Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Room on Your iPod

Good Afternoon Ladies & Gentlemen,
The other night, I watched “Room” starring Academy Award winner Brie Larson. This movie has been talked about lately after Brie’s win… but the subject matter is both dark… and inspiring / whimsical in a way. The story is about a mother & child who are being held captive in a man’s garden shed. The mother has been there for 7 years… and her son is celebrating his 5th birthday… so he knows NOTHING of the outside world beyond the Room. However, his mother has a plan… to escape. Now, I don’t want to give too much away on the when & the how… but it’s not really a spoiler alert that they escape. I’ll leave it at that. What’s great about this movie though… is the tone is pretty damn good. At times it’s dark, gritty & scary… but it’s also told mostly from the point of view of the young son… and there are times of whimsical enjoyment of spending time with his mom… and fear & grief… and confusion of the whole situation. The young child actor did a great job! Also, it’s a two hour movie that basically takes 30 minutes to set the movie, 30 minutes on the escape… and then the whole last hour is almost as scary with what happens to the mother & her child now that they’re back out in the world. Great flick! Go check it out if you’re up to the subject matter.

Another note: The mother’s parents are played by William H. Macy & Joan Allen. Does that sound familiar? Yes… the same parents as the movie “Pleasantville” from the late 90’s. So… in my twisted mind of movie connection… “Room” is essentially a sequel to “Pleasantville” where Reese Witherspoon’s character is kidnapped at the age of 17, spends 7 years in captivity & raising her child in a garden shed where she raped nightly… and then escapes & returns home to her parents… and make no mistake, they’re basically the same stereotypical wholesome father-mother characters as that movie. Now, I have a theory about this movie. Originally they were going to have a more complex father character who had to really portray both the man who would be overjoyed to have a grandson… but also know that it was a child of the man who kidnapped & violated his daughter nightly for seven years. That’s a tough role to pull off. Answer? Have WHM be the father who almost disowns his daughter (he’s only in like three short scenes & it’s either involving lawyers, and the dinner table scene) and then insert that uncle that lives in the home with them… who may look a little unnerving… but he’s a sweet guy who just wants to help the son not be scared of new people & things. You can’t really have both in the same character… but yeah, the uncle seemed a little thrown-in… and he had a puppy so… sold. Anyway, check out this movie.
This weekend has been pretty rainy which is awesome… but Sunday morning, Izzy & I went downtown for a wedding ring sizing, then a little movie date where I finally took her to see “Star Wars: Force Awakens” for the first time (my 3rd time), she liked it… and then we went to the Aunties to bake some cookies for her cousin Jeff who’s posted with the Air Force. It was a great day! Other than that, nothing much to report… but I really enjoy spending time with Izzy’s family… and of course Izzy. Hmm… what else do I have to announce? Oh yeah…
THE PODCAST IS FINALLY UP & RUNNING!!! (horn horn hoooooooooorn…)
That’s right! “Everything I Learned From Movies” podcast is up & running at eilfm.podbean.com or the link is HERE AT EILFM!!! Episode one is our review of “Tremors 5: Bloodlines” and really the entire Tremors Cinematic Universe… and a sneak peak at movies coming out the next few months, which whether you should be excited or not. Along with the website, there’s a Facebook page, twitter handle (@eilfmovies) and you of course already know about these blogs. Stay tuned! Stay connected!
Coming soon though… theme music… more reviews of movies that you’d probably enjoy… plenty of great beer that you should also be enjoying while enjoying the movies… news clips… ridiculous off-shoot bits that we enjoy… and who knows what else? Honestly we haven’t even recorded Episode 2 yet but we’re going to try to keep it posted once a week once we get all of the sites up & running, coordinated, integrated & easy to feed one another… but it should be on iTunes shortly. Until then, check us out at the LINK (eilfm.podbean.com) and share it with friends that you might think would enjoy it.
So yeah, follow the podcast, follow this blog, let us know what you think… suggestions for what you want to hear on the show… we’re also going to be looking for special guests soon, so if there’s a particular movie genre that you’re a fan of or upcoming film you wanted to check out with us & review on the podcast, hit us up! Until then, have a great day everybody!!!

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