Saturday, June 20, 2015

Road to NHC: Part Three

Good Afternoon Ladies & Gentlemen,
Sunday, we (sobered up and) spent the entire day at the San Diego Zoo & it was Izzy’s first time (and my first in about 7-8 years) and we just had a wonderful time… pictures of adorable animals…

That evening after checking into our hotel, the San Diego Marriott Marquis

We had dinner at the Karl Strauss Brewery a few blocks away… great food & great beer…

Monday was the drive-back day… and we timed it so that we could get back to Rose City Pizza until for an early lunch…
After that… it started to get hot… like over 100 degrees going through the Grapevine mountain pass between L.A. and the Central Valley… and Gretchen had a full load of kegs, swag & other crap… so she overheated a little bit… and I’ll admit, I was scared. I don’t do the heat well. I had no idea how bad the damage was. The only other time I had an issue with her was in Gilroy when she overheated on the way to the 6th ring of Hell a.k.a. Garlic Festival… but I take pretty good care of her with standard maintenance. Long story short, after letting the radiator vent, we turned the heater on (f**k my life!!!), opened the windows and made it through the mountain pass… immediately stopping on the other side where it flattens out at Jack in the Box for a shake and some ice water… crisis averted… but it was still well over 100 degrees the entire drive back. Izzy was a trooper & always making sure that I was okay and hydrated (the sun was on my side). She’s the best!!! I’m lucky to have her.
Long story short, we made it back to town in the early evening… and I started dreading going back to work… but that’s neither here nor there. It was an amazing trip& I can’t wait for the next one!!! Hope you all enjoyed coming along with us virtually… and until next time, have a great day everybody!!!

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