Monday, January 2, 2017

Honeymoon - Part Two

Good Afternoon Ladies & Gentlemen,
Day 10 – August 28th – Back in New Orleans
Well, after a week of busy relaxing on the boat, you’d think that we’d take it easy in the Big Easy. Well… you’d be wrong. We got off the boat, dropped our stuff off at the hotel, grabbed some breakfast, and then made our way to the Audubon Aquarium on the Riverfront. In all of my trips to the city, this was my first time inside the Aquarium, and it was pretty sweet… here are some pictures…

For lunch, we stopped by World of Beer for some beverages and giant pretzels…
Then we made our way down to Mardi Gras World to see the history & construction of Mardi Gras floats and see some pretty amazing feats of artistry… and again, my first time to the area where they’re made… but I’ve been to plenty of parades for the krewes the two times that I’ve come down for the festivities… and God willing, many more to come… here are some pictures…

Day 11 – August 29th – New Orleans
This day, we mostly wandered around the French Quarter for some great food (including Mother’s) and souvenirs for friends & family back home… and it included a stop by the Beerhaus for a few drinks and one of my new favorite restaurants, Coop’s, where their Chicken Tchoupitoulas is FANTASTIC as well as the rest of their food…
We then swung by to see Filly at Jackson Square with her Muleicorn Claudia as she was working hard & giving the best tours of the French Quarter!!!
Day 12 – August 30th – New Orleans
This last day in New Orleans, we did kind of take it easy… but we started by going to the Pharmacy Museum located in the French Quarter, which was a great collection of memorabilia and devices utilized in the 19th & 20th century to cure ailments… but were often a little out of the ordinary… and by today’s standards are damn petrifying!!! How did we all survive the days when lead, mercury, opium and all sorts of wicked sh*t were commonplace? Oh well… we made it… and here we are to show you pictures…

We spent the rest of the day hanging with Filly at her home in Metairie, eating delicious food & watching movies (“The Gate” & “The Color of Magic” miniseries among them) and just having a great time with my great friend!
Day 13 – August 31st – Back to San Francisco
Then we flew back to real life… nothing really eventful… but it was an amazing trip that I won’t soon forget. Spending some time together with my WIFE Izzy and just being able to relax and not worry about family, friends, work, all that other nonsense was just amazing & we were able to spend time with just each other, which is always a great time! AND we got to see Filly, the Crescent City, the beautiful waters of the Caribbean, Jamaica, Grand Cayman, Cozumel, all of that while doing it! Anyway, lots of catching up to do from the wedding & various events… but I’m sure that you’re not terribly concerned about all that, so I’ll just leave you with the pictures until next time. Have a great day everybody!!!

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