Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Wingmans Take the Bay

Good Afternoon Ladies & Gentlemen,
Yeah… I know… it’s been too long. Well, I assure you that I’ve been busy. Work has been frantic… and it basically exhausts me into the evenings some days… but luckily I’m enjoy to enjoy bliss just about every day thanks to my family, friends, roommates, ladyfriend, even coworkers from time to time. Yeah work can be tough… but that’s why they pay you. Period. Anyway, where did I leave off last time? You know what? I think I’m just going to start with the Wingmans visit…
A few Wednesdays ago, I picked up the Wingmans at Oakland Int’l, we enjoyed some In-n-Out Burger, cracked a few bottles of Rogue Ales Bacon Maple Ale, and basically just chillaxed that first night catching up on life. See, I think the last time that I saw these guys was at my 30th birthday cruise last year… so we had a lot to catch up on.
Thursday, I worked while they played… and I even hooked them up with a nice romantic evening at a nice little place on the coast south of town… because I’m an amazing human being & they deserved it. Oh by the way, this trip was my 5th anniversary present / birthday present for Mrs Wingman aka Chick ‘n’ Wing. I think that I hooked them up pretty good… but they deserved it.
Friday, I worked again but by the graces of my coworkers, I was able to get out at a reasonable hour, meet up with Dizzy & the Wingmans, and head out to Monterey. The drive down there was beautiful along the Pacific Coast Highway… and we even stopped to grab some fruit for snacks. That first night we pulled into town & dinner at the Old Fisherman’s Grotto… and that was pretty much it.
That Saturday, we went to the Monterey Aquarium… and nerded out for the majority of the day… observe!!!

Next stop was the legendary 17 mile drive through Pebble Beach… and we did some wandering…

That night we ate at the Crown & Anchor, enjoying some great food & great beers… and there was a bachelorette party… but obviously not the crazy Vegas variety, mostly valley girls that were more irritating than anything else. Totally.
That Sunday, we went for round two at the Aquarium (since we didn’t get it all the first day) so here’s more nerdiness…

Then we drove out to Moss Landing Beach

Then out to the Renaissance Lodge Sonoma, ate the magnificent Murphy’s Burgers (half beef – half bacon) and of course… a few beverages in preparation for the hot tub & major relaxation back at the hotel.
That Monday, before they woke up,  Dizzy & I went across the street to Train Town, apparently a local favorite among kids... but when we got there, it was spooky... like abandoned Scooby Doo Amusement park scary... complete with empty strollers & not a soul in sight... Here are some pictures…

And on this Monday, I actually had a weekday off from work. Yes, yes, I know, ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! I agree 100%!!! We celebrated by going to several wineries… and yes, many of them were ones that Dizzy & I had visited during our last trip… but they were so cool that we thought we’d share them with the Wingmans.
…and of course to end the day, we DID visit a really cool new one… Castillo di Amarosa Winery, which is a beautifully constructed castle that actually hosts a pretty wicked looking Renaissance Faire with jousting and such… but it’s also a pretty penny to attend. Regardless, it’s pretty amazing to behold.
That Tuesday, it was back to work… but we all met up again after work and enjoyed a fine night at Café Prague with dinner, drinks, etc. Wednesday was pretty much work followed by driving the Wingmans out to the airport.
In all, the trip was a complete success… and I’m glad that the Wingmans could get to see how I’m living so that they can stop worrying about me (okay, just the Chick ‘n’ Wing… she worries, Mr Wingman knows better) and I could show them just a few of the awesome things to do out here. I miss them terribly… and hope to go visit them soon at their new house… but I’m sure we’ll figure it all out. Hope you enjoyed! Have a great day everybody!!!

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