Thursday, January 6, 2011

Fortune As I Desire

Good Afternoon Ladies & Gentlemen,

Well… it’s basically the eve before I go to San Francisco to look for a home (or at least a temporary residence). One more day at work… and then leaving after so that I can hopefully avoid the storm coming in this weekend. Then after a weekend of searching The City for a future pad with or without roommates, then I get an evening of relaxing chaos at the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl (GO WOLFPACK!!!), then start the job at the new office bright & early on Monday morning. Next weekend will hopefully be the Big Move… but first, I have to find a forwarding address. I cannot tell you how incredibly excited I am for this move… and the last few days at work have been INSANELY busy… so it’s made it very easy to walk away from… I can’t lie, I kinda had a f**k it attitude at moments… but I’m a professional & set them up VERY well for some time to come. I will miss all the ladies & gentlemen that I worked with for the past year or so… and though it’s been a sudden switch, it was a difficult decision to make… but it felt like something that I simply had to do… and the time was right (for me, not necessarily the Tahoe office, but whatever, they had their chances).

Now I go to a new opportunity to explore a new city in depth, a job that pays pretty well, meeting new people, experiencing new cultures, there’s so much to do, I seriously already have four concerts (Albino, George Clinton with Parliament Funkadelic & TWO Richard Cheese) in the next six weeks that I KNOW I’m going to… and a football game this weekend. I’m really excited about the new office I’ll be working in and learning & growing with the company, as well as an individual as I hope to get back into doing things that bring me joy… like charity, spending time with great people, working out more, playing basketball & just enjoying all the things around me. Obviously I’ve felt a little lonely & isolated here in Tahoe… but I have a feeling that’s going to change here in the next few weeks. 2011 has already been pretty fantastic so hopefully it will only get better… and maybe some of my good vibes will rub off on Bubbles, as she’s apparently had a pretty sh**ty year so far… but that’s what I’m here for, right?

The real joy of my life is bringing joy to others… and I feel like I’ve been missing that. There have been a few instances where I can make people at work laugh, the roommate loves my sense of humor (watched “Boyz N the Hood” last night & let’s just say, I have a way of breaking the drama) & I can usually make people laugh over the phone… but they’re usually few & far between. I really can’t wait to get out there and see what’s going on in The City and (knock on wood) maybe stay there for a while as at least a pseudo-home. This being a wandering gypsy thing is tough when you have a lot of crap & nobody to share your experiences with (except both of you who read this thing) but you know me, I’d like to establish some roots, maybe set up a family down the line, but I’m pretty free spirited & anything’s a possibility at this point. Oh well, time will tell where this journey leads me… but I’m excited for the next few steps. I really hope that I find a fantastic living situation for me this weekend… and I hope that you all get to visit & let me share my experiences with you. Wish me luck!!!

Fortune Cookie of the Day - "You will have Fortune as you Desire... in bed!!!" - Guess who's gonna be bangin' on a pile of money in the near future... Have a great weekend everybody!!!

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