Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Hot Cup of Dickens Cider

Good Afternoon Ladies & Gentlemen,
Sunday, Izzy & I met up with aunts & mom at the Cow Palace to go to the Great Dickens Fair… where they turn that space into turn of the 19th century London but with slightly less child labor and definitely better conditions… because they have cinnamon almonds. Dozens of potteries, craft stores, haberdashers, cobblers, psychics, jewelers, clothers, and other various trades of the time… and a few choice food establishments offering meals ranging from meat pies, bangers & mash, fish & chips… to gyros, hot dogs & pasta. You can even enjoy some hot mulled wine (if you are looking to punish yourself) but there was also some Lagunitas handy. Hundreds of actors & patrons dressed in Victorian garb, yelling to show off their Renaissance Fair barking skills in Cockney accents, “Happy Christmas!” everywhere you turn, what’s not to love? We had a fun time trying the fares, Izzy bought a nice clay mug, good times. Here are some pictures…


Monday night was our CHAMPION Softball Team’s celebration party at Jillian’s and it was a lot of fun… a few drinks, some billiards, some great appetizers, catching a little football, pro basketball & college basketball… good times… here’s the team photo…
That’s really about it with the early week due to the Thanksgiving Holiday… but there will be plenty of pictures & stories from that. Also, this weekend is our first trip to & being a part of the Treasure Island Flea Market, so plenty of stuff coming from that experience as well. Until then though, have a great Thanksgiving everybody!!! And THANK YOU for reading!!!

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