Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Treasure Island Flea Market

Good Afternoon Ladies & Gentlemen,
Thursday was Thanksgiving… and we had a wonderful dinner with Izzy’s family at their childhood home in Richmond. I’m truly thankful for my wonderful ladyfriend Izzy & her wonderful family. I really can’t say it enough. They’ve been amazing the past few years that I’ve been here in the Bay Area. We basically just sat and ate and chatted it up for a few hours… and even Uncle Ed was there… and yeah, it was pretty awesome. Here are a few pictures of the delicious food… and a comfortable dog…

There was also football to be had… but we didn’t get to see any of it due to busyness… but it doesn’t matter because my favorite Eagles got f**king destroyed by Izzy’s Lions because Chip Kelly has done a great job of putting together a team that rivals their crosstown buddies, the also horribly bad Philadelphia 76ers. F**king seriously… I’m actually a little curious how they’ve won a few games this year. I’d actually prefer Doug Pedersen to Sam Bradford or Mark Sanchez at this point.
The big event of the weekend was the Treasure Island Flea Market!!! Izzy & Katie (aka Uniquecorns) had a booth to sell their incredible art… and we actually got a GREAT location right in the middle of everything… and this market is a well-run machine, which is greatly appreciated after the APE fiasco. Load-in was great… setup went well… the neighboring vendors were great… turnout was amazing… the weather was beautiful… food trucks were plentiful… there was a wide variety of goods to check out ranging from furniture to cookware to art to jewelry to novelty signs to clothing to random hodgepodge stuff. I highly recommend checking it out!!!

Would we do it again? ABSOLUTELY!!! We sold a good amount of art. We made great contacts with neighboring vendors. The turnout & people were great! Kids absolutely LOVED us! Heck, we may be there again in a few months at the next one! It was a great weekend!
That should be good for this entry… I’ll have another one shortly… but I’m doing a LOT of overtime in preparation for my Utah Christmas trip… and we have the Mangria Bar Crawl on Friday… and Central Valley Con this Sunday. More to come soon… but until then, have a great day everybody!!!

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Izzy Fischer said...

Am amazing weekend made possible by an amazing man :3

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