Monday, June 13, 2011

Mama's First Visit to San Francisco

Good Afternoon Ladies & Gentlemen,

Well, a fantastic weekend was had. Thursday night after work, I met up with my mom & aunt at Fisherman’s Wharf and we had a delicious dinner at Deli Market… which marks my third time eating there (went with Bubbles twice). Pretty good seafood and I had crab cakes and a grilled salmon sandwich. Then we wandered around a bit and checked out some shops (will be a theme), they bought some of those pearls out of the shell, then we went to my apartment and they rested from their big day of shopping.

We watched… sigh… “Revenge of the Bridesmaids” starring Raven Symone. You remember, from the Cosby Show, I think… and That’s So Raven. Only she’s grown up now… and stars in B movies. Well, this one, as you might have guessed… is about revenge being exacted from bridesmaids… and really, I just couldn’t get into it. I know it’s a comedy… but it’s really just snobby b**ches being snobby b**ches… and I’m just saying there are better ways to get back at people… and they’ll never trace it back to you. That’s all I have to say. Don’t f**k with me! Okay, the story is… there’s these girls who grew up as “friends” with this snobby rich girl… but then they grew up & grew apart… and now snobby rich girl is getting married… but with different girls for bridesmaids… and marrying the ex-boyfriend of one of the “friends” or something. Yeah… and it just gets worse from there. I believe this movie shouldn’t be screened near an open flame… but hey, it’s a chick flick kind of thing… because my mom liked it. My aunt slept through it. So that’s three reviews, I guess… one thumb up, two thumbs down.

Friday, I took them to Golden Gate Park to enjoy the scenic beauty… and we went to the DeYoung Museum of Art, which I had yet to experience. It was an amazing collection of art that I actually found interesting. Which basically means… there wasn’t a whole lot of modern art… but that which was there… was pretty interesting. Observe…

Just a refresher, my mom's the one on the right...

Princess Leia?

Notre Dame with shells... nice!

"Hell yeah it's art..."

Atop the DeYoung Tower

Then we went to the Tea Gardens… my third time there… but first with my mama…

After that, we did some shopping in Chinatown… by which I mean, they did some shopping in Chinatown… but they really enjoyed it… and I found a few things that I might have bought had I more room for useless crap. Speaking of which, my roommate Tracy is moving out at the end of the month… so I get to do more roommate interviews this week. YAY!!! I’m sure it’ll be better for her. I was kind of expecting it as she hasn’t really spoken to me for a while now… but hey, maybe the new roommate will be a little more social. One can only hope. Anyway, Chinatown was fun… we had dinner at Far East CafĂ© & it was pretty darn good… then we went to Safeway for snacks & food… and watched movies & TV shows.

The movie this night… was “Children of a Lesser God” starring William Hurt & Academy Award winner Marlee Matlin. The story is about an energetic & controversial teacher (Hurt) who goes to a school for the hearing impaired… and falls for a former student / custodian (Matlin). She’s beautiful, brilliant, knows when to keep her mouth shut (ba-da-tish) and he’s smitten. Well, of course, drama comes into play because… well, it just always does. It’s a great movie if you’re into dramas… and there were even a few funny moments… and don’t worry about having to know sign language or reading subtitles… because they took care of that with all of the signing being spoken by the characters, primarily the teacher. I enjoyed it… but a lot of drama. You know how I deal with drama.

Saturday, we drove out to Half Moon Bay and did some shopping on their Main Street, mostly antiques & shiny things. It was pretty cloudy… but overall not too bad. We were there for four hours, then went to eat at Miramar Beach Restaurant… which had a live pianist and some great food. I had an ahi tuna steak with mango & avocado salsa. Pretty good time… and then we stayed at The Ritz-Carlton, Half Moon Bay… because I’m a hustlaaa, baaaby! It’s a beautiful resort (as seen in “American Pie Wedding” but much classier in real life) and there was even a bagpiper in the sunset hours, combined with the ocean mist, for a very Scottish highlands feel. There was a wedding going on… complimentary wine at check-in… just an overall good, relaxing time.

Once again... in case you didn't know...

my mom LOVES cocks

I don't think they REALLY want to know

what's in MY drawers?

Sunday, we slept in… and then headed back towards San Francisco, stopping along the way at La Nebbia Winery to check out the glass blowing & flowers… and then back to the Presidio for a walk around the Palace of Fine Arts… and then home to do some cooking. Oh yes, $teve cooked… and pretty damn well. My mom and I (she cut, I cooked) made Danish Pork… which is basically lightly breaded pork tenderloin medallions simmered with mushroom in a special mystery sauce over rice… and then my aunt Pat wanted to show me how to make an apple pie from scratch… so I did. Still don’t have the creasing of the edges down… but everything else went pretty smoothly… and the pie wasn’t bad for apple (more of a pumpkin pie guy myself).

Afterwards, we watched the first few episode of the HBO series “Hung” starring Thomas Jane. We really liked it. For those who don’t know, the story is about a high school history teacher (Jane) who has fallen on hard times when his house burned down… and his ex-wife (Anne Heche) has remarried and is trying to take his kids… and so to make money & get his life back on track, he goes to an entrepreneur seminar that tells him to find his “tool” that he has to offer the world… and his “tool” is his massive member… so he becomes a gigolo. I know, already sounds like my kind of show, right? You’d be correct. I’m only a few episodes in… but it’s pretty good… and I just have to say, he’s a horrible bottom b**ch. Somebody needs to teach this guy The Game… but that’s what a good Pimp is for. Let’s hope he finds one & gets that mother f**king money. Oh, by the way, I loaned my mom “Pimpology” to read on the plane back to Utah… for two reasons. One, it’s the only book that I don’t have in a box in a closet somewhere. Two, because she needs to know. Anyway, I’m sure she’ll read it… and ask me what certain things mean. That’s what a good son is for.

Anyway, that was my weekend with the family… and in less than two weeks, I’ll be in Utah with the rest of the family too. I can’t wait. Good times!!! Until then though, I’ve got to interview for a new roommate. It should be fun. Have a great day everybody!!!

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