Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Girl Scout Cookie Beer Days

Good Afternoon Ladies & Gentlemen,
It was a rainy weekend… my back was still a little stiff… Izzy worked both days… so not a whole lot else to do besides household upkeep for me & my children (roommates), get an oil change for my Gretchen, drink some beer, and perform some upkeep on the podcast. However, on Sunday we did take some time to stop by Woods Brewing’s Polk Station location because they are having their Girl Scout Cookie Beer Days, where they’ve arranged for five separate & distinct beers based on delicious Girl Scout Cookies. What kind of beers did they have this year?
·         Shortbread Golden Ale
·         Peanut Butter Cream Ale – Blonde ale with real peanut butter
·         Coconut Caramel Dubbel – Belgian Dubbel with coconut flakes & cocoa nibs
·         Choco Peanut Butter Stout – Chocolate Stout with peanut butter on nitro tap
·         Chocolate Peppermint Porter – Roasty porter with cocoa & mint
We ordered a flight… and the flight also included the Bay Area Merit Badges that you see above. Woods is kind of a fun, hipster kind of place… but I really like it& I’m glad that they found their niche. Unique, delicious beers with a great appeal and changing all the time with a mix of what the customers want… and of course the experimental stuff that owner Jim Woods wants to do. You may remember last year when we with the SF Homebrewers Guild got to experiment with some wort that he provided. So yeah… great time… and we even got a growler to share with Izzy’s mom because she got her truck thieved. Made her feel better…
Episode 2 of the Everything I Learned From Movies Podcast is now up & ready for download! In episode two, Izzy & I discuss the 1995 action masterpiece “Congo” where a cell phone company gets involved with African warlords, Romanian philanthropists, great white hunters who happen to be black, hungry hungry hippos, horny horny monkeys, and apes that both kill AND talk. We also discuss some delicious beers both commercial& homemade... and just a lot of random awesomeness… and probably most importantly, the start of music added to the podcast! Download, listen, enjoy, and let us know what you think on the website (eilfm.podbean.com), Facebook or Twitter (@eilfmovies) and of course… just here on this blog works too.
What’s coming up for Episode 3? That remains to be seen… but if you’d like to get a shout-out, let us know what you think about the first two episodes… and we’re also looking for future special guests, so hit us up & we’ll work it out! Until then, have a great day everybody!!!

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