Saturday, October 15, 2011

Hey, It's October

Good Morning Ladies & Gentlemen,

Yeah… I know. It’s been too long. Believe me, I know. Let’s see… been about two weeks or so, right? Well, first things first. I’m healthy & almost completely recovered from my surgery. It’s really just a little scar on my cheek right now… and we’ll see how long that sticks around. Basically I went in a week later to get the stitches taken out… and the nurse was amazed with how quickly it had healed. Given what the right side of my face went through when I was 16… and going to school a week later… a little square inch off my cheek is NOTHING!!! So yeah, that’s cool. Haven’t really been playing ball again until this weekend though. Basketball because they warned me against slaps in the face… and softball because the last two games have been forfeit (other team) and rained out. It’s getting to be that time of the year again.

Also, the lamp went out on my projector TV last night so I've ordered a new one. This last lamp had a pretty good run. I think it has been just over three years on this last one... and the one before that was almost 5 years. Good thing too... because last time the lamp was almost $300 but I found a new one online this morning for $130. Much better... but still a ripoff. Hopefully it gets here in time for football tomorrow... but really it may just be the motivation needed for the girls to help me get started with this backyard renovation... especially since my dad's coming to visit on Friday. We'll probably be out & about during all the daylight hours though with the Utah-Cal game starting at 4 PM across town & the Raiders-Chiefs game starting at 1 PM across the bay. It should make for a wonderful quick weekend though.

Work has been incredibly busy… and it really didn’t help that I had to call in for the full two days of & after my surgery because I woke up & my face was swollen to the point I couldn’t really open my eye after that first night. That weekend after was literally just me staying at home, watching movies & TV (mostly football), icing my face, trying not to sneeze for fear of it splitting my stitches, and not doing anything to get my heart up. Hell, I was nervous when I was walking up a flight of stairs to go number two that first day. Regardless though, it’s all good now… and I’m getting caught up, but it’s not for a lack of work… and my coworkers have been amazing too. Another reason why I haven’t written lately… I’ve just been too damn busy.

That first Tuesday, October 4th, I had dinner with Bubbles at New Etitrea, an Ethiopian place & I had never tried Ethiopian food before. What would you expect it to be like? Gruel & suffering, right? Well, it’s more like curry and some Mediterranean spices… and there’s no utensils, you just take a piece of their flatbread, scoop up some of the meat with sauce (like curry in texture) and eat it. The food was pretty good… but the company was even better. We chatted about setting up a usual time a few times a month where we can catch up because… even though we work 5 feet from one another over 40 hours a week, we hardly talk. I’m all for it… and then we went to Yancy’s for some beers & games. Good times.

That Thursday, my roommate Nurse invited me to… wait for it… Sharktoberfest!!! It’s like Shark Week… but with beer. Anyway, the vision in my head couldn’t possibly have matched up with the reality… but it sounded great… and it was. Thursday nights at the California Academy of Science, they have social hours where there is a $10 admission fee (not bad) and adult beverages offered within the confines of the museum. Combine the nerdy goodness of the aquariums, tropical enviro-dome, interactive exhibits, fellowship of your fellow nerds & other social creatures, a living roof deck offering beautiful views of Golden Gate Park and the surrounding area, add booze & mix… and you’ve got the recipe for a good time. Though… I was disappointed that it was Sharktoberfest… and I only saw one little nurse shark… and no violence like Shark Week… but then again, probably a good thing in hindsight.

Also, I found out that I was kind of a third wheel on a date with Nurse & a pretty nice guy… but her friend was also there too (though I think she doesn’t care for me for some reason. I know, it’s weird right?) but after the museum, we went to The Bitter End and had a few drinks there (date guy was driving… a Beemer) and played some pool. It was a pretty great evening.

Saturday morning, there’s a knock on the door & I’m the only roommate up… and standing at the door is a cute girl in a little black dress (“Dear dairy, JACKPOT!!!”). Apparently, she is my new neighbor a few doors down… and she had met a few of the other roommates and wanted to see if they wanted to do breakfast. I informed her that I was the only one up… and had I not just ate, I would gladly join her… wait, my name is $teve by the way (What? What was I saying? So awkward…) We will call her… Joy. Anyway, she thanked me & said she’d see if anybody else wanted to go with her or if she would just cook something up. I offered her some scrambled eggs that I could warm up, but she declined. Sigh…

About an hour or so later, I figured that I’d make a walk down to the post office to mail some things out & call my mom along the walk for our chat. I told her about the incident earlier… and she freaked as a mother would, “Oh my gosh, she’s probably seen you in the parking lot talking to me & wondered who you were talking to & wants to jump your bones.” I… didn’t really get that vibe… but I rarely do. Then as I’m walking back from the post office, we’re talking about another subject… and Joy walks by the other way. We exchange greetings (“Hi, how are ya?”) keeping eye contact… but also stride. After a safe distance, I inform my mom on the line who walked by… and she basically tells me to turn around and go talk to her now, okay… whatever & we hang up. I turn around… and I don’t see her anywhere. Did she turn a corner? Hide behind a bush? I don’t know. She mentioned breakfast… so maybe she went to La Terrasse by the post office. Checked it out, didn’t see her, schucks. Next time. P.S. Let me know when you think that turned a little stalkerish because I felt it borderline.

