… so I’ve pretty much decided that I’m just going to enjoy the f**k outta myself… and then probably forget it later on. That way, I don’t have to worry about what choices to make & choosing work over vacation or something like that… so I hope my job is ready for that. I have to use my saved up vacation some time, right? Filly’s been bugging me to visit for a while… and she saw me in May. I’ve also been invited to trips to Portland, Boston, Utah, SoCal, Philly, Toronto & a few others so… I’d better just jump on that. Sorry mom, can’t really do the two week cruise right now though. We both can’t afford it… but it’s during my busiest time again… and you remember what happened last time.

Anyway, on that note, I think I’m done for the day. Hope you are all enjoying your weeks… and a happy humpday to all. Have a great day everybody!!!

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