Thursday, April 21, 2016

Now UC Keanu

Good Afternoon Ladies & Gentlemen,
Tuesday night, Izzy & I were invited to a special screening of the new comedy “Keanu” starring Keegan-Michael Key & Jordan Peele… and they even came out to say hi & run a few minutes of stand-up showing their appreciation. It was pretty sweet! The movie is basically about a pair of cousins where one is a stereotypical suburban dad (Key) and the other is a bit of a stoner who just broke up with his girlfriend (Peele), but during the stoner’s sorrow he’s greeted at his front door by… Keanu! Keanu is an adorable kitten… and he falls instantly in love him. But then… somebody breaks into his apartment and steals Keanu… and now the two of them have to go into the seedy underworld of Los Angeles in order to get him back. That’s about all that I’ll reveal other than you’re going to see Will Forte, Anna Faris, Rob Huebel, Method Man, Nia Long, and a bunch of other actors in roles that you wouldn’t really expect… and it’s hilarious!!! This was kind of sold as a “John Wick” parody… and there are some great little slow motion action scenes (featuring an adorable cat in most) but yeah, just an overall great movie that I highly recommend that you check out… and we’ll be talking a little more about it on our next podcast, so tune in for details.

The other night, Izzy & I also watched a movie that neither of us had really heard of… and then we caught a preview for the sequel on another movie… and it’s 2013’s “Now You See Me” starring Jesse Eisenberg, Isla Fisher, Woody Harrelson, Dave Franco, Morgan Freeman, Common, Melanie Laurent, Michael Caine & Mark Ruffalo. Quite the cast, right? HOW had we never heard of this? Let’s see… synopsis… the FBI tracks a team of magicians who rob banks during their performances & rewards their audiences with the money. That’s it. That’s the story. Bank robbing magicians. Anything else would be giving away spoilers I think but… no, honestly that’s really about it. I could specify that Woody’s character is a mentalist, Eisenberg’s is your standard narcissistic douche, Isla is the former assistant turned illusionist & the other Franco is basically a pick-pocket with some Krav Maga training… Morgan Freeman is a man who specializes in exposing magicians as frauds… but yeah, that’s really about it. Rings absolutely no bells… and I’d like to think that it would. Anyway, apparently it did pretty well in theatres so there’s a sequel (starring Harry Potter himself even!) but this movie was actually pretty good. Now… when I say good… I mean that it was entertaining. There’s a LOT of green screen & special effects… but it’s used pretty effectively to create a sense of movement & energy that this movie needed. There’s comedy… there’s some action… there’s all sorts of trick & double crosses & back-turns & plot holes and all that stuff… basically it’s this generation’s “Ocean’s 11” movie. It’s entertaining as all hell… just not going to win any awards. I’d definitely recommend checking it out. We’ll probably check out the sequel too when that comes out later this year (or next year when it’s on DVD).
Sunday night was the annual Meals on Wheels Gala at Fort Mason where Izzy & I volunteered to help with registration. Last year, the event raised over $2.6 million dollars for a great cause… and brings together hundreds of the wealthiest philanthropists from the Bay Area to enjoy some of the best food & greatest charity auctions out there. It was truly amazing… and an especially big thank you to Ivan & Gavin with Barrel Head Brewhouse for hooking us up with some pints of their Kellerbier Amber Lager & a delicious IPA with Nelson & Mosaic hops. Great people, great cause, and I think we may have broken the $3 million barrier this year so that those in need can have hot, fresh meals delivered over the next year.

The latest episode of the Everything I Learned From Movies Podcast is up & running featuring the spy romaction thriller “The Saint” starring Val Kilmer & Elisabeth Shue. Be sure to check it out at and next week… a very special treat… our first guest host superstar!!! What’s the movie? Subscribe to the podcast to find out… Who’s the guest? You’ll just have to follow us on the Social Mediums like Facebook, Twitter & the EILFM website. Until then, have a great day everybody!!!

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