Thursday, August 4, 2016

Good Bye Bachelorhood!!!

Good Afternoon Ladies & Gentlemen,

Again, I’ve been a little lacking in my updates… but ironically it’s because I’ve been so busy. The wedding is moments away… so I thought I’d throw in one more blog post before half of this blog becomes Izzy’s. Let’s see… what’s new?

Last weekend, Izzy & I hung out with Big Ben & Lone Cicerone to hang out, drink a few beers, trying out our Nacho Cheese Fountain, and watch some Game of Thrones… because we party EPIC!!! Pictures of the fountain in action coming soon with the wedding & receptions…

I passed the Beer Judging Certification Program (BJCP) online exam and have taken the tasting exam… but I apparently won’t know the results for 2-4 months, so I’ll be sure to keep you posted. I feel pretty optimistic about it all though. I’ve been learning a lot… and Izzy has too… even though I really haven’t had a whole lot of time to bunker down and study, I feel like we did pretty well. So hopefully I’ll be BJCP certified in time for all of the Oktoberfest festivals & pumpkin beer.

After the tasting exam, our teacher Keith Kost (who’s won more homebrewing ribbons than… I think just about anybody… seriously, this guy knows his sh*t and has forgot more than you’ll ever learn) invited us to his new home for some pizza & beer. His homebrew setup is… without exaggeration, the bottom half of his house. He also has a fully bar with four taps, something like five fridges for storing his dozens & dozens of beers, a cellar for his sours & aged beers, it’s just basically what every Man (and a few women) which their basement/garage looked like… complete with a sh*tter & shower somewhat randomly in the middle of it. F**king gorgeous… he & his wife were gracious hosts… and again pictures coming soon, mostly for my own reference when I get some space & a home…

We also helped clean up the backyard of Izzy’s aunt Teri’s house for our wedding reception on Sunday… so that was fun… but yeah, the wedding is mere hours away now. The plan is to go to Lake Tahoe for the actual wedding, small ceremony on Sand Harbor Beach…then back to the Bay Area for a California reception… then the following weekend drive out to Utah for a reception out there. Pretty easy, right?

Sorry ladies, I will no longer be the single & ready to mingle man that I was in my… I don’t know, mid-27’s? Yeah, haven’t really been that guy but… yeah, It’s gonna be great… I’m super excited to marry the Love of my Life and start our life together. So until then, I’ll have plenty of pictures and stories when I come back… but have a great weekend everybody!!! Check out Everything I Learned From Movies Podcast if you haven’t already. It’s… pretty amazing. Good bye bachelorhood!!!

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