Back at the apartment, a few of the roommates & I were flipping through the channels… and we found “Back to the Future Part II” and it had just started… so we HAD to see it… you know, with 2015 being just around the corner. Of course after Part II… was Part III so we had to watch that too. Watching it as an adult though… with the roommates… we basically came up with some new theories about it. I know I’ve mentioned a few in the past… but there might be something to these… so hear me out.

Theory #1: Doctor Emmett Brown… is a vampire. Think about it. The man doesn’t age a DAY from 1955 to 1985. That’s thirty years. And you can tell me that he would just have changed from old to old but… let’s say his in his fifties in the 50’s. Wouldn’t he be in his 80’s in 1985? Do you know guys in their 80’s that are going on magical time traveling adventures of self-discovery including lightning, Libyans, Lea Thompson & DeLoreans? I didn’t think so. Especially with a clear brilliant mind & youthful vigorous body that helps him to (spoiler alert) father children while inventing a hovering time traveling train during the term of the 19th century? Also, the hair… maybe it was because I saw Bram Stoker’s Dracula on Blu Ray a few days earlier… but tell me that’s not vampire style. It was just something that I had never realized before… but now, it puts a whole new twist on this incredible trilogy. Oh… and on that note, Strickland is a vampire too… but he’s more disciplined, not like those slacker vampires out inventing time machines. He has no heart. No soul. He looks the same in 1885… because he is the same… with a moustache. You can’t convince me otherwise.

Theory #2: Doctor Emmett Brown… is Rashe Algool. We started with that idea that he was The Batman because of his knack for inventing, seemingly endless energy & nowadays creepy tendency to keep teenage boys around (seriously, what’s up with that?). However, with some thought, we decided that he was in fact immortal (Batman is not, hence half of his appeal) and his powers & abilities seem to have a more devilish quality to them. Batman would never manipulate the space-time continuum… or steal plutonium from Libyan terrorists (maybe liberate plutonium in order to stop Libyan terrorists, but that may be semantics). Again… the hair doesn’t help his cause towards hero over villain. Oh by the way, for those of you thinking that I’m comparing Doc Brown to Liam Neeson from “Batman Begins” that’s not the case. I’m talking about Rashe Algool from the Batman comics… and more specifically the animated series from the early nineties (which kicks so much ass in every way). We also devised that if there was a Batman in this version, the reason for their discontent would be because of a disagreement at a NAMBLA meeting concerning their young wards. Anyway, just some observations we made… and now I invite you to watch the movies in a group of friends with those thoughts in mind.

Sunday, I woke up fairly early to volunteer with a Meal on Wheels fundraiser at Hermann Plaza, basically a wine mixer in which I was helping by selling raffle tickets. They paired me up with a lady in her late thirties/early forties… we’ll call her CC… and long story short, we sold more raffle tickets than the other 6-7 teams combined. We rocked HARD!!! We also chatted the afternoon away as well & enjoyed some great classic rock cover band music… and after our shift of raffling, some of the vintages & light snacks that the event had to offer. Afterwards, we went for a few drinks at Elephant & Castle down the street & Globe a few blocks away where we later met up with some of CC’s friends. Good times… and I may have found a good friend to hang out with once in a while. We shall see. If not, blame it on the a-a-a-a-a-alcohol.

The work week was busy busy busy… and not a whole lot going on except for a little rain & my face starting to look human again. The scar is now just a little discoloration on my cheek for the most part & I’m using Vitamin E to take care of even that. Probably won’t even be noticeable by the time Vegas rolls around in a month.

Oh… and remember Joy from earlier in this entry? Well, Friday morning, we were both getting on the bus, she sat next to me, we chatted it up a bit for that 20-30 minutes… and check this, she actually asked me about the making phone calls in the cul de sac… my mom was actually right. It makes sense because it’s the only time she sees me… but you know, cosmic. Anyway, we chatted, I told her she was welcome to come hang at our apartment anytime, she mentioned that she was new to town, so I offered my services as a concierge, dropped the digits… my move has been made. We shall see where it goes from here. However, just the fact that a cute lady like her would even willingly talk to me makes me feel fresha denna mutha f*cka… Have a great weekend everybody!!!

